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The real Betsy Devos Cares and Dares to Seek Change

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The issue of national education in the United States is nuanced and just a bit complicated, especially because the youth and future of society pretty much depends on its success. For this reason, the U.S. secretary of education must have vision and some kind of real world experience on the issue. Betsy Devos just happens to fit the bill perfectly with her ability to asses large scale problems and address them, with efficiency in mind.

Due to her personal exposure to the scenes behind the public education system, Devos feels rather strongly about the state of affairs in this area of American life. And, there are individuals, in both the private and public sector that feel she doing a good job. But, some people might still question the validity of her appointed position with in US policies concerning education.

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And, just as there is no single problem for what to do when it comes to public education in the united states, a solution that solves them all is, or comes to at least helping, has to be far reaching. One point of origin when it comes to the time line of these solutions is Milton Friedman’s written work titled The role of Government in education. As a professional and parent involved with the situation, she is optimistic.

Individual citizens, political organizations, and media establishments often critique her commitment the issues at hand. The changes that excite her are happening in states from Louisiana through Pennsylvania, to include Virginia, Mississippi and New Hampshire. Intriguingly enough, she cannot point to a single “ah ha” moment that steered her career in the direction that places her in the position she is in.

For anyone who thinks or says that Betsy has no vision or viable plans when it comes to the status of public education in the US, they should know that her history is full of service. This service usually and most often helps low income families who are most in need of assistance when it comes attaining quality education for their households. She is not the power hungry elitist that her opponents want the whole world to see. The simple fact is that she sees the overall performance of the system as failing, across the board. As do millions of US citizens, from coast to coast. Read more articles at about Betsy.

The real Betsy Devos would like to see far more bipartisanship and cooperation in action when it comes to how solutions are drafted, regarding public education. In her plan, the answer really comes from educational choices that are provided to households on the gubernatorial level. She can even site precedent when it comes successes in the past where this model of service to the public not only sufficed the public’s needs, it surpassed them Louisiana.



End Citizens United is a group which aims to bring financial reform in the American government. The group’s aim is to ensure that political campaigns are not financed by wealthy individuals who aim to control politicians.


Since it was launched, it has managed to raise approximately two million dollars and it aims to raise up to 30 million dollars. In the long run, the reform group aims to reverse an amendment to the constitution passed by the Supreme Court that declared the Citizens United decision. This amendment was passed in 2010 and it managed to penetrate political campaigns with blood money from wealthy individuals who have vested interests in politics. More than 300,000 Americans have signed the group’s petition and the figure is predicted to grow as the PAC has joined forces with the Ready for Hillary group.


To ensure that their mandate is enforced, the group has endorsed more than 10 Democratic candidates who will ensure that their amendment on finance reform is passed. The reform group also plans on setting up an autonomous expenditure branch which will be able to back their chosen candidates financially through various campaign related enterprises.


End Citizens United clearly has followers; so far it has managed to get over 130,000 donations and it has a donation rate of slightly over 14 dollars. However, the PAC got an average of 12 dollars as contribution this year. Tiffany Muller who is the group’s Executive Director and President confessed that people who are contributing to the group are tired of being sidelined in a system where the people with the biggest accounts control the lion’s share.




End Citizens United is a reform group which aims to overturn a Supreme Court verdict which was made in 2010. For an amendment to the constitution to be passed, it must get the approval of two-thirds of the House and Senate. It must also be approved by three-quarters of all the states. This vote mostly leans towards the Democratic members.


However, the group has a really tough task considering that the America has never passed any amendment in its constitution since 1992. Their evident leanings towards Democratic candidates may also spell doom for them. Nevertheless, the group came out clearly by stating on their website that, it can only support candidates who are supporting campaign finance reform. In fact, the group’s executive director has already revealed that it will actively defend Democratic candidates Senator Jon Tester of Montana and Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio in 2018.


Although there are independent and Republican candidates who are also against the undisclosed political spending, the End Citizens United group is standing firm on its decision of not backing Republicans. End Citizens United; based in D.C the group has five staff members. The PAC doesn’t allow donations of more than five thousand dollars.

Soros Donor Group Meeting With Democratic Leadership In Opposition To Trump

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The Democratic Party is determined to regroup after Hillary Clinton’s historic defeat to Donald Trump in the presidential election. The top donors to the Democratic Party have formed a group called the Democracy Alliance. The DA was established back in 2004 by democratic mega-donor George Soros. The group was originally founded to help John Kerry in his bid for the White House against George W. Bush. John Kerry lost his election, but Soros kept the Democracy Alliance alive.

The DA is bringing together the best minds of the Democratic Party for a three day, closed door meeting in Washington DC. The DA plans to rally the troops in order to get them on the same page in defiance of Donald Trump. The alliance hopes to make a plan that will block Trump’s agenda for his first 100 days in office. The group will also meet to discuss long-term strategies to obstruct the conservative agenda of the President-elect during the course of his term.

People with knowledge of the situation say that the goal of the DA is to avoid infighting. DA and George Soros believe it is easy to point fingers and cause frustration at this meeting, especially since so many of Hillary Clinton’s team will be there. The Democratic establishment looks to avoid this unproductive distraction as they plan to bring their party back to life after their shocking defeat.

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Others say that this infighting is unavoidable. Many not attending the summit claim that the DA is just a forum for rich white people to enjoy themselves while the Democratic Party turns to ashes around them. Critics tend to be on the far left of the political spectrum, and they tend to follow the policy wishes of former presidential nominee Bernie Sanders.

