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The Investment Knowledge And Newsletter Of Paul Mampilly

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Paul Mampilly runs a research service called Profits Unlimited. The service
has just reached a major milestone with 60,000 subscribers. The service is
growing unbelievably quickly in the investment industry.

Mr. Mampilly was previously a hedge fund manager and spent twenty years on
Wall Street. He worked for clients such as ING, Kinetics International and
Deutsche Bank. He won a competition for investors in 2009. The Templeton
Foundation hosted the competition and Mr. Mampilly took an investment for $50
million and turned it into $88 million. The gain was an unprecedented 76
percent and was during a major financial crisis.

Mr. Mampilly started Banyan Hill Publishing because he was looking for a
way to help Americans make profitable investments. Mr. Mampilly mails his
subscribers a newsletter to keep their stock information current. He makes
certain his subscribers purchase their own stocks as a valuable learning

Mr. Mampilly has a portfolio containing thirteen open positions. Eleven of
them have shown profits ranging from 18 percent all the way up to 38 percent. One
stockholder saw profits of $45,190 simply by following Mr. Mampilly’s

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Paul Mampilly became a member of the Sovereign Society in 2016. He
currently serves Americans as a Senior Editor in the fields of special
opportunities, small cap stocks, technology, and investments. He is the editor
of a monthly newsletter titled Profits Unlimited. The newsletter puts its focus
on cutting edge stocks.

Mr. Mampilly was once a hedge fund manager and has won awards in his field.
This American investor has appeared on Bloomberg TV, Fox Business News and
CNBC. He is guiding 40,000 stock investors into higher profits. Mr. Mampilly is
highly experienced and knowledgeable in the field of investments.

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