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The “Big Jim”

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Jim “Big Jim” Larkin was one of Ireland’s most notable industrial trade unionists. He established the Irish Worker and People’s Advocate newspaper in 1911 and co-founded the Irish Labour Party along with his friend and fellow trade union leader, James Connolly, in 1912.

Larkin’s ultimate aim was to unionize the entire industrial workforce in Ireland and hopefully provide its skilled and unskilled laborers with fairer wages and working conditions.

In his early life, Jim Larkin had worked at various jobs during the afternoon school hours so he could help supplement his family’s income. He was born and raised in the slums of Liverpool, England, in a working class family.

He started work at his father’s firm after he had abruptly died. Larkin only lasted there for several years and was left unemployed until taking a position as a local Liverpool docker towards the end of the 1800’s. Learn more about Jim Larkin:

He became a dock foreman and lost it a year later after joining the dockers in a dispute against their employers. His participation deeply impressed the National Union of Dock Labourers, NUDL, and they assigned him as a temporary organizer.

Jim Larkin worked as a full-time union organizer for the NUDL for many years and he helped initiate strikes in major cities in Scotland and Ireland. His strike methods were starting to become too militaristic for the NUDL and they had to let him go.

Larkin immediately moved to Dublin, Ireland and formed the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union, ITGWU. The ITGWU gained thousands of new members had loyal branches in the Drogheda, Derry and Belfast areas in Ireland.

The ITGWU were the key players in one of the largest industrial disputes in Ireland, the 1913 Dublin Lockout. Over 20,000 workers went on non-violent strikes against 300 employers for seven consecutive months.

After the catastrophic dispute, more than 100,000 people including the families of the labor workers and employers were all deeply affected.

Understanding How JeanMarie Guenot Was Able To Establish A Successful Career

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For an individual to build a successful career, a lot of sacrifices need to be made. The individual needs to be ready to do what is required and be willing to sacrifice some things for the greater good of your career. You have an obligation to have determination, confidence in what you want and be ambitious. The business industry is filled with people who strive to make their dreams come true and are ready to do what is required even if it means sacrificing his/her friends. Jeanmarie Guenot is one woman who has been able to establish a successful career in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry by understanding what she wants and going for it.

JeanMarie Guenot has been able to bring about change in the industry as she believes she is the woman for the job on Her achievements and accomplishments have been numerous considering she has been in the industry for nearly twenty years. Her significant achievements include building companies, developing and discovering new drugs and negotiating acquisitions & mergers for various companies. While at the University of California where she earned her Ph.D., JeanMarie Guenot was trained in both medical and physical chemistry. After clearing her training, Guenot decided to join the business industry as it was time to apply what she had been taught in her training sessions.

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From her LinkedIn account, we can see that she began her career at Atlas Venture. While working at Atlas, she was responsible for managing the capital investments while establishing life science organizations. She has an idea of how important it was for her to gain the experience she was gaining as it would help in the near future. With this in mind, JeanMarie gave her best in everything she did. She began her scientific career at Hoffmann-La Roche where she was employed as a business advisor. She later joined PDL BioPharma where she was the Vice President and offered her services to the firm.

JeanMarie Guenot is currently heading Amphivena Therapeutics Inc. as its President and CEO. The company majorly focuses on developing antibody therapeutics that are aimed at helping patients who have blood cancer. As the company’s President and CEO, she is responsible for overseeing the research operations and helps in the development of therapies to help in curing blood cancers. She believes as time goes by, she will assist the firm to succeed in what it does as she is determined and confident with what she does.

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Ricardo Guimarães Honored.

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Ricardo Guimaraes‘ contribution to the success of Banco BMG deserves recognition. He recently received an honorary diploma from the city council of Belo Horizonte.


He has had a fulfilling career as an entrepreneur and head of the Pentagna family business. He was born to the Pentagna Guimaraes family as the son of Flavio Guimaraes. Early in his career, he served as an office assistant for the family business. He also sharpened his skills with business administration course.


Guimaraes has also been recognized for his social enterprise. He has been an outspoken member of society and an ambassador of the youth. He identified sport as an excellent way to develop talent and reach the youth. Since sports have a huge following in Brazil, Guimaraes used the platform to develop the talent as well as promote the BMG brand.


Guimaraes is a confessed lover of sports, especially tennis, volleyball, and soccer. His intervention saved Atletico Mineiro and gave the club a new lease of life. He acted as the club’s president for five years. During his tenure, the club did well and rose through the ranks of the division.


Five years ago, he led BMG to invest in the welfare of professional athletes through a tailored fund. To many, Guimaraes is a true statesman who teaches many lessons about service to the community. Guimaraes on his part felt proud of the recognition stating that his happiness lies in continuing the legacy of his ancestors. He also expressed his love for the town of Belo Horizonte and its people.