Attending the meeting will be some of the most powerful politicians in the Democratic Party. These politicians include Keith Ellison, Elizabeth Warren, and Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi was just voted to be the minority leader for the Democrats in the house, Elizabeth Warren holds a leadership position in the Senate, and Keith Ellison is the frontrunner to take over the helm at the DNC.

The Democracy Alliance is made up of 100 wealthy donors like George Soros. The donors must aid left-wing think tanks and political action groups with at least $200,000 of funding per year. Each donor is also on the hook for a $30,000 annual membership fee that helps the DA pay its staff. Portions of that $30,000 annual membership fee are also used to put on parties and meetings, like the one taking place this weekend.

It is important to note that George Soros is scheduled to speak at the summit. The 85-year-old hedge fund billionaire funds the DA, but is usually not present for its meetings. George Soros survived World War II as a young Jewish boy in Budapest. The man has spent his entire life fighting authoritarian rule all over the world. While he does not equate Trump to Hitler or the Nazi movement, she sees the potential for authoritarian rule under his presidency.

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Maduro May Not Face Recall Until 2017

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The President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, is facing the possibility of a recall election to remove him from power. The process is not exactly moving along easily. Maduro has defiantly noted the recall referendum is not going to take place in 2016. Expert David Osio asked during a forum, does the opposition party truly have to wait until 2017 to take action to remove the man from the presidency?
The answer to that question requires a “wait and see” result answered Osio. Maduro has suggested that there simply was not enough time for the opposition party to properly organize a referendum. Irregularities with 600,000 signatures on the petition list did not exactly help the opposition party’s cause.

Maduro does has his backers, but his detractors are legion as well. Venezuela is currently in terrible shape due to a horrible economy. Food shortages are leading to riots. Electricity – of all things – is scarce. All of these disastrous situations have led to the desire to remove Maduro.

Maduro does have his followers. Some feel he has been constrained from doing what is required to get Venezuela back on track. That said, Maduro’s list of bad decisions in office definitely had a negative effect on the health of the country in many ways.

The opposition party is crying foul in a myriad of ways. Leaders have suggested Maduro is colluding with election officials to delay the recall referendum process. Whether or not they can prove such claims remains to be seen.


Political Protests Hit Venezuela Hard

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The Atlantic Journal Constitution just reported on the political unrest in Venezuela and the mounting opposition to the current regime. There is a sharp divide between two competing political factions in Venezuela — those who support President Nicolas Maduro and those who wish to see his socialist policies abandoned. President Maduro has largely continued the socialist reforms of his predecessor, Hugo Chavez. With the country in the middle of a massive economic crisis, the calls for the immediate recall of President Maduro are particularly loud. Right now analyst Norka Luque says, the opposition party has control of the National Assembly and is gaining traction in obtaining signatures to force a recall election before the end of President Maduro’s term in 2019.
Although the frequent political protests have been a good outlet for frustration over the current crises in Venezuela, some experts like Norka are concerned that the political rallies could turn violent at any point now. So far, the bloodshed has been minimal, but with the economic situation only getting worse, things could easily erupt into a violent revolution. On both sides of the political aisle, protesters are generally calling for peaceful movements. No one is downplaying the severity of the consequences of the low oil prices for a country that is completely dependent on oil exports to balance its economy. However, supporters of the Socialist Party do not want to see the progress they think they have made in reforming the economy overturned.


Claims About Soros Debunked

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A recent article in Politifact on sets the record straight regarding the swirling, yet unsupported rumors that George Soros is somehow bankrolling the campaign of John Kasich, a hopeful candidate for the Republican Party’s nomination for the 2016 presidential race. The article explains that recent pro-Cruz ads have been decimating false information that Soros is secretly funneling money to the Kasich super PAC to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Considering George Soros’ net worth, even if the unsubstantiated rumors were true, this would hardly be a drop in the bucket in terms of Soros’ overall individual net worth.

The pro-Cruz super PAC, Trusted Leadership, has been sponsoring the tv ads spreading false information about Soros and his political donations. The gist of the message is that George Soros is somehow secretly making contributions to Kasich to try to upend the Republican race and unsettle its base. Kasich’s super PAC is called New Day for America. In investing records of campaign contributions and donors associated with the New Day for America super PAC, the Politifact author wrote that the connections to Soros in any way are tenuous at best. In fact, the only link the author on could find between donations and donors to the New Day for America super PAC and Soros are that two individuals who have crossed paths with Soros have made donations to the New Day for America super PAC. They include Scott Bessent, who formerly served as the chief investment officer for Soros Fund Management, and Stanley Druckenmiller, who managed various assets for George Soros on bloomberg for a period of two years from 1988 to 2000. The amounts of contributions by these two individuals are even more underwhelming. Bessent apparently donated just $200,000 to New Day for America, and Druckenmiller gave $450,000 to the pro-Kasich super PAC in 2015. While these amounts may seem large to the average person, they are hardly groundbreaking for former and current hedge fund managers. What is even less remarkable, is the fact that these two individuals thinly connected to Soros have also given to other Republican candidates’ super PACs as well as individually to their campaigns.

As a result of the investigation on of the apparently false claims in the pro-Cruz tv ads detailed in the Politifact article, three television stations in Ohio have already yanked the ads from the air. The final verdict of the Politifact investigation and article is that the pro-Cruz ads are totally false and intentionally designed to manipulate and confuse voters. When coupled with the well-known fact that Soros has been consistently donating to Hillary Clinton’s campaign and related super PACs to the tune of millions of dollars, the claims in these pro-Cruz tv ads are ridiculous at best.