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Sussex Healthcare, Simply The Best

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‘To provide the highest standards of physical, emotional, spiritual and social care that recognizes the needs of individuals.” This has been Sussex Healthcare’s working philosophy for 23 years having been founded in 1985.

Starting with only one facility in Sussex, the company has over the years branched out into 20 facilities in the United Kingdom. These facilities are located in East Grinstead, Horsham, Henfield, Billingshurst, Crawley, Purley, Nutley and Uckfield.

Sussex healthcare has advertised job vacancies for caregivers, qualified nurses, physical therapist and administrative staff. The caregivers’ posts have no strict requirements on experience as the company offers training to applicants with the right attitude and ambition.

Quality not being a matter of compromise, they are required to be warm, friendly, compassionate and creative. The ability to work as a team and uphold workman dignity are invaluable virtues. Sussex’s caregivers have the benefit of enjoying bonuses for referrals, pension options, free bus rides for staff and bonus pay for weekends.

Sussex healthcare’s services are mainly inclined to the identification of symptoms, treatment and management of dementia, motor neuron diseases such as (progressive muscular atrophy), multiple sclerosis, spinal lesions and traumatic injuries.

Residents in the facilities are scheduled for sessions of hydrotherapy which significantly improve flexibility, reflex-therapy to reduce soreness as well as aromatherapy which enhances physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Leadership is the ability to bring to reality, vision transformation. Bestowed with the leadership of the Sussex Company, is its new Chief executive Officer Amanda Morgan-Taylor. Her 30-years’ experience in the healthcare sector gives her invaluable expertise and better places her in the position.

She practiced as a mental health nurse before pursuing a managerial course. She has a brilliant track record in the transformation and improvement of numerous healthcare facilities for the mentally challenged and elderly.

Your work’s quality, in the long run, is the deciding factor of how much the world values your services. Sussex Company received the Health Quality Services accreditation in 2002 and ISO 9000:2000 ISO certification in 2005. The company was also awarded the investors in people award in 2003. Sussex’s successes and re-assuring staff, therefore, make it simply the best and comfortable place for older adults.


Eric Lefkofsky’s company Tempus Partners with the Mayo Clinic

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Genonomics Tempus has already made some great strides in the way researchers gather and collect data which makes its new partnership with the Mayo Clinic, especially promising. The new partnership is sure to help the Mayo Clinic with its mission of making life easier for cancer patients and their medical teams. By collecting data from the Mayo Clinic and looki for new paterns, Tempus hopes to change the way oncologists treat thier patients.

Tempus is a Chicago based startup company that was co-founded by Eric Lefkosky, and it is his second successful tech based Chicago startup company. Eric Lefkosky was drawn to geonomics and cancer research because of a desire to help cancer patients.

Specifically Tempus will complete molecular sequencing and analysis of over 1,000 patients with a variety of diffent types of cancers. Thes cancers include endrocrine breast cancer, lung cancer, melenoma and bladder cancer, among others. This is in addition to the data and genonomial computations that Tempus has already done with five other cancer treatment centers.

Tempus is not trying to cure cancer, but Erik Lekofsky hope that with enough data and enough geonomial sequencing they can change the way onocologists treat cancer. They hope to help provide a database of which treatment options work for which cancers and give oncologists a blue print for treating cancer.

In addition to being Co-founder and CEO of Tempus Erik Lefkofsky has founded a number of successful startups, including the popular coupon website Groupon. He is also a founding partner of Lightbank, a venture fund that invests in disruptive technologies. In his personal life he is also on the board of several Chicago organizeations, including the The Art Institute of Chicago and serves as the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theatre Company. He is also married to Liz Lefkofsky, who joins him in his work at the Lefkofsky Charitable trust, a philothranpic organization he founded.

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Sussex Healthcare, Now Hiring

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For over 25 years, Sussex Healthcare has been providing stellar health care to senior citizens and disabled individuals. With 20 healthcare homes, Sussex Healthcare remains a leader in personal care homes. This organization also provides exceptional healthcare services to the surrounding communities. This great healthcare group is currently advertising for their coveted job openings. This is a terrific time to consider taking your talent over to this highly respected healthcare organization. Most employees relish the rewarding work that caring for Sussex Healthcare patients brings. The company is now hiring RN’s, administrative staff, recreational therapist assistants, food care workers, physiology therapists and many more.

Sussex Healthcare offers highly competitive salary rates, awesome health benefits, splendid opportunities for career advancement, higher education and additional job training and so much more. The atmosphere at all of the privately run care homes is upbeat and joyous. This organization prides itself on ensuring that their patients and their staff have the environment needed to feel safe and able to live up to their true potential. Sussex Healthcare invites anyone from the community to check out their current job listings. The organization also has incentives for aiding prospective employees that live out of the area.

