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A New Style from The Chainsmokers

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Whether you’ve been paying attention to the Chainsmokers from the beginning of their existence or if you just got aboard, you’ll know that they have a specific style to their music and a great tone in all of their songs. Recently there has been news that the Chainsmokers will possibly be going with a new style of music. Some are calling it the dark side and that the music that will be released in the near future may not be quite as popular as many of their other songs. This is also countered by people saying this will gain them more popularity. Nobody is really sure and nobody will truly know until a song or two of this style are released.

The new era for the Chainsmokers is due to their new single “Sick Boy,” which is where everybody has been overreacting, whether good or bad. When asked in interviews what all of the hype is about, Drew and Alex explained this is just a possibility for a new movement and may not be as serious as everybody is making it out to sound.

If you aren’t sure exactly who the Chainsmokers are, they are an American DJ and production duo that consists of two main people. The names are Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, both of which were interested in music from a younger age. The pop duo made their breakthrough into the pop culture world when one of their songs made it big and began their traction. This song was “#Selfie”, which soon made the charts after being released. The song was in the top 20 charts in many countries, making the Chainsmokers known around the world for their music. They also made a track that featured Halsey, “Closer”, which had also gained more traction. The Chainsmokers were loved across the world and known for their great style that isn’t common in the music world.

This is where their new track may change people’s views on the duo. If the duo goes into darker style songs, their fan base may be greatly reduced like never before.

Dez Perez Doing Wonders in the Music Industry

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Des Perez is proficient at growing companies in the music industry. She did wonders for the business of Roc Nation. She has also been of significant help to celebrity singers.

In 2008, Dez Perez was working for Roc Nation. The company had established a deal that amounts to 150$ million with another business called Live Nation. Dez Perez was at the position of chief operating officer of Roc Nation at the time. She was at the forefront of the business deal, and it is expected for the two companies to join forces in a massive project with Dez Perez in charge. Click on for additional article.

Dez Perez had a lot to do with the success of Roc Nation. She is a powerhouse when it comes to innovative ideas and negotiation. The company of Roc nation has a branch dedicated to sports called Roc Nation Sports. At the top of the branch is Mr. Juan Perez – her husband. He is also a highly esteemed figure in the industry.   Check to read more.

Des Perez has also been working with celebrities personally. One of her clients is the pop icon Rihanna The two of them have been working together on a number of occasions. In fact, Des Perez was the person behind the promotion of Rihanna’s Anti Tour.

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Des Perez negotiated a deal with the giant Samsung for about 25 million dollars. That collaboration was a big step for Rihanna as she reached a new stage in her career. She was included in the A-list of performers which mean that her name and involvement in different campaigns became very sought after.   For her recent timeline activities, visit her page.

It is expected that Rihanna and Des Perez will be collaborating for many years to come. The singer is a super star, and Des Perez is the equivalent of a super star in her line of work. The two will achieve a lot working together.  Additional article on

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