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Yeonmi Park Continues To Help Those In Need Across North Korea

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The country of North Korea is always in the news for the aggressive stance the state tends to take with its enemies, but the continued oppression of its people is of major concern to many activists and human rights groups around the world. One of the most important activists to appear in opposition to the North Korean leadership over recent years is Yeonmi Park, a 22 year old refugee who took a journey from North Korea to freedom in South Korea that lasted from 2007 to 2009. explains Yeonmi Park has recently been looking to continue the good works she has begun in publicizing the plight of those within North Korea through the use of her own memoir “In Order To Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom”.

Yeonmi Park tells an amazing and often horrifying story on The Reason TV in her memoir as the details of life in North Korea are revealed, including the brainwashing that left her convinced the leaders of the country could read her every thought. The problems facing the people of North Korea inspired Park and her mother to take the difficult decision of placing their lives in the hands of people smugglers who promised them a speedy journey to freedom in South Korea. The truth proved something completely different for the family as they embarked on a journey lasting almost two years that cost Yeonmi Park’s father his life.

After facing sexual abuse and the issues of depression on the journey to freedom Yeonmi Park and her mother finally made it to the safety of South Korea, where Park completed her education as she worked as an activist for her fellow refugees. Despite the many problems caused for Yeonmi Park by the North Korean regime since her escape to freedom she has not wavered from her commitment to those who remain trapped within North Korea. Not only has Park sought to help those remaining in North Korea through her memoir she has also made numerous public appearances to highlight the plight of refugees seeking sanctuary from closed societies.