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Research and millions spent help AGORA experts lead the way in smart investing

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How do you build wealth? AGORA Financial has the answer!

Do you have some extra earnings that you would like to invest? Well…look no further! AGORA Financial is for you! Do you want to control your own money? The challenge of knowing who to invest can start with sorting through all of the financial firms that are out there. Many of these vultures want to feed on your nest eggs saved for your golden years!

AGORA Financial, out of Baltimore, has an effective approach to helping you build wealth and maintain wealth management. AGORA is an unbiased and independent advisor. Through AGORA services, you will be able to determine companies poised for rapid growth, secrets to generating more income and protection strategies designed for your wealth. Profitable investment plans can be uncovered that have not hit the mainstream yet, through AGORA, with its over 20 publications.

The company’s researchers are well reknowned. You can manage your money the way you want too with AGORA Financial. You can read publications on AGORA’s website, giving you a preview of what the financial firm has to truly offer. These financial publications are primarily focused on helping investors make smart choices on investing.

Publications that include how to make money in energy, metals, new and emerging technologies and small cap stocks are all included in the AGORA Firm. AGORA’s research is very unbiased. Their researchers say that sometimes the biggest names in the mainstream can be the worst investments. Those that are not in the mainstream are the ones that pay off. AGORA’s expert team of award winning consultants have made accurate predictions throughout the last 15 years that have made many investors their wealth.

So check out AGORA today. These experts will lead you in the right direction when it comes to smart investing!

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How Sawyer Howitt Looks To Revolutionize Retail

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Sawyer Howitt works at Meriwether Group in Portland, Oregon. Meriwether Group is a company that helps the entrepreneurs, running any size of a company, accelerate their business in order to generate more revenue and profit. Meriwether Group also serves as a capital partner. The company provides small short-term bridge loans through Mezzanine Debt Fund. The company can also provide entrepreneurs with longer term, larger loans through Village Family Capital which is a financial industry partner of Meriwether Group.

Sawyer Howitt first started at Meriwether Group in early 2015 as a Business Strategy Analyst. The focus of his role at the company was to work with a group of executives at the company in order to design an RFID Checkout system. This type of system will obviate the need for cashiers and checking out of a retail store. Instead, there will be technology that reads the RFID chips that are on every product as the individual leaves the store they will be automatically charged for everything they are leaving with.

In January 2017, Sawyer Howitt was promoted to Project Manager where he continues with his focus on changing how retail works in order to make it more convenient and efficient. He uses both small and large scale business development strategies in order to accomplish this goal.

Outside of his work, a passion for Sawyer Howitt is photography. He operates a blog where he wants to show the natural beauty that lies all around as captured in his photos. Additionally, he has designed magazine pages that feature his photography as both part of the article and as the advertising that appears.

As Sawyer Howitt is a young man, he has a bright future ahead of him as an entrepreneur himself. He started his career while just in high school and is looking forward to attending college in 2017.

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First Brazilian Awarded Golden Lion

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Alexandre Gama an entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Neogama advertising Brazilian. Neogama is one of 20 largest advertising agencies in Brazil. Alexandre Gama the only Brazilian to be part of the Global Creative Board and global network. A graduate in advertising and Propaganda.

Alexandre Gama’s career began in the 80s where he acted as a writer. Then in the 90s he was a copywriter for four years and awarded for his work. In 1999 Alexandre Game set up his own agency, Neogama. In 2008, the only Latin American to hold a master class. A Foreman of the International Film Jury of the British Association D&AD in 2004. The only exhibition genre in Brazil, invited him to present his works at the Brazilian Art Museum.

Alexandre founded a Instrumental Brazilian guitar project. Also Gama became partners with the British automotive company. Alexandre Gama has won 23 Lions at Cannes Film Festival. The only Brazilian publicist on the Global Creative Board.

Kenyans joined BBH a London branch now Neogama/BBH, then elected agency of the year by a newspaper. The first Brazilian agency to win two Golden Lions in Press & Film. In 2016, Neogama disconected from the BBH network.

Why Adam Sender is the Leading Tastemaker in the World of Art

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Art is world that is filled with speculation, for it is impossible for one to accurately put a price on a piece of art. People can try to put a price on artwork, yet, no one actually has to subject themselves to the belief that the art is worth the price it is being sold. The only thing that they do know is that if they want to purchase the art, they will have to pay a high price. One person that is a trendsetter of this nature is Adam Sender. He is the art world’s leading tastemaker as well as an art collector with over 400 pieces of art in his collection, and counting.

For someone to become an art collector, they cannot go in expecting to make a lot of money, because it is not certain that anyone is willing to pay five or six times what you paid for a piece of art. This is where brand building plays a significant part in building an artist reputation. See, there are art collectors who are in the game to make money. They have absolutely no passion for collecting art of any kind, except for a potential return on investment. These collectors are not the taste makers in the art world because there is no investment thesis behind buying there art besides buying work that everyone else loves. With Adam Sender, it is a completely different story because he is someone who is extremely passionate about every, single piece of art that he decides to purchase.
His desire for art stemmed from a photograph in 1981, a Cindy Sherman photograph known as Black Sheets. Back then, this photograph would have usually only sold for roughly $15,000, yet Adam Sender saw something magical in this piece of artwork, so he purchased it for over $100,000. People around him thought he was nuts for paying such a high price for a photograph of a lady in bed, yet Adam Sender saw something exquisite and moving about the photograph and he took the risk. His love for this photograph paid off when he was able to sell that same photograph for $2 million to an investor who had also fallen in love with the photograph is much as he did. This is an attitude that separates the winners and losers in the world of art collecting. If you love a piece of art, you must buy. Regardless who the painting is from or how popular they are.

With over 400 pieces of art, Adam Sender keeps a small portion of his art at his hedge fund office on Wall Street, he keeps another portion of his art at a townhome in Manhattan where he lives, while other pieces are stashed away at his Hamptons home and others in art storage in New Jersey.

Lots of people have opinions about what art is worth and why it should be worth a specific amount, yet, their will always be taste makers who have built enormous reputations on purchasing certain styles of art that will have their collections looked at with zeal, so it pays to listen.