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The real Betsy Devos Cares and Dares to Seek Change

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The issue of national education in the United States is nuanced and just a bit complicated, especially because the youth and future of society pretty much depends on its success. For this reason, the U.S. secretary of education must have vision and some kind of real world experience on the issue. Betsy Devos just happens to fit the bill perfectly with her ability to asses large scale problems and address them, with efficiency in mind.

Due to her personal exposure to the scenes behind the public education system, Devos feels rather strongly about the state of affairs in this area of American life. And, there are individuals, in both the private and public sector that feel she doing a good job. But, some people might still question the validity of her appointed position with in US policies concerning education.

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And, just as there is no single problem for what to do when it comes to public education in the united states, a solution that solves them all is, or comes to at least helping, has to be far reaching. One point of origin when it comes to the time line of these solutions is Milton Friedman’s written work titled The role of Government in education. As a professional and parent involved with the situation, she is optimistic.

Individual citizens, political organizations, and media establishments often critique her commitment the issues at hand. The changes that excite her are happening in states from Louisiana through Pennsylvania, to include Virginia, Mississippi and New Hampshire. Intriguingly enough, she cannot point to a single “ah ha” moment that steered her career in the direction that places her in the position she is in.

For anyone who thinks or says that Betsy has no vision or viable plans when it comes to the status of public education in the US, they should know that her history is full of service. This service usually and most often helps low income families who are most in need of assistance when it comes attaining quality education for their households. She is not the power hungry elitist that her opponents want the whole world to see. The simple fact is that she sees the overall performance of the system as failing, across the board. As do millions of US citizens, from coast to coast. Read more articles at about Betsy.

The real Betsy Devos would like to see far more bipartisanship and cooperation in action when it comes to how solutions are drafted, regarding public education. In her plan, the answer really comes from educational choices that are provided to households on the gubernatorial level. She can even site precedent when it comes successes in the past where this model of service to the public not only sufficed the public’s needs, it surpassed them Louisiana.

Jason Hope Talks about the Internet of Things

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The internet of things is no longer a science fiction or just a viable concept; it is an idea that has come to life. The wireless connection of objects that people use every day is changing the way many appliances like the medical equipment, cars, and even simple things like the toothbrushes operate. According to the leader of technology and research, Gartner Inc., by the year 2020, there will be over 25 billion things connected. The fundamental concept of the internet of things which is the Bluetooth beacon technology has made it possible for objects to be able to communicate with each other as well as people. A bacon is a conveying gadget, and these days they are tiny and can be placed in almost anything. The technology is used to improve the airline industry, and Jason Hope who is a proclaimed futurist has shared some of the areas that the Internet of things is making changes.

One of the areas that the flight is benefiting from is safety. Since all the parts are linked to a wireless network, the ground staff can detect if there is a part that is malfunctioning and this will ensure that they have mechanics ready before the plane lands. The other area that is improved is the customer service check in are easy as boarding passes are sent to emails and seats are assigned 24 hours before the plane takes off. The other area that is improving is the baggage handling. The passengers’ luggage will receive tags which will enable the passengers to keep an eye on their belongings from the time it checks into when it reaches the destination. Thus, this shows how the internet of things will change the airlines.

Jason Hope

General Jason Hope is a native of Arizona and grew up in Tempe. He went to the Arizona State University where he got a degree in finance. He further pursued his studies and was awarded an MBA from ASU’s W.P., Carey Business School. He is known as an entrepreneur, philanthropist, investor, and futurist. He has a passion is technology and giving back to the community. Other than technology, he has an interest in politics and the way it connects to business not only in Arizona but also nationwide.

Dick DeVos Tells The World How Much His Charity Has Amounted To

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While the philanthropy of some individuals has impacted lives in such a way that a number really cannot do it justice, one such individual now has a number to go with his lifetime giving. That individual is Dick DeVos who has built a reputable company at The Windquest Group and has supported charities all across Michigan and the US. Dick DeVos’s wife Betsy was chosen to be the 11th US Secretary of Education, and in the weeks leading up to the confirmation hearings the DeVos’s decided to reveal $139 million that they had given throughout their lives. Most of it started with their efforts to reform education across Michigan.


Dick DeVos first put education in the spotlight when he won election to the Michigan State Board of Education in 1990, but he only stayed in this office for two years. He began the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation in 1992 and started forming private school funding groups and scholarships. Various schools that benefited from these funds include Potter’s House and Grand Rapids Christian Schools. In the year 2000, the Dick & Betsy DeVos Foundation was the driver behind a ballot referendum on whether private schools could receive vouchers and tax credits. The measure was voted down in that election. Several years later the DeVos’s formed a charter school association, and eventually a new type charter school offering aviation courses opened at the Grand Rapids Gerald Ford Airport known as the West Michigan Aviation Academy.


In 1989 Dick DeVos was the main force behind Grand Vision, a development and planning organization later renamed as Grand Action. He also has been a donor to hospitals and health foundations including Spectrum Health who awarded him with the Art of Giving award in 2006. He’s been most known for supporting Republican activist groups including Action Institute, Hudson Institute and the Constitutional Society. He also is one of the trustees behind the Thunderbird School of Global Management at Arizona State University.


Dick DeVos was originally in the executive committee at the company his father helped build with Jay Van Andel named Amway Corporation. He and is brothers Daniel and Douglas all served as vice presidents in this company, and eventually Dick became CEO in 1993 and retired from that post in 2002. Douglas is the current CEO of Amway. In 1989 Dick and Betsy started an investment firm to spur growth in Michigan energy and technology companies including Electratherm, Nerocore, and Lex TM3. Dick and Betsy also have both served in the Michigan Republican Party as leaders and candidates. Dick ran for governor in 2006, but when he didn’t succeed in that endeavor he worked as an agent of change for conservative groups in the right-to-work coalition in 2012.


Hotel Guru Andy Wirth Builds Career with Many Jobs

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Andy Wirth is a go getter who has had his hand in several industries from hotels to ski resorts and now he has also been elected as the new chair person in charge of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board. Wirth, who is also currently the Squaw Valley CEO, was appointed to the duty by the Reno Sparks Convention and Visitor’s Authority.

Hotel and Other Industries in Wirth’s BackgroundBesides this, Wirth, who was born in 1963, has worked in the hotel business for more than 25 years, as well as working in marketing and leader positions with the Steamboat Ski and Resort Corporation. Some of his other accomplishments include being the marketing officer and executive vice president at Intrawest in 2007 and three years later he was appointed as Squaw Valley’s CEO.
He has even held unusual jobs such as being a back country ranger in the Rocky Mountain National Park, as well as a ranger at the San Pedro Parks Wilderness Area, and a fireman with the Hot Shot Wild Land Fire Crew in New Mexico.

Wirth is involved in Community Service, Special Events

Wirth has always been active in the community and has several awards for his dedication and service. In fact, he was even a guest speaker at the Fall 2014 commencement ceremony at Colorado State University’s Warner College of Natural Resources.

Some of his achievements have been: the Chairman’s Outstanding Service Award, as well as the Steamboat Springs Business Leader of the Year Award and he got the Citizen of the Year award from Disabled Sports USA in 2014, as well as a Community Five Award.

He has even been involved with the Olympics, as in 2010, Wirth was involved with directing the sendoff for the Steamboat’s Olympic American Winter Olympic teams and did similar sendoffs parties in both 2002 and 2006.

Plus he is part of the Tahoe Fund “Founders Circle,” as well as supporting groups like the Humane Society, the Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation Community House, and the High Fives group, as well as McConkey Foundation, and the Girls on the Run Sierra Chapter, as well as the Truckee River Watershed Council.