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Handy Home Cleaning Makes The Turn From Growth To Profit

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Handy Home cleaning was founded in 2012 by Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua, both Harvard Business School Graduates. Handy specializes in providing home cleaning services and handyman services at affordable prices. Handy is based on a similar business model as Uber, the popular transportation service. Handy screens and retains the services of subcontractors to do the work. The subcontractors can then gain access to jobs via a mobile app.

Handy took off with a boom. They have raised over $110 million in capital. Handy has been spending money aggressively to continue to rapidly grow the company and expand into new territories. However, the investors are starting to want a return on their money and are pressuring Handy to focus on profit making. The flow of venture capital money is beginning to slow into startups that show a lot of growth but little profit.

Handy is forced to change its primary focus from growth to profit making to satisfy its investors and ensure the infusion of future capital. This change puts Handy in a dilemma. If Handy doesn’t enter a new market and capture its customers, some other startup company will. On the other hand, if Handy concentrates on profit making it must be willing to sacrifice future territories in favor of expanding the customer base in its existing markets. See,

Handy implemented some changes to increase its profitability. Handy switched to entirely online hiring of its contractors to save millions of dollars per year in expenses related to hiring contractors in person. The problem with the online hiring process was that many of these contractors lacked the skills to get through the online hiring process without human assistance. The result was that recruitment of contractors dropped 40 percent. Handy is working through these problems. Handy has discovered that its business model works better as it increases its customer density in existing territories thereby increasing its profits.


Lime Crime Cosmetics: A Totally New Experience In Make-Up

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Lime Crime is a cosmetics line created by entrepreneur Doe Deere. The company was created about a decade ago and has enjoyed phenomenal growth. Doe Deere created the make-up in the Lime Crime line for her to use because she could not find make-up loud enough to wear when she was a rock and roll artist. Lime Crime comes in blindingly bright colors, is easy to use, is made from vegan ingredients, and never tested on animals. The fact it’s sold directly to the consumer from the manufacturer makes it more affordable than other brands. All these things combine to make it successful.

The products in the Lime Crime line include lipstick, nail polish, rouge, eyeliner, and eye-shadow. They do much more enable people to cover up their imperfections. Lime Crime cosmetics on enables them to express their own unique personalities. It’s makeup that makes a statement instead of helping people to blend in. It highlights their beauty strengths and overpowers any imperfections they may have. What people see is the wearers bold, daring fashion statement that is unlike anything they have ever seen. Lime Crime captures the mind of the lookers and releases the inner unicorn of the wearer.

Lime Crime cosmetics is vastly different than the cosmetics lines that have come before it. First of all, Doe Deere began the cosmetics line by making the products by hand. Secondly, the colors in the line are so bright they have made the fashion police run for cover. Thirdly, they are offered primarily on the internet and can be delivered directly from the manufacturer to you.

While Lime Crime cosmetics can be used by great looking kids, great grandmothers and everyone in between, it’s not for the faint of heart. If you cower and bow to the dictates of the mainstream fashion police, this brand of cosmetics might not be for you. But if you dare to be different and want to express your own style, this is just the make-up for which you have been searching. The brand has its own rainbow of colors with names like jinx, trouble, rave, shroom, faded, bleached, and riot. The colors are so bright and distinctive people will notice them clear across the room.

The products are easy to apply, incorporate sparkles, and can last all day and all night too. For many it offers a level of self-expression they never thought possible. Even the packaging with its pink and purple unicorns covered in sparkles attracts attention. But it is when you open the package and see the velvetiness, Venus: The Grunge Palette make-up, Unicorn lipstick, Carousel lip gloss, Zodiac glitter, and heretofore unseen colors and designs of the nail polish, that you begin to understand that Lime Crime cosmetics isn’t like anything you’re experienced before.