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Ricardo Guimarães Honored.

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Ricardo Guimaraes‘ contribution to the success of Banco BMG deserves recognition. He recently received an honorary diploma from the city council of Belo Horizonte.


He has had a fulfilling career as an entrepreneur and head of the Pentagna family business. He was born to the Pentagna Guimaraes family as the son of Flavio Guimaraes. Early in his career, he served as an office assistant for the family business. He also sharpened his skills with business administration course.


Guimaraes has also been recognized for his social enterprise. He has been an outspoken member of society and an ambassador of the youth. He identified sport as an excellent way to develop talent and reach the youth. Since sports have a huge following in Brazil, Guimaraes used the platform to develop the talent as well as promote the BMG brand.


Guimaraes is a confessed lover of sports, especially tennis, volleyball, and soccer. His intervention saved Atletico Mineiro and gave the club a new lease of life. He acted as the club’s president for five years. During his tenure, the club did well and rose through the ranks of the division.


Five years ago, he led BMG to invest in the welfare of professional athletes through a tailored fund. To many, Guimaraes is a true statesman who teaches many lessons about service to the community. Guimaraes on his part felt proud of the recognition stating that his happiness lies in continuing the legacy of his ancestors. He also expressed his love for the town of Belo Horizonte and its people.


Guimaraes changed the fortunes of the BMG bank since taking over in 1998. He restructured the bank and engaged the services of agents. The bank offers low-interest loans to an increasing middle-income population in Brazil. Their brand has become popular in Brazil especially among the youth. Clients and investors shoe confidence in BMG. Regarding technology, BMG acquires the latest technologies for delivering its services.


BMG has made alliances with other firms in the capital markets around the world. They can access capital for expansion drives and other ventures. Guimaraes feels the banks now needs to diversify its operations to stay profitable.


Their new partnership with Itau Unibanco sees the formation of a new payroll loan firm in the Brazilian market. BMG will control less than 50% of the venture and expects to earn huge profits. However, it will not lose the consigned credit markets share.


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Omar Boraie’s Vision for New Jersey’s Real Estate

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Omar Boraie is a renowned New Jersey realtor with over four decades in the industry. He rose into fame about 20 years ago when he started buying properties in the state at a time when both residents and investors were running away from the state. His vision was to transform New Jersey into a state having quality housing and office spaces to help attract back residents and investors who had the state. His vision has since paid in attracting people in the region. He is the founder of Boraie development LLC, a company he heads as the president.
About 40 years ago, Omar Boraie had a strange vision for New Brunswick real estate. He believed the strategic location of the city could help to make it an important destination and hence an important real estate market. However, during that period and the years that followed, New Brunswick continued to face tough economic conditions. Businesses started moving out of the city. People, faced with acute job shortage and worsening economy, also decided to move to nearby states. New Brunswick lost over 200,000 residents in early 1980s. This led to the once populated city turning into a ghost town.
Omar Boraie started to work on his vision for the city as early as 1972. His vision was to transform the city to look like European cities that he had visited during his tour of Europe as an Egyptian chemistry scholar. His plan involved buying several building and then redeveloping them into modern housing and office blocks. Due to financial constrains, this was never an easy task. He started buying one vacant building after another. He, however, did not start developing the lands until he had acquired over 21 buildings. His company came up with a new plan for the block and then forwarded the plan to the city hall. The officials at the city hall could not believe in the plan and they actually made jokes about it.
The journey was not easy, as the city’s economy started picking up again in the 90s and early 2000s; the United States started facing economic slowdown that ended up in the economic depression of 2008. The recessions made residents to lose their purchasing power thus forcing banks to take back ownership of their houses. With several modern buildings and booming economy in the city, both residents and investors have returned. This has made Boraie a very wealthy realtor. His company is also constantly marketing New Brunswick on several platforms to attract investors from around the globe.

How Did CCMP Capital Become Successful?

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New York based CCMP Capital has enjoyed much success during its lifetime. The private equity investment firm has always been lauded by industry experts on its culture of open communication, transparency and great efficiency. Almost all these success secrets can be traced back to one thing – the amazing leadership that Stephen Murray CCMP Capital has enjoyed over the years. One of the best CEOs of CCMP Capital was Stephen Murray who recently passed away but not before he had raised the leadership standards for the industry on a global scale.

CCMP Capital experienced its best years under Stephen Murray who was loved for his good nature and admired for his strong leadership. So, what are the other reasons CCMP Capital has been so successful? Here are a few –

Employee Success Isn’t Measured By Working Hours – At CCMP Capital, the efficiency of employees isn’t measured by how many hours they are putting in. Instead, the firm believes that it is better to have key milestones and be organized to ensure that the right tasks are performed at the right time without overexertion. The employees appreciate this as well because this system allows efficient employees to be rewarded on the basis of how smart and organized they are. It also promotes a culture of creativity, innovation and pro activeness among both managers and employees.

