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Igor Cornelsen’s Career As A Very Successful Investor

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Igor Cornelsen has achieved a widely known reputation as an extremely skilled investor. Furthermore, he gives investing tips to the public, and following his advice can help you to be a successful investor. Igor Cornelsen feels that one very important part of investing is being dedicated to investing money over the course of time. He cautions investors to stay away from any kind of get rich quick investment schemes, because they rarely turn out as planned. Instead, he feels that by investing portions of one’s income over the course of time, it is possible to have high returns over the course of time. He feels that over the course of decades, it can be possible to have financial gains in the range of 500%, over the course of many years! He spent his career as an investment banker, and this has taught him the ins and outs of investing.

Igor Cornelsen got his start working in his home country of Brazil. In Brazil, he has successfully done work with highly successful and large banks in Brazil, as an investment banker. While he was working with these banks, Igor Cornelsen was responsible for a large amount of Brazil’s financial resources. This made him very widely known and well respected as an investor. However, he did not just manage investments in Brazil. Instead, he also worked as an investment banker in the United States. He also succeeded with investment banking in the United States, although he has been even more widely known in Brazil. While he is currently retired, he still provides investment advice. In fact, he provides advice to a major investing company in Brazil, called Bainbridge Incorporated. His expertise from managing assets of major financial institutions has allowed him to work as an exceptionally skilled consultant today.

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Now that he has retired, he currently spends much of his time in Florida. While he lives in Florida much of the time, he still does return to Brazil. Additionally, he plays golf quite regularly. In fact, he travels to various golf courses that are well known as the best courses, and he is quite skilled at the sport.

In addition to continuing to work as an investment banker for Bainbridge, he also provides advice to everyone, through the internet. He provides advice through a website to investors of all types. He also has been featured by CNN and other news sources, and he has provided investment advice to the public this way. While some of his advice is Brazil-centric, much of his advice applies to investing in a multitude of ways.

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