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It’s never too late to take your health seriously and Lifeline screening is there to assist millions of Americans in safeguarding their health. The preventive health screening company is one of the best community based entities.

Life Line Screening provides efficient, painless and rapid tests to determine any potential life threatening diseases or conditions their clients might have. The tests are carried out by qualified lab technicians and the results are interpreted by professional physicians who have been certified. The outcome is a marking scheme of the condition of your health. You should ensure that you share them with your doctor so that you can be advised if any preventive measures should be carried out.

In addition to performing the lifesaving screenings, the medical company also offers other services that are meant to save your life. These include their health care e-newsletter. They also have a wellness program that caters to the corporate world. The healthcare company provides vital services through the program.

The services that they provide include empowering employees by assisting them in accessing knowledge of their screening and tests results, educating employees on chronic diseases prevention and the importance of the screenings and engaging the employees in offering them information on the type of screenings that they would have at certain points in their lives.

Life Line Screening ensures that the results are delivered straight to the client’s home even under the corporate wellness programs strategy. The company also provides electronic records that will assist both the client and health care providers in managing any diseases or conditions that you might have.

Types Of Screenings Carried Out By Life Line:

The medical care company carries out various types of tests under three categories of health, screenings.

• Limited electrocardiograph which is used to detect issues such as heart conditions, irregular heartbeats, EKG among others.
• Blood screenings which are done by pricking the finger and draining some blood. This test is used to identify risk factors of some fatal diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases, and others.
• Ultrasounds are used to monitor and discover health issues which are related to cardiology, obstetrics, and ophthalmology.

Life Line Screening has screened over eight million for vascular related diseases. The company provides timely and necessary screening for viral diseases and conditions. The company can determine your state of health through checking vital functions in your body such as high cholesterol, family history, diabetes, age, high blood pressure and others.

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Todd Lubar a Smart Home Entrepreneur

The rapid rise in technology has fueled the need for comfort at people’s homes, consequently, this trend has attracted entrepreneurs to invest in the sector. Modern homes are now equipped with lavish lighting and other high technology features to satisfy the need for comfort. Entrepreneurs, particularly in the real estate sector, have adopted the idea of smart homes, hence setting the pace in this new trend among realtors.

The demand for smart homes is specifically catalyzed by the need for instant results. Smart technology was innovated to meet this market gap that had been left open for long. With a smart home, people are able to control various operations in their homes remotely or without much physical effort. Apparently, most realtors and entrepreneurs have realized this vibrant opportunity in the smart home technology and are willingly embracing the smart home revolution.

Smart home technology has created a competitive market for various tech innovators and investors meaning that smart home technology will improve even the more. New standard technology has already been put into practice by several real estate developers. A case in point Quadrant Homes found in Bellevue and Washington. Quadrant Homes provides solutions such as Nest thermostats, Motion detectors, auto window shades and wireless smart lighting system.

Even though home automation is rapidly taking root across the states, Seattle is among the leading cities across the world when it comes to smart homes.

According to Patch, smart technology is essentially important considering the security crisis facing the most place in the world, smart homes will assure the residents of their security.

Todd Lubar a president at Global Ventures, LLC is an example of a real estate entrepreneur with a great passion for investing in smart homes. With over 20 year of experience, Todd Lubar was recently ranked among the leading mortgage originators in the United States. Todd has held this exemplary record for many years in his careers.

Todd Lubar is reputable in his personality and willingness to support others pursues their dream. Todd has mentored several other real estate entrepreneurs to meet their goals. The community has also benefited from his selfless spirit to support those in need. Finally, his company has helped people in overcoming financial odds by innovating relevant ideas. For more info, visit Todd Lubar’s Facebook page

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The real Betsy Devos Cares and Dares to Seek Change

The issue of national education in the United States is nuanced and just a bit complicated, especially because the youth and future of society pretty much depends on its success. For this reason, the U.S. secretary of education must have vision and some kind of real world experience on the issue. Betsy Devos just happens to fit the bill perfectly with her ability to asses large scale problems and address them, with efficiency in mind.