The Company Works Like A Well Oiled Machine – Because everyone understands the value of routine, the company works like a smooth unit without any glitches. This wasn’t always like this but Stephen Murray and his ideas helped to ensure that CCMP Capital was working at its highest efficiency levels all the time. The people who are employees of the company are chosen after keeping the work culture and ethics of CCMP Capital in mind. This ensures that even when there are new joiners, they seamlessly add to the efficiency of the firm and understand the processes well.

Challenges Are Enjoyed By All – CCMP Capital is in the private equity industry that is cut throat in its competition. This is also a capricious industry that is full of challenges. As such, people who do not like change or challenge would not survive in the industry. CCMP Capital has no such people because everyone in the firm likes to face challenges head on. People are fond of innovation and like to think of creative ways to beat the dynamic markets.

Focussing On Positives Is Important – Stephen Murray also taught the company and its employees on how to see the bright side of things. Often, companies tend to focus too much on the negatives when things are down but positives can help to raise the morale of people.

Even now, CCMP Capital still uses the lessons imparted by Stephen Murray in its daily working.



Citadel is a global investment firm that was founded by Ken Griffin in 1990. Kenneth began his entrepreneurship during his first year at Harvard University where he started a hedge fund which later gained him recognition by Frank Meyer, an investor and founder of Glenwood Capital LLC. Kenneth’s entrepreneurship skills and performance is what led to the formation of Citadel. Kenneth Griffin is the founder and chief executive officer of Citadel LLC and is ranked among the highest earning hedge fund managers. He has been recognized for his contributions in the financial world especially because he has made his stand on issues regarding the regulations of the markets. He has emphasized on the need for the regulations to keep up with the changing market structures to ensure equity. His fierce commitment has been a great contribution to the success of Citadel LLC.

Citadel on has since its formation continued to make impact on the global economy. It started as a firm that focuses on convertible bond arbitrage but has diversified over the years in order to capture the growth the market. Citadel group is comprised of Citadel, Citadel securities and Citadel technology. Citadel deals with alternative asset management whereas Citadel securities is a liquidity provider in America’s capital market. Citadel Technology on the other hand deals with providing solutions for investment management technology.

Citadel is dedicated to helping investors from around the world achieve their goals and objectives. Despite the 2008 financial crisis, Citadel has managed to gain back its momentum through the diverse investment strategies and hiring experts. To increase its efficiency in the financial market, Citadel has opened offices across the world including places such as Chicago, New York, London, and Hong Kong among many more. Citadel is built to deliver excellence and is motivated towards uncovering and capturing new opportunities in the financial market.

Citadel has received all kinds of recognition including awards from prominent industry observers. Citadel was named as one of the greatest places of work in the financial market. It has also been awarded the Absolute Return award in 2013 and three of the same award in 2012. It has also been awarded two HFM awards in 2012 including the Management Firm of the Year. In 2013 and 2014, it was awarded Multistrategy Hedge Fund Manager of The year from institutional magazine. Citadel is highly ranked in Institutional Investor’s Alpha. Citadel remains focused on its goal to deliver high risk-adjusted returns for its investors. It is also involved in community development through providing education and helping children and families with acute medical needs. Since its founder has been involved in acts of kindness and compassion, the firm has followed his steps. The firm, which is among the hedge fund companies that have existed for more than twenty years, continues to make a mark in the financial market as one of the most successful hedge fund globally. The firm’s success has been greatly attributed to the risk management ability according to Risk Magazine.

Susan McGalla Discusses How Best To Speak To Future Businesswomen

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A number of campaigners have recently been looking to find new and innovative ways to make sure as many women look to enter the business world as possible. These options have included the use of seminars and speeches by campaigners that explain the current problems and the best ways of finding high quality positions in the future. Pittsburgh based Susan McGalla is one of the most respected businesspeople in the US and has her own views on how best to encourage the future businesswomen of the world to find their own way in an industry.

Susan McGalla according to an article on bizjournals credits her own success on the family she grew up with, which included a father who was a football coach and a number of male siblings. McGalla believes the role of her family has played an important part in her business career, which has taken her from American Eagle to the Pittsburgh Steelers. McGalla believes hre own career would not have gone in the same way if she had listened to a large number of the campaigners who have taken on the cause of bringing more women into the business world. In her own career, Susan McGalla has stated she has not made any concessions for her own gender and believes if she did she would have not performed as well as she has in the past.