Guimaraes changed the fortunes of the BMG bank since taking over in 1998. He restructured the bank and engaged the services of agents. The bank offers low-interest loans to an increasing middle-income population in Brazil. Their brand has become popular in Brazil especially among the youth. Clients and investors shoe confidence in BMG. Regarding technology, BMG acquires the latest technologies for delivering its services.


BMG has made alliances with other firms in the capital markets around the world. They can access capital for expansion drives and other ventures. Guimaraes feels the banks now needs to diversify its operations to stay profitable.


Their new partnership with Itau Unibanco sees the formation of a new payroll loan firm in the Brazilian market. BMG will control less than 50% of the venture and expects to earn huge profits. However, it will not lose the consigned credit markets share.


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Omar Boraie’s Vision for New Jersey’s Real Estate

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Omar Boraie is a renowned New Jersey realtor with over four decades in the industry. He rose into fame about 20 years ago when he started buying properties in the state at a time when both residents and investors were running away from the state. His vision was to transform New Jersey into a state having quality housing and office spaces to help attract back residents and investors who had the state. His vision has since paid in attracting people in the region. He is the founder of Boraie development LLC, a company he heads as the president.
About 40 years ago, Omar Boraie had a strange vision for New Brunswick real estate. He believed the strategic location of the city could help to make it an important destination and hence an important real estate market. However, during that period and the years that followed, New Brunswick continued to face tough economic conditions. Businesses started moving out of the city. People, faced with acute job shortage and worsening economy, also decided to move to nearby states. New Brunswick lost over 200,000 residents in early 1980s. This led to the once populated city turning into a ghost town.
Omar Boraie started to work on his vision for the city as early as 1972. His vision was to transform the city to look like European cities that he had visited during his tour of Europe as an Egyptian chemistry scholar. His plan involved buying several building and then redeveloping them into modern housing and office blocks. Due to financial constrains, this was never an easy task. He started buying one vacant building after another. He, however, did not start developing the lands until he had acquired over 21 buildings. His company came up with a new plan for the block and then forwarded the plan to the city hall. The officials at the city hall could not believe in the plan and they actually made jokes about it.
The journey was not easy, as the city’s economy started picking up again in the 90s and early 2000s; the United States started facing economic slowdown that ended up in the economic depression of 2008. The recessions made residents to lose their purchasing power thus forcing banks to take back ownership of their houses. With several modern buildings and booming economy in the city, both residents and investors have returned. This has made Boraie a very wealthy realtor. His company is also constantly marketing New Brunswick on several platforms to attract investors from around the globe.

The Bravery of Yeonmi Park

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Yeonmi Park has an amazing story. She was born in 1993 and came from a well educated and politically connected family. Sadly her father was sent to a labor camp for sending metals to China and her family faced poverty. She escaped to China at age 13 with her mother and was kidnapped by human traffickers. During one of her speeches she said “I never knew what human trafficking was, and I couldn’t imagine how people could sell other people. I could not believe they were negotiating price before my eyes.” The things that Yeonmi has seen and experienced are truly shocking and unforgiveable. Guards positioned at the borders of China were ordered to shoot anyone seen fleeing. She watched her mother being raped after she refused to allow the man to rape Yeonmi. She witnessed executions and she even states she was brainwashed. She became someone’s mistress just so she could be together with her mother and father. She stated that the watching the movie ‘Titanic’ was the only thing that helped keep her going. During her speech in Dublin Ireland in 2014 she said “when I was crossing the Gobi desert,scared of dying, I thought nobody cares, but you have listened to my story. you have cared.” At a young age Yeonmi was taught by her mother not to express her feelings. It’s beautiful that now she has become a great public speaker and advocate. In North Korean 24 million people live in enforced poverty overseen by Kim Jong Un. Yeonmi feels that North Korea is a dangerous place to live. They are forced into strict classes and aren’t able to think for themselves.

Yeonmi is now an advocate for human rights and victims of trafficking. Her memoir will be release this September 2015 and is titled ‘In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom. Yeonmi stars in a television program called “Now On My Way To Meet You.” The show features several women who share stories about their lives in North Korea and why they fled. She is 22 years old and currently lives in South Korea. During another speech Yeonmi captivated her audience with the following. “For the first time in my life, I own me. I own myself, and this is so powerful to me. I always belonged to the states or to a man who bought me, and I have a voice now. Freedom allowed me to have a voice. I want to use this voice, and I want everyone else to use their voice too. I want to say that people in North Korea are dying for food and freedom, and it’s not freedom of expression-its of wearing jeans or watching movies. These people are just like us. The girls of 14 and 15 years old are being sold for two hundred dollars. They fear what you fear. The people in North Korea have hope.”