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The Unpredictable Kanye Album For 2016

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There is a tremendous amount of buzz going on about the Kanye West album. Jon Urbana and other fans are wondering when this album will drop. Urbana is well aware that West has changed the title several times, and he seems to be quite unsure of himself. This is not like the arrogant West that people have known in the past.

Kanye West has always made a lot of noise about songs that didn’t get some type of Grammy recognition if he produced it. There is some buzz now that the new album may be a bit of a disappointment. All of this has to do with the direction that he was going in last year.

There was no consistency. The selection of songs that were released still sounded like Kanye, but this all sounded like material from several different albums down through the years. It was like it was all dated material. Nothing appears to be new. It was as if he was taking a back seat in a car that he was previously driving himself.

West has moved from the speedy samples to the voice box alteration to almost some type of trap music sound. People do not know what he is going to do next, but this could be a good thing. Fans will just have to wait because there doesn’t appear to be a single or an album anywhere in the near future for Mr. West.