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Michael Terpins Journey to Great Achievements in the Rally Sector

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The passion for speed and off-roads took Michael Terpins and his brother to form a rally team. The team, Bull Sertoes Rally was to strengthen their will as rally drivers. The duo’s dream came to be when they received sponsorship from various support organizations. These organizations include; Evantos, Xarla, and Bull Sertoes among others. For four seasons, the Bull Sertoes Rally team members have been racing and it has been all victory. Michael Terpins is a brother to his colleague Rodrigo Terpins. He has experienced nine participations in the Sertoes Rally in his 40 years. Michael Terpins has featured in the Sertoes Rally 24th edition. He managed to grab the fifth position as well as the overall standing. Prior to that, Michael Terpins had participated in the second category and emerged a winner. In addition, Michael and his brother rose to Mitsubishi cup just after they had participated in the Brazilian championship of cross-country rally.


According to him, the second edition of the twenty-fourth’ editions were quite a tough one but it took his determinations to achieve the victory. With these victory achieved, Michael was set to participate for the seventh time in the competition. Before joining his brother, Rodrigo Terpins in the car rally race, he was an outstanding rider in the motorcycle industry. In 2002, Michael debuted in the motorcycle category. Michael Terpins has also experienced numerous great successes within his short period of joining the car’s rally. According to sources, he made an evolution in the last four years. Together with his navigator from Taubate, Mr. Maykel, Michael’s evolution came about. In addition, the evolution resulted to great achievements as Michael managed to stand out in most Brazilian top stages.


Michael Terpins has plans to take charge in the 25th year rally edition. The race is set to cover around 3,300.06 kilometres and through 4 cities. According to him, he is highly gratified. Just like his father, Jack Terpins, he is passionate about sports as to why he is much into rally business. As opposed to his brother who is also a successful executive, Michael Terpins is much focused in the rally.