Due to her personal exposure to the scenes behind the public education system, Devos feels rather strongly about the state of affairs in this area of American life. And, there are individuals, in both the private and public sector that feel she doing a good job. But, some people might still question the validity of her appointed position with in US policies concerning education.

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And, just as there is no single problem for what to do when it comes to public education in the united states, a solution that solves them all is, or comes to at least helping, has to be far reaching. One point of origin when it comes to the time line of these solutions is Milton Friedman’s written work titled The role of Government in education. As a professional and parent involved with the situation, she is optimistic.

Individual citizens, political organizations, and media establishments often critique her commitment the issues at hand. The changes that excite her are happening in states from Louisiana through Pennsylvania, to include Virginia, Mississippi and New Hampshire. Intriguingly enough, she cannot point to a single “ah ha” moment that steered her career in the direction that places her in the position she is in.

For anyone who thinks or says that Betsy has no vision or viable plans when it comes to the status of public education in the US, they should know that her history is full of service. This service usually and most often helps low income families who are most in need of assistance when it comes attaining quality education for their households. She is not the power hungry elitist that her opponents want the whole world to see. The simple fact is that she sees the overall performance of the system as failing, across the board. As do millions of US citizens, from coast to coast. Read more articles at about Betsy.

The real Betsy Devos would like to see far more bipartisanship and cooperation in action when it comes to how solutions are drafted, regarding public education. In her plan, the answer really comes from educational choices that are provided to households on the gubernatorial level. She can even site precedent when it comes successes in the past where this model of service to the public not only sufficed the public’s needs, it surpassed them Louisiana.

Mikhail Blagosklonny: Discoveries Leading to the Fountain of Youth

Throughout the ages, people have been fascinated as to how mortals could achieve immortality, just like the gods. They have been searching for magical spells, elixirs and even a fountain of youth, in order to achieve the fantasy of living forever. For the first time in the history of mankind, with the aid of science and modern technology, the key to immortality can be introduced in a few years. Scientists have been stating that aging is a normal process, and it will cause our cells to degenerate over time, leading to death. However, a new theory came out which states that the aging process is actually a continuation of growth, and a substance called rapamycin can treat aging, given in right doses at the correct schedule. Aside from the potential of being an anti-aging drug, rapamycin can also treat different diseases by boosting the immune system. This type of drug is considered as a work of fiction for some, but this is actually a real possibility, thanks to Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny’s effort. View Mikhail’s profile in LinkedIn

Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny is a graduate of First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Petersburg, where he got his MD and Ph.D. His fascination with the anti-aging drug came about when he was teaching at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute as a professor of oncology. His expertise back then was all about the different types of cancer and the ways on how to treat them. He managed to discover the potential of the rapamycin drug, and decided to kick off a research study on the benefits of the substance. What he found out during the study was that rapamycin has two centric models that would stop the aging process, namely TOR and MTOR. These two are signals coming from the rapamycin that is responsible for stopping the degeneration of the cells, and creating new ones, as well as making the immunity stronger to fend off diseases. This is considered to be a milestone in his quest for immortality, and he never stopped from there. With his passion to discover the anti-aging drug, he looked deeper into the centric models to find out if they are obtainable somewhere else, aside from the rapamycin substance. He soon discovered that the TOR centric model can be obtained from three different sources – genetics, cellular senescence, and diseases.

Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny found out that TOR centric models are found in some genes, and it can be passed along an offspring, that is why he considered genetics as a possible source. The right amount of rapamycin given to a degenerating cell can transform it back into a fresh new cell, and it will create a TOR centric model in the process. This second source is from cellular senescence, and the amount of TOR centric model that it produces is relatively moderate. The final source of the TOR centric model would be from diseases, like Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, cancers and tumors. For MTOR models, Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny has already proven their existence but he could not find another source.

