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James Dondero And The Family Place Joining Forces

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James Dondero has announced his latest gift to the Dallas charitable community, and he is working with The Family Place on a $16.5 million capital project that will build anew for the charity. This article explains how The Family Place offers services to its patrons, how James reached out to them and what the challenge grant entails.

#1: What Is A Challenge Grant?

The $1 million challenge grant from Highland Capital Management and James as CEO offers $1 million that may be matched by those who wish to join in the giving. The total of $16.5 million must be reached before The Family Place may build, and James is closing the campaign with his grant.

#2: Why Does The Grant Matter?

Highland Capital Management is investing in a beautiful charity that helps people, and James puts his money where his mouth is every year. He gives quite a lot to those who are in need, and he believes The Family Place may hide away those who must piece their lives back together. The grant helps the charity finish raising money, and he will help the charity grow so much that it may become the largest of its kind.

#3: What Does Highland Capital Management Do?

Highland Capital Management is a massive hedge fund that supports the city of Dallas with jobs and investments. They have built something special that calls Dallas home, and they have given back to the community many times over. James gives of his own money, and HCM gives their money when it is needed. The finest businesses in the world give back the most, and James wishes for HCM to be known as a business that cares about all those around it.

There is a power in giving that James Dondero and HCM have found, and they are giving to The Family Place to ensure everyone has a place to go. They offer millions each year to support the needy, and they help where there is simply not enough money to go around. The HCM name pulls in donors who will push The Family Place forward.

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