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FreedomPop Is Scheduled to Debut Wi-Fi Phone in 2016

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The Los Angeles-based budget phone service FreedomPop is most definitely not a company that wants to rest on its accomplishments. The company has made the decision to expand the smartphones it offers with a new model.

Specifically, the company wants to offer a Wi-Fi first smartphone and promote the device as being a reliable alternative to strictly cellular service. Since cellular service is not always available in certain areas, a Wi-Fi first phone is going to be appealing to many would-be subscribers. Cnet has all the details about this interesting new smartphone and FreedomPop’s plans for it.

The article primarily notes that FreedomPop will be releasing a new phone in 2016 that provides VoIP (Voice over IP) phone calls through the Wi-Fi network. Cellular phone calls are expensive because they require using an appropriate cellular network. FreedomPop does offer traditional talk, text, and data mobile phone plans and they are very reasonable in price. FreedomPop also provides a limited use free service. All subscribers need to purchase is both a SIM card and a phone to access the monthly free service. The new wireless service takes things to another level. It is going to be even cheaper.

There are scores of googleplay’s FreedomPop Wi-Fi hotspots all throughout the United States. Once the subscriber is in a hotspot, connecting to the Wi-Fi signal can be done in seconds. At this point, the phone is fully in use. For anyone in need of a budget phone, this new phone and service is going to present a fantastic deal.

Those wondering whether or not the phone will be a high-grade model, the answer is a definitive yes. This is known because the phone is going to be produced via the Intel’s SoFIA platform. Intel frequently produces excellent releases and the new phone should be no different.

Consider this new release another great idea from the company. Roughly one million subscribers to FreedomPop service exist in the United States. Once this phone is released, that number is sure to grow.