When discussing the issue of women entering the business world in executive positions, Susan McGalla has stated she does not believe the many campaigns launched have served women well. Instead, the Director of Operations and Strategic Growth at the Pittsburgh Steelers believes the use of buzzwords and simple policies have led to a feeling that women are not served well by business leaders. McGalla believes the problems highlighted by campaigners are proudcing female business leaders who are looking to blame the issues they face on their gender. Susan McGalla herself has yet to use her gender as an excuse or reason for any of the career issues she has faced over a successful period in executive positions.

In various interviews, the businessperson who moved from being a regional buyer for American Eagle to a role as the President of the company and marketing expert explains women should see themsleves simply as businesspeople. Susan McGalla states the only time she ever makes a concession for her gender is during business trips when she refuses to be the last person to arrive at the first meeting of the trip. McGalla has completed a successful period in her career, which has included the chance to create her own exective consultancy group, P3.

How Spirituality Can Lead to a Newfound Success in the Business World

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The business world is often cast in a strange light within modern culture. There’s some things that nobody would think of doing to or with friends and neighbors which seem reasonable within a corporate boardroom. Sometimes this view of the business world is overly imaginative. But quite often the reality is that people can leave their morality at the door when they head into the office. The reasons people give can usually be summed up within the idea of success. People have to do what they have to do in order to keep a company afloat. And in keeping a company profitable they’re doing enough good to make up for any bad. However, there’s quite a bit of evidence that this isn’t the case. As more and more people with firm spiritual beliefs enter the business world something is becoming clear. A more spiritual outlook within a firm system of morality can actually be the best business strategy.

There’s quite a few examples of this. But one of the most obvious examples of recent time can be found with Joseph Bismark. Bismark is about as spiritual a man as it’s possible to imagine. He actually spent most of his youth within the halls of a monastic order. But when he was seventeen the young man decided to take the perspective he’d gained and move it into the corporate world. In doing so he’s reached to the very pinnacle of the industry. He’s on the board of directors of the QI Group. And part of his duties involve working with the RHYTHM foundation to help promote corporate social responsibility. Far from hindering Bismark’s rise up the corporate ladder, his adherence to inner spirituality actually propelled him upward within it.But what can one take from the story of Joseph Bismark or similar individuals? One of the most important things has to do with leadership. Monastic orders and similar spiritual institutions have always been able to accomplish amazing things. And part of that is because the people within it are following an appeal to be the kind of person they admire. A spiritual person embodies the things which people want to be. And people will usually act on those impulses when they see someone standing up and doing what’s right. Someone with a spiritual outlook, who puts his beliefs into practice, will quickly earn the respect and loyalty of coworkers. This respect will usually lead to a position of authority. And with that authority will come the ability to implement positive changes to foster further spiritual growth. Spiritual people within the workplace will usually be quickly rewarded with the ability to put more and more of it into practice. And in doing so the modern spiritual businessman can strengthen both the profitability of a company and its ability to grow over time.

New Ways To Lead

Rather than being controversial, implementing spirituality in the business world creates power. This command is not about controlling others or oneself but instead it is an internal quality to not judge others. It is the ultimate freedom.

When a business person leans towards spirituality they have an easier time when cultivating a process or plan and they naturally can inspire others without barking out a list of orders. Spirituality does not depend on the external elements of an organization but instead it is an individual concern as one lives each day of their life using their heart and goodness. Some individuals feel that having a belief in God is defining spirituality however this can consist of various forms to take. Deciding to be spiritual in life and work also varies according to each individual.

Businessman and spiritual intellect Joseph Bismark however has proved that it is indeed accomplishable to merge business with spirituality. He is the director for the QI Group of Companies and to this job he has brought with him the belief that anyone is capable of doing astonishing things. This innovative and inspiring leader has also mastered being a yoga instructor, martial arts and the art form of bonsai; he has always believed that healthy living is essential. Bismark also feels that spiritual development can be obtained by giving back to others. Having acquired a true sense of spirituality could be the reason why he brims of gratitude and optimism which he transfers to the complexities of the business world.

Joseph Bismark is one of the original founding directors of the QI Group and has also had a role with Qnet (a subsidiary of the company). He has driven Qnet to various heights of achievements, using his state-of-the-art ways and unbreakable spirit. Bismark put his mark on the business yet he held onto his spiritual nature to tackle global business issues, using the ashram teachings that he learned since childhood that assisted him in shaping an exceptional position for himself in the corporate world.

When one thinks of the world “business,” usually what is generated is a world that is controlling and hard, with decisions made strictly with money in mind. Naturally there is conflict when merging traditional business culture with spirituality, nevertheless spirituality is having a knowledge that life exists beyond a constricted, one-dimensional view. A lot of interest is being generated in this matter, primarily from individuals who have a spiritual working background and are curious to see if it could be conveyed into the work environment.