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Louis Chenevert’s Influence at United Technologies Corporation

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Louis Chenevert is a well established person within the  technology industry. His career dates back over three decades, when he began at General Motors. In 1993 he joined Pratt & Whitney, and ultimately worked up the chain and became president of the company in 1999. Louis Chenevert went on to serve high profile positions at United Technologies beginning in 2006. By early 2008 he was elected President and Chief Executive Officer, then Chairman in January 2010, for United Technologies Corporation. In addition, he is part of a variety of organizations. The website Ideamensch recently published an interview with Louis Chenevert. 

The interview begins with Louis Chenevert citing the need to create innovate products as the reason behind United Technologies Corporation’s conception. Having small teams with strong leadership, is essential to carrying out any ideas. The way technology is progressing, and how fast it is changing, means there is a limitless amount of ideas people can create.

During the next series of questions, Louis Chenevert answers a few personal questions. He cites his ability to follow-up and focus on the tasks at hand, as his most productive aspect. In retrospect, he has learned that having the team on the same page is a necessity. His original job at General Motors also further cemented the idea of how important the team factor is for production. At the end of the day, remaining open minded and focused will lead the company places.

Louis Chenevert is someone whose decades of experiences in the industry has changed his outlook on workers, company brand, and output interactions. His early days at General Motors showed him the power of a team. If everyone is working towards a common goal, then anything is attainable for the company. His accomplishments extend all across the industry with top profile positions in several organizations. United Technologies Corporation will continue paving the way forward for the foreseeable future.

The Wonders of Jeunesse and the Youth Enhancement System

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There’s no getting around the stigma that burdens the alternative health community as a whole, and it’s thanks to companies that either don’t know what they’re doing or those that are just trying to rip clients off. Fortunately, not every company in the health and wellness field is out to jack your wallet in exchange for spurious scientific claims, and the center of the spotlight today is Jeunesse Global.

Formed in 2009, the company took off with research, development and the whole nine before the ink was dry on its official documents. Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis were set to deliver the best products to the world with the intent of restoring the youthful potential in every wise soul among us while the hopeful youth could keep what they still had. The duo, who’d found immense success in their recent and respective investments, decided that the time was right to put their funds together and deliver the Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S.): a nine-step process that their clients would never forget.

Fast forward almost a decade later. Jeunesse has attained the title of top 500 fastest accelerating direct-sales names in the alternative health industry, and they’re also packing quite the following in their wake: the Jeunesse Family. The company was structured around an interesting obsession with the number 9, which is said to represent long-lasting healthfulness in certain prominent cultures around the world. To this day, Jeunesse continues to improve their proprietary formulas and exceed expectations.

How It Works, Why It Works

The founders understood something that many alternative health brands fail to grasp: the cause of age acceleration. Increased exposure to artificial EMR sources such as computers and general electronics has not only kept people indoors much too often but also increased toxin buildup while limiting the intake of vital nutrients. Our diets also consist of far more processed and stripped-down foods that increase free radical exposure and deprive us of what our bodies need to repair themselves. Y.E.S. answers this with a variety of regimens that solve sleep troubles, lethargy during the day, chronic brain fog, fitness complications and weight gain, and skin blemishes that result from aging.

The Investment Knowledge And Newsletter Of Paul Mampilly

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Paul Mampilly runs a research service called Profits Unlimited. The service
has just reached a major milestone with 60,000 subscribers. The service is
growing unbelievably quickly in the investment industry.

Mr. Mampilly was previously a hedge fund manager and spent twenty years on
Wall Street. He worked for clients such as ING, Kinetics International and
Deutsche Bank. He won a competition for investors in 2009. The Templeton
Foundation hosted the competition and Mr. Mampilly took an investment for $50
million and turned it into $88 million. The gain was an unprecedented 76
percent and was during a major financial crisis.

Mr. Mampilly started Banyan Hill Publishing because he was looking for a
way to help Americans make profitable investments. Mr. Mampilly mails his
subscribers a newsletter to keep their stock information current. He makes
certain his subscribers purchase their own stocks as a valuable learning

Mr. Mampilly has a portfolio containing thirteen open positions. Eleven of
them have shown profits ranging from 18 percent all the way up to 38 percent. One
stockholder saw profits of $45,190 simply by following Mr. Mampilly’s

Keep Reading:

Paul Mampilly became a member of the Sovereign Society in 2016. He
currently serves Americans as a Senior Editor in the fields of special
opportunities, small cap stocks, technology, and investments. He is the editor
of a monthly newsletter titled Profits Unlimited. The newsletter puts its focus
on cutting edge stocks.

Mr. Mampilly was once a hedge fund manager and has won awards in his field.
This American investor has appeared on Bloomberg TV, Fox Business News and
CNBC. He is guiding 40,000 stock investors into higher profits. Mr. Mampilly is
highly experienced and knowledgeable in the field of investments.

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