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The scientists who reviewed his study rejected it years ago, but everything is now changing as the scientific community is slowly accepting the possibility of immortality through the model that Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny has introduced. In fact, some pharmaceutical companies are already producing their own anti-aging drug based on the research of Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny. We are indeed living in the future, with endless possibilities coming on our way.


End Citizens United is a group which aims to bring financial reform in the American government. The group’s aim is to ensure that political campaigns are not financed by wealthy individuals who aim to control politicians.


Since it was launched, it has managed to raise approximately two million dollars and it aims to raise up to 30 million dollars. In the long run, the reform group aims to reverse an amendment to the constitution passed by the Supreme Court that declared the Citizens United decision. This amendment was passed in 2010 and it managed to penetrate political campaigns with blood money from wealthy individuals who have vested interests in politics. More than 300,000 Americans have signed the group’s petition and the figure is predicted to grow as the PAC has joined forces with the Ready for Hillary group.


To ensure that their mandate is enforced, the group has endorsed more than 10 Democratic candidates who will ensure that their amendment on finance reform is passed. The reform group also plans on setting up an autonomous expenditure branch which will be able to back their chosen candidates financially through various campaign related enterprises.


End Citizens United clearly has followers; so far it has managed to get over 130,000 donations and it has a donation rate of slightly over 14 dollars. However, the PAC got an average of 12 dollars as contribution this year. Tiffany Muller who is the group’s Executive Director and President confessed that people who are contributing to the group are tired of being sidelined in a system where the people with the biggest accounts control the lion’s share.




End Citizens United is a reform group which aims to overturn a Supreme Court verdict which was made in 2010. For an amendment to the constitution to be passed, it must get the approval of two-thirds of the House and Senate. It must also be approved by three-quarters of all the states. This vote mostly leans towards the Democratic members.


However, the group has a really tough task considering that the America has never passed any amendment in its constitution since 1992. Their evident leanings towards Democratic candidates may also spell doom for them. Nevertheless, the group came out clearly by stating on their website that, it can only support candidates who are supporting campaign finance reform. In fact, the group’s executive director has already revealed that it will actively defend Democratic candidates Senator Jon Tester of Montana and Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio in 2018.


Although there are independent and Republican candidates who are also against the undisclosed political spending, the End Citizens United group is standing firm on its decision of not backing Republicans. End Citizens United; based in D.C the group has five staff members. The PAC doesn’t allow donations of more than five thousand dollars.

Brian Bonar of Dalrada Financial Corporation Initiates Employee Management Systems

Brian Bonar is a successful investor committed to building various businesses. Bonar has founded and co-founded several companies including Dalrada Financial Corporation. At Dalrada, Bonar is the chief executive officer as well as the chairman. Bonar has a keen attention to details. He is passionate about design process, and he works tirelessly towards the fuelling of different approaches. Bonar is well experienced in site building as well as design, development, procurement, contract administration service as well as design development. Bonar has a good reputation in the business. He is a leader who is focused on assisting clients, project managers, partners, team players, and investors to reach their goals. His portfolio borders retail commercial, multi-family housing, and aviation. With extensive experience in assisting clients with different projects, Bonar has established teams and clients relationships that play a critical role in developing business.


Following his impeccable business relationships, Bonar won the Who’s Who Executive of the Year. The award was in the finance department. This is a vital honor that seeks to award two male as well as female candidates in each category. The Who’s Who committee of selection selects candidates based on their accomplishments, ability to lead as well as academic credentials. Bonar has more than three years experience in professional and financial management.


At Dalrada Financial Corporation, Bonar is the head of the company. He is responsible for employee selection as well as the negotiation of employee benefits in addition to aftermarket products. Dalrada Financial Corporation offers clients a vast range of employee programs. These programs have a positive influence in increasing business efficiency. Some of the programs provided by Dalrada Financial Corporation include risk management, business administration services, employee benefits and insurance management. Aside from working at Dalrada Financial Corporation, Brian Bonar is a chief executive officer and chairman at Smart-Tek Automated. He is also the president of a business service company called Allegiant.


