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Bruce Levenson Is More Than Just the Former Owner of the Atlanta Hawks

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Who is Bruce Levenson?

Forbes billioanire Bruce Levenson is probably most known for being the former owner of NBA team the Atlanta Hawks. When Levenson and other majority owner of the team, Ed Peskowitz, originally purchased the Hawks, the NHL team the Atlanta Thrashers was included in the deal. Levenson also held a position on the NBA’s Board of Governors.

Though Bruce Levenson may be most known for owning a NBA, he has definitely has other accomplishments. One of which, is his co-founding of United Communications Group (UCG) ( along with his longtime business partner and friend in the late 1970’s. On top of that, Levenson serves on the Board of Directors for media company TechTarget.

Bruce Levenson has been an avid philanthropist for many years now. He has donated funds to several charities and non-profit organizations throughout his career. He is a former president of the I Have A Dream Foundation, and a founding donor of the United States Holocaust Museum. A cause dear to his heart, being that he is a Jewish American. Levenson is a part of many philanthropic endeavors that benefit the Jewish community. Because of his commitment and dedication to these causes he has become one of the most prominent Jewish figures in the nation today.


Bruce Levenson Moving On from the NBA

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Bruce Levenson is probably most known for his time as the owner of the Atlanta Hawks. However, his business career has lasted much longer and he has done much more than the average individual realizes. Originally from the greater Washington, D.C. area, his career is truly an interesting one and shows anyone with passion and determination can make it in any field.

Bruce started his college education in Washington University in St. Louis and went on to graduate with a law degree from American University. While studying law, he began writing for the Washington Star as a journalist (he attended law school at night). Thanks to his insights as a journalist, he went on to create the United Communications Group with a business partner, Ed Peskowitz in 1977. Run out of Leveson’s apartment, the publication focused on the oil industry and provided recipients of the publication with the latest news on the oil industry, ranging from technology used to analyzing healthcare situations. This proved to be extremely beneficial for investors looking for added information on the industry as no other document had the kind of desired information all in one. The company continued to publish the newsletter into the age of the Internet, and now it also operates the mobile application GasBuddy, which helps drivers locate the least expensive gas in a given area (based off of their device’s GPS).

Levenson has went on to become the chair of many other companies. He is the founding board member for TechTarget. He sat as the director of this technologically based company for 13 years, where he eventually went to retire from the board in 2012. He also became an advisor for BIA Digital Partners. This equity firm working with private investors worked with the NEPA in order to create software Levenson would use for his original UCG company.

Levenson has also done much in way of giving back to the local community. He helped create the program Hoop Dreas Foundation, which would help low income children attend college and higher educational opportunities after high school. He also served as the founding donor for the United States Holocaust Museum. As a member of the Jewish faith, he has also worked in donating to several different Jewish foundations, including the Birthright Israel, Jewish Federation, SEED Foundation and several others.

Levenson still works closely with his company since his sale of the Atlanta Hawks. He also works with several different programs back in Washington, D.C. and the surrounding areas. All of this has proven rather helpful and is why he is one of the top business professionals in the United States. He even managed to make a large sum of money off of the sale of the Hawks. While he purchased the Hawks and the Atlanta Thrashers, the city’s NHL team at the same time in 2004, he managed to net nearly three quarters of a billion dollars by selling the teams and the arena that came along with it during the team sales.