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Madison Street Capital Values Businesses for Transactions

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Madison Street Capital is a valuation company that is the toast of the M&A community. They have been awarded several times over for the work they do, and it is quite important that businesses order reports on themselves, their rivals and partners. It is quite important that information is used to make proper business decisions, and this article explains how Madison Street offers their services to customers.


#1: What Is A Valuation Report?


A valuation report is used as a financial summary of everything a business owns. The company has buildings, vehicles and products that must be considered, and Madison Street does the research necessary to ensure everything is included in the report. They are quite thorough when the report is completed, and they complete new reports when requested.


#2: Who Uses Valuation Reports?


Madison Street Capital offers valuation reports to its customers when mergers and sales are on the table. A business that stands in the middle of a merger or sale needs the report from Madison Street as it explains the value of their partners. Someone who wishes to complete a sale cannot go on faith alone. The other companies involved in the sale will offer only the information they believe is required, but they may lie to complete the sale.


#3: How Long Do Reports Take?


Reports created by Madison Street Capital take quite a long time to complete as research is done in the office. There are several people who need a report that in a hurry, but reports cannot be completed quickly. Madison Street takes pride in their work, and they ensure they offer proper customer service to everyone who walks through their doors. The company is far more committed to quality than speed, and they ask their clients to offer time for the work to be completed.


#4: How Does Madison Street Support Their Work?


The firm supports their work by managing sales and mergers of businesses every day. They are present when the contract is signed, and they allow both companies in a sale confidence. Confidence is quite important as businesses are spending millions of dollars during the transaction. They must trust Madison Street, and the track record of the firm speaks for itself.


#5: Businesses Small And Large Require Valuation Services


Madison Street Capital is willing to work with any company regardless of its size. The firms that approach Madison Street need not be on the Forbes 500, and they will receive a report that offers every bit of information possible.


There are quite a few people who must use valuation reports for their companies every day. Reports help ensure companies know something about their competition, and the reports are completed properly by Madison Street Capital’s staff.

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Christopher Burch: A True Inspiration

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If you have ever wondered what it would be like to be a successful investor and entrepreneur, look no farther than the life of Christopher Burch. Christopher Burch is now one of the most successful entrepreneurs on the planet, and he has recently been named one of the top billionaires in the world by Forbes. He is currently the CEO of Burch Creative Capital, and he has an investment portfolio of over 50 successful startups and businesses. When it comes to entrepreneurship, he is an absolute success.


According to Forbes, Christopher Burch had a modest upbringing in Pennsylvania. He was the son of a business owner, whose father always tried to teach him about money and pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps. To teach him the value of work, Christopher’s father got him employed at a construction company when he was 13 years old. This upbringing gave Christopher the knowledge and drive that he needed to become successful later in life.


While attending Ithaca college some years later, Christopher and his brother, Bob, started their own apparel business that bought sweaters for cheap and then sold them at a profit. They invested just $2,000 in this venture, and in a decade it grew to having more than $140 million in sales. They were able to sell the business a few years after that for $165 million, fueling Christopher’s need to continue innovating and investing. This is when Christopher decided to work for himself and create Burch Creative Capital.


The business model of Burch Creative Capital is simple. Christopher wants to find the most new, disruptive, and interesting technologies on the market. He wants those technologies that other investors might stay away from because they are too new and risky. He wants them to be imaginative and extremely fresh, as well as to creative a positive impact on the consumers that use the services or purchase the products. With this business model, he has become successful in the apparel and real estate spaces, helping start and nurse to health businesses like ED by Ellen DeGeneres, Jawbone, Poppin, Voss Water, TRADEMARK, and the Faena Hotel + Universe. Christopher would like to also get more involved in technology and other emerging markets like organic foods in the future.


Each year, Christopher also gives away millions to charities and causes that inspire him, such as the Child Welfare League of China and the Sumba Foundation. Christopher Burch is truly an inspiration to anyone that wants to be an entrepreneur.