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The real Betsy Devos Cares and Dares to Seek Change

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The issue of national education in the United States is nuanced and just a bit complicated, especially because the youth and future of society pretty much depends on its success. For this reason, the U.S. secretary of education must have vision and some kind of real world experience on the issue. Betsy Devos just happens to fit the bill perfectly with her ability to asses large scale problems and address them, with efficiency in mind.

Due to her personal exposure to the scenes behind the public education system, Devos feels rather strongly about the state of affairs in this area of American life. And, there are individuals, in both the private and public sector that feel she doing a good job. But, some people might still question the validity of her appointed position with in US policies concerning education.

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And, just as there is no single problem for what to do when it comes to public education in the united states, a solution that solves them all is, or comes to at least helping, has to be far reaching. One point of origin when it comes to the time line of these solutions is Milton Friedman’s written work titled The role of Government in education. As a professional and parent involved with the situation, she is optimistic.

Individual citizens, political organizations, and media establishments often critique her commitment the issues at hand. The changes that excite her are happening in states from Louisiana through Pennsylvania, to include Virginia, Mississippi and New Hampshire. Intriguingly enough, she cannot point to a single “ah ha” moment that steered her career in the direction that places her in the position she is in.

For anyone who thinks or says that Betsy has no vision or viable plans when it comes to the status of public education in the US, they should know that her history is full of service. This service usually and most often helps low income families who are most in need of assistance when it comes attaining quality education for their households. She is not the power hungry elitist that her opponents want the whole world to see. The simple fact is that she sees the overall performance of the system as failing, across the board. As do millions of US citizens, from coast to coast. Read more articles at about Betsy.

The real Betsy Devos would like to see far more bipartisanship and cooperation in action when it comes to how solutions are drafted, regarding public education. In her plan, the answer really comes from educational choices that are provided to households on the gubernatorial level. She can even site precedent when it comes successes in the past where this model of service to the public not only sufficed the public’s needs, it surpassed them Louisiana.

How Spirituality Can Lead to a Newfound Success in the Business World

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The business world is often cast in a strange light within modern culture. There’s some things that nobody would think of doing to or with friends and neighbors which seem reasonable within a corporate boardroom. Sometimes this view of the business world is overly imaginative. But quite often the reality is that people can leave their morality at the door when they head into the office. The reasons people give can usually be summed up within the idea of success. People have to do what they have to do in order to keep a company afloat. And in keeping a company profitable they’re doing enough good to make up for any bad. However, there’s quite a bit of evidence that this isn’t the case. As more and more people with firm spiritual beliefs enter the business world something is becoming clear. A more spiritual outlook within a firm system of morality can actually be the best business strategy.

There’s quite a few examples of this. But one of the most obvious examples of recent time can be found with Joseph Bismark. Bismark is about as spiritual a man as it’s possible to imagine. He actually spent most of his youth within the halls of a monastic order. But when he was seventeen the young man decided to take the perspective he’d gained and move it into the corporate world. In doing so he’s reached to the very pinnacle of the industry. He’s on the board of directors of the QI Group. And part of his duties involve working with the RHYTHM foundation to help promote corporate social responsibility. Far from hindering Bismark’s rise up the corporate ladder, his adherence to inner spirituality actually propelled him upward within it.But what can one take from the story of Joseph Bismark or similar individuals? One of the most important things has to do with leadership. Monastic orders and similar spiritual institutions have always been able to accomplish amazing things. And part of that is because the people within it are following an appeal to be the kind of person they admire. A spiritual person embodies the things which people want to be. And people will usually act on those impulses when they see someone standing up and doing what’s right. Someone with a spiritual outlook, who puts his beliefs into practice, will quickly earn the respect and loyalty of coworkers. This respect will usually lead to a position of authority. And with that authority will come the ability to implement positive changes to foster further spiritual growth. Spiritual people within the workplace will usually be quickly rewarded with the ability to put more and more of it into practice. And in doing so the modern spiritual businessman can strengthen both the profitability of a company and its ability to grow over time.

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Rather than being controversial, implementing spirituality in the business world creates power. This command is not about controlling others or oneself but instead it is an internal quality to not judge others. It is the ultimate freedom.

When a business person leans towards spirituality they have an easier time when cultivating a process or plan and they naturally can inspire others without barking out a list of orders. Spirituality does not depend on the external elements of an organization but instead it is an individual concern as one lives each day of their life using their heart and goodness. Some individuals feel that having a belief in God is defining spirituality however this can consist of various forms to take. Deciding to be spiritual in life and work also varies according to each individual.

Businessman and spiritual intellect Joseph Bismark however has proved that it is indeed accomplishable to merge business with spirituality. He is the director for the QI Group of Companies and to this job he has brought with him the belief that anyone is capable of doing astonishing things. This innovative and inspiring leader has also mastered being a yoga instructor, martial arts and the art form of bonsai; he has always believed that healthy living is essential. Bismark also feels that spiritual development can be obtained by giving back to others. Having acquired a true sense of spirituality could be the reason why he brims of gratitude and optimism which he transfers to the complexities of the business world.

Joseph Bismark is one of the original founding directors of the QI Group and has also had a role with Qnet (a subsidiary of the company). He has driven Qnet to various heights of achievements, using his state-of-the-art ways and unbreakable spirit. Bismark put his mark on the business yet he held onto his spiritual nature to tackle global business issues, using the ashram teachings that he learned since childhood that assisted him in shaping an exceptional position for himself in the corporate world.

When one thinks of the world “business,” usually what is generated is a world that is controlling and hard, with decisions made strictly with money in mind. Naturally there is conflict when merging traditional business culture with spirituality, nevertheless spirituality is having a knowledge that life exists beyond a constricted, one-dimensional view. A lot of interest is being generated in this matter, primarily from individuals who have a spiritual working background and are curious to see if it could be conveyed into the work environment.