Bonar’s expertise extends to Imaging Technologies Corporation where he is the chief executive officer. This is a top notch developer of management software as well as digital imaging hardware. His duty at Imaging Technologies Corporation includes listing the target market. The company handles small and medium sized businesses. Bonar’s successful career continues to thrive upon his excellent leadership. Recently, he made news headlines after the acquisition of an employer organization called Source One Group. This organization also plays a vital role in the development of employee platforms for operations including payroll in addition to human resource assistance.


Bonar was a director at Solvis Group Inc. His role in the company ended in 2000. As an experienced advisor, he has been honored for his services several times. He holds various tags that have proven to be a positive influence for his career. He is fondly addressed as Lord Bonar of Wilcrick, Wales United Kingdom. The alumnus of Strathclyde University, as well as Glasgow University in Scotland, is a proud holder of an MBA.

How to Enhance HVAC System Efficiency According to Goettl

We all look forward to the summer but dread the bills incurred during this season, especially the AC bill. If you are looking for a solution to this, you are in the right place. Here, you are going to get some great tips on how to increase the efficiency of your AC. The same principles apply to your heating and ventilation appliances. Greater efficiency means better performance and most importantly lower energy bills.

If you pay attention to the following tips, then you will have a friendly bill in your hands at the end of the month:

  • Most importantly, regular maintenance: This will ensure optimal efficiency at all times and consequently lower energy consumption. Lower energy consumption the translates to lower electricity bills.
  • Invest in the latest smart technology. In this case, your system can adjust itself accordingly. For example, the ability to adjust temperatures remotely or turning it off when not in use. This will ensure the most is gotten out of your HVAC system with minimal loss in energy.
  • Installation of the ceiling fans of old will also help a great deal. They circulate the air in a room thus improving the performance of your AC.
  • Preventing exposure of your HVAC system to direct sunlight is paramount. Exposure to sunlight increases temperature and tricks your system into working overtime when it is not required to do so.

If you fail to notice any significant improvements in energy consumption after applying all the above tips. Your system is worn out. Replace it. Ensure you get all your products from trusted suppliers. Goettl is one such supplier offering quality HVAC systems.

About Goettl

Goettl first came into business during the Great Depression. It is based in Arizona and has since grown into a leading HVAC company in the country. Goettl employs the latest innovative technology and has several patents under its name. The company also provides maintenance and installation services besides making the HVAC systems.

James Dondero and Others contribute to new $14M hippo exhibit in Dallas

In 2016, Texas businessman and philanthropist James Dondero excited animal lovers with a Linkedin post that promised an active engagement by him and his firm, Highland Capital Management (HCM), in helping to rehabilitate the Dallas Zoo’s hippopotamus exhibit. A fan favorite that had attracted people of all ages, the Dallas Zoo’s hippo exhibit had been closed since 2001, when their beloved hippo, Papa, died.

Dondero co-founded HCM in 1993 and swiftly built it into an enormously successful hedge-fund, which currently manages an estimated $20 billion in assets globally. As president (a role he continues in to this day), Dondero shrewdly analyzed market trends and excelled at leveraging his extensive knowledge of accounting and finance to make bold gambles in the field of alternative investments. Dondero and his firm not only prospered immensely but spearheaded the development of the Dallas-Fort Worth area financial business sector.

Clearly, Dondero has much to be thankful for. And many people — from Santa Barbara, California, to Dondero’s home base in the greater Dallas area — are quite grateful to him in turn. Untold numbers — in particular, young people, students, and veterans and their families — have been positively affected by his numerous and substantial philanthropic efforts over the years.