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Deciding on where to place a beloved family member that needs round-the-clock care that family members are not able to provide can be challenging and usually emotionally charged. Sussex Healthcare invites prospective patients and their family members over for a complete tour of the facility that is being considered. Families and prospective patients are often amazed by the calm and warm atmosphere within any toured Sussex Healthcare facility. The outdoor grounds are also kept landscaped with beautiful walking paths and gorgeous gardens. All of the facilities and grounds are outfitted with the very latest in security technological items plus full-time security staff members.

Each Sussex Healthcare facility offers a beautiful homelike environment. Patients are encouraged to bring some cherished items from home to make their private quarters more personable and comfortable. The facilities offer scrumptious meals, a gorgeous dining area, many types of fun activities, 24-hour nursing care when needed and specialized equipment necessary to care for some disabilities. The dedicated staff strive to encourage each patient to be as involved in their new community as much as they want to. New audiology services, a breathtaking new gym facility and access to community services and events are also provided with transportation.



It’s never too late to take your health seriously and Lifeline screening is there to assist millions of Americans in safeguarding their health. The preventive health screening company is one of the best community based entities.

Life Line Screening provides efficient, painless and rapid tests to determine any potential life threatening diseases or conditions their clients might have. The tests are carried out by qualified lab technicians and the results are interpreted by professional physicians who have been certified. The outcome is a marking scheme of the condition of your health. You should ensure that you share them with your doctor so that you can be advised if any preventive measures should be carried out.

In addition to performing the lifesaving screenings, the medical company also offers other services that are meant to save your life. These include their health care e-newsletter. They also have a wellness program that caters to the corporate world. The healthcare company provides vital services through the program.

The services that they provide include empowering employees by assisting them in accessing knowledge of their screening and tests results, educating employees on chronic diseases prevention and the importance of the screenings and engaging the employees in offering them information on the type of screenings that they would have at certain points in their lives.

Life Line Screening ensures that the results are delivered straight to the client’s home even under the corporate wellness programs strategy. The company also provides electronic records that will assist both the client and health care providers in managing any diseases or conditions that you might have.

Types Of Screenings Carried Out By Life Line:

The medical care company carries out various types of tests under three categories of health, screenings.

• Limited electrocardiograph which is used to detect issues such as heart conditions, irregular heartbeats, EKG among others.
• Blood screenings which are done by pricking the finger and draining some blood. This test is used to identify risk factors of some fatal diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases, and others.
• Ultrasounds are used to monitor and discover health issues which are related to cardiology, obstetrics, and ophthalmology.

Life Line Screening has screened over eight million for vascular related diseases. The company provides timely and necessary screening for viral diseases and conditions. The company can determine your state of health through checking vital functions in your body such as high cholesterol, family history, diabetes, age, high blood pressure and others.

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Jim Tananbaum Advices the Masses on the way to Grow.

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Jim Tananbaum is the founder and the CEO of Foresite Capital. The equity firm was founded in 2011 and focuses on identifying some of the most innovative and cutting-edge emerging medical ideas and fostering them to grow profitably. The firm fosters the growth by providing these concepts with the necessary;

  • Capital
  • Networks
  • Information and expertise

Jim Tananbaum is arguably the most influential healthcare-dedicated entrepreneurs and patrons of the 21st century. Before his inception of Foresite Capital, he played critical roles in the founding of the two most dominant bio-pharmaceutical companies in the region, GelTex Pharmaceuticals NASDAQ and Theravance, Inc. His presence was certainly felt in the then Renagel when he changed the synergy of production, after acquiring its mother company, and revamped its operations. It reformed to Renzela and grew into a stunning annual revenue generation of 1 billion dollars from the then 200 million dollars. He is also the CEO of the company, Theravance, which combines with NASDAQ to yield a capital investment of over 3.2 billion dollars. You can visit his page to know more.

The wealthy, powerful and influential scholar with a passion for inspiring innovation, hard work and genuine investments from other people graced IdeaMensh with an interview. He exposed some of his secrets to success and offered pretty solid advice on entrepreneurship, innovation, and growth. He answered some of the most pressing questions about his accent to the top of the bio-pharmaceutical world. He also clarified the position of Foresite on particular issues.

Jim Tananbaum claimed that Foresite has invested in 77 different health care companies all involved in genome sequencing, bio-pharmaceuticals, and medical services either exclusively or collaboratively. He explains that though he did not study medical sciences as a campus major, his education is what he owes for his in-depth ability to stay ahead of the healthcare industry. He received his M.D in Yale for majoring in Math and computer science. He furthered his education at Harvard and earned his M.B.A. He then pursued his M.S from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Check out Medium to know more.

The well-read scientist attributes his success to his constant reading and research. He spends most of his time either reading or picking the minds of the leading medical minds of the world. He does so by having interactive dinners and other sociable activities with them. He encourages people to take risks repeatedly. The family revealed that his favorite pastime is the one spent having dinner with his family.

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