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Frans Schoeman: Primary Intellectual Rights And How They Operate

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Intellectual property is very important for every business. Once you have decided that you will start a company, there are things that you need to secure so as to run a successful business. Originality and creativity are very important for an entrepreneur. However, not many of us can come up with a glad idea that can make a difference in all of humanity. When you think you have one, there are things that you should do to protect it. Depending on the type of idea, you can legally claim it as your own.

A great lawyer can be of great help when you want to protect your intellects. Frans Schoeman is a great lawyer that has been practicing for over two decades. With a lot of experience, the lawyer can be of great help to you and you soon to run the firm. As a lawyer, he has worked with firms and has been hired for his wide range of specialties. A great lawyer that will handle all your business legal needs is all one can ask for. Through the level of competence, Franc Schoeman will give you legal advice and ensure that you are successful in your endeavors. Here are a few types of intellectual rights and how they work.


When you have pieces of art that you have created out of your imagination, you need copyrights to secure them. This could be music, poems, and films, even words fall in this category. The copyrights do not cover the ideas or the content itself. It only covers the way they are expressed. The copyright only covers the artistic works for a limited amount of time. If you have an original creative work, this is the right way to secure it.


This is a right that an owner of a certain inventor acquires from the government. This is usually a secrecy bid that prevents other people from using this invention for a limited amount of time. The invention is greatly helpful for the country and can solve a given problem. When you patent an invention, you have rights to prevent people from using the invention and even adding to the original work.


This is a symbol that companies create for recognition. For instance, we can recognize Google due to the trademark. This helps the users of the product know the origin of the product. A trademark is made up of signs and symbols chosen by the owner of the company. When you want to create one, you need to be able to establish something that cannot be duplicated. This means even what you produce cannot be duplicated as the trademark marks the product.

Trade secrets

These are ideas, methods, process and even design that one uses for their company. When you work in a company, you are made to sign an agreement to prevent you from passing their trade secrets when you are fired. It is very important to keep secrets when you have opponents that want to achieve a higher level of success. This is why trade secrets are very important. Through them, your ways of practice are always known to you alone.