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Who is Adam Milstein?

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The son of a homemaker and real estate agent, Adam Milstein came from very humble beginnings. He knew that he was going to do great things one day, though, even though he did not know what they were or what he was going to be. At a young age, his father fought for the Israeli army and Milstein hoped to do the same thing as he got older.

When he was older, he was able to fight with the Israeli army. During his time in the army, he saw that there were many things wrong with the country that he lived in. He wanted to see changes but he was not sure how to do this with the resources that he had. As a soldier, his hands were tied to help people because he was trying to help the country as a whole. This, though, is where he found his calling.

Once Adam Milstein returned from war, he began working on his philanthropic efforts. He obtained a degree in Israel and worked to make things better for the people of the country that he lived in and loved. He is a very charitable person who knows the right way to get the charity done and to get things in order for people who need different resources. He continued to grow his charity and wanted to be able to take it to a different level. To do this, he would have to make a major change.

That change came in moving to the United States. He attended USCLA where he obtained yet another degree. He founded the Israeli-American council which is another philanthropic effort. Through the many degrees that he has, experience and diplomatic attitude, Adam Milstein has been able to help people with different issues when it comes to the United States and Israel working together. He has also made a major impact in the Jewish community and feels that this is the key to having a great relationship between the United States and Israel because the Jewish people are the ones who bridge the very large gap between the two countries.

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