Through his company, James Dondero contributed $1 million to assist in the re-establishment of a section of the newly opened $14 million, 2.1-acre hippo exhibit. In coordination with the Association of Zoos and Aquariums Species Survival Plan, two mature hippos, a male and female, were chosen and are currently settling into their new home at the zoo. Included in the state-of-the-art exhibit is a 120,000-gallon waterhole that tries to recreate as closely as possible the animals’ African habitat. Zoo-goers can even view the hippos enjoying a soak via a special viewing area below the water.

In addition to Dondero’s $1 million, several individual philanthropists and charitable organizations deserve mention for their contributions to this uplifting project. These include the Eugene McDermott Foundation, Diane and Hal Brierley, and the Harold Simmons Foundation.


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How Did Marc Sparks Help Us With The Spark Tank?

The Spark Tank is one of the best things that ever happened to our business because it gave us the online exposure we needed, and this article explains how Marc Sparks did us many kindnesses through his program ( He wants to help a number of people like us, and he knows that his Spark Tank program brings in customers who would not be there any other way. I am pleased with my time at the Spark Tank, and I know that Marc is a brilliant man who will continue to help us. Learn more:


#1: The Design


The program itself has a lovely design with a nice website and beautiful place for our products to be viewed. Marc puts all the people in the Spark Tank on the website, and we are all given a chance to be seen by customers. He is increasing our profile, and he is helping us get our name into the community. This is a very serious matter that we have taken care of many times over because we wanted to know that we had traction in the market.


#2: Marketing


Marketing for our brands came through the Spark Tank, and Marc ensured that we were able to have more customers come in while he mentored us. This was a small part of the program, but it helped us increase sales while we learned.


#3: Mentoring


There is a mentoring process that Marc takes everyone through, and he teaches us about business in a way that many of us do not understand. We are idea people who know how to manage our ideas, but we do not know how to build companies around these ideas. I was pleased to have a way to talk about the concerns I had with my business, and I know that I may contact Marc at any time. He is a fine mentor who will stay by our side until we are stable as a company. Learn more:


#4: The Prize


We did not win the prize at the Spark Tank, but I was pleased to see that some of our colleagues did well in the program. We all benefited from the program, and it was a lovely time for all of us to network. We wanted to be a part of something that’s was much larger than ourselves, and I believe that we found that by using the Spark Tank program. Learn more:


Marc Sparks has done quite a lot for us and our business, and we know that he is making a difference that we could not have judged. We are a much better business because of what Marc has done, and he has shown us how to grow our ideas into something special.


Eric Pulier – A Man With Many-a-Plan

To look at the forthcoming list of Eric Pulier’s accomplishments is to wonder how it is only the accomplishments of just one man. A notable, author, columnist, public speaker, entrepreneur, philanthropist and business founder, Eric Pulier’s enterprises include Digital Evolution, US Interactive, Media Platform, Akana, Desktone, ServiceMesh, and the Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council, which merged into TM Forum. It takes an exceedingly special human being to be able to focus diligently with the amount of effort that it takes to be successful in all of the above stated ventures and venues. However, if you were to think that Eric Pulier is a man focused on solely his own independent mission – you would be incorrect.


Throughout the entirety of Eric Pulier’s enterprises since leaving Harvard University and moving to Los Angeles, California, he has been actively pursuing philanthropic ventures with the same vigor that he has pursued business. For just a small example of one of those complex ventures; Eric worked with Stephen Spielberg, Norman Schwarzkopf Jr. and Peter Samuelson to develop an online social interface that has changed the lives of children with chronic illness. On the developed network, children with chronic disease are able to operate in a safe and private space where they can communicate with each other. Without any further explanation it is easy to see how this could be such an empowering tool for a youth in a very difficult circumstance.


If you were to speak to Eric Pulier currently he would most likely enthusiastically explain his excitement for genome editing and the permanent modifying of genes within organisms to alter the human race in a way that has previously not been broached. He is motivated by life and all that it has to offer and always looking for a way to better the human experience for all. Eric currently resides in Los Angeles, California with his four children where serves on multiple boards; furthering his entrepreneurial and philanthropic pursuits.