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Oncotarget – The ultimate platform for your pressing cancer facts and therapies

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There are those times that one is curious to get answers to some boggling medical issues and do not want to pay their doctors a visit. Well, searching the internet for these answers may not guarantee you the best answer you need, leave alone being bombarded with many loads of unauthentic answers.There is only one platform that can guarantee you the most sort after answers, Oncotarget. This peer to review open access medical journal is not only loved by readers for its fame but also for its research that covers all aspects of oncology. This journal specializes on Microbiology, Neurotarget, Neuroscience, Pathology, Immunology, Circadian Rhythm, aging, Autophagy not forgetting Cell Death; Oncology was established back in 2010, and it up to date it has up to 50 employees.

Since the inception of this journal, it has continually emphasized research on cancer, the potential targets for therapy, as well as treatment protocols that should be applied to manage the treatment of cancer patient’s best. Apart from this, the journal focusses on the influence of management programs, as well as the therapeutic agents and protocols, such as patient’s quality of life and adherence.No stone is left unturned, as the journal explores evidence behind all therapies, both new and existing, to improve the outcomes. The exploration process does not stop there as it goes on to demonstrate the treatments administration.

At the helm of the journal’s editorial docket, there is Andrei V. Gudcov, who is the editor in chief. He acquired an experimental oncology and molecular biology degree from the National Cancer Center and Moscow State University. In Cleveland BioLabs, Inc. he is the co-founder. He is also the Chief Scientific Officer at the Tartis, Inc. In his career, Mr. Andrei specializes in drug discovery, gene discovery, and molecular targets for cancer treatment.Mikhail V. Blagosklonny also assists Mr. Andrei from the Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Buffalo, NY where he was a professor. Mr. Milkhail specialized in cancer and aging studies. He went to First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Peterburg where he got his M.D. in internal medicine and also Ph.D. in experimental medicine and cardiology.



It’s never too late to take your health seriously and Lifeline screening is there to assist millions of Americans in safeguarding their health. The preventive health screening company is one of the best community based entities.

Life Line Screening provides efficient, painless and rapid tests to determine any potential life threatening diseases or conditions their clients might have. The tests are carried out by qualified lab technicians and the results are interpreted by professional physicians who have been certified. The outcome is a marking scheme of the condition of your health. You should ensure that you share them with your doctor so that you can be advised if any preventive measures should be carried out.

In addition to performing the lifesaving screenings, the medical company also offers other services that are meant to save your life. These include their health care e-newsletter. They also have a wellness program that caters to the corporate world. The healthcare company provides vital services through the program.

The services that they provide include empowering employees by assisting them in accessing knowledge of their screening and tests results, educating employees on chronic diseases prevention and the importance of the screenings and engaging the employees in offering them information on the type of screenings that they would have at certain points in their lives.

Life Line Screening ensures that the results are delivered straight to the client’s home even under the corporate wellness programs strategy. The company also provides electronic records that will assist both the client and health care providers in managing any diseases or conditions that you might have.

Types Of Screenings Carried Out By Life Line:

The medical care company carries out various types of tests under three categories of health, screenings.

• Limited electrocardiograph which is used to detect issues such as heart conditions, irregular heartbeats, EKG among others.
• Blood screenings which are done by pricking the finger and draining some blood. This test is used to identify risk factors of some fatal diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases, and others.
• Ultrasounds are used to monitor and discover health issues which are related to cardiology, obstetrics, and ophthalmology.

Life Line Screening has screened over eight million for vascular related diseases. The company provides timely and necessary screening for viral diseases and conditions. The company can determine your state of health through checking vital functions in your body such as high cholesterol, family history, diabetes, age, high blood pressure and others.

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Jim Tananbaum Advices the Masses on the way to Grow.

Home | Health Care Sector | Jim Tananbaum Advices the Masses on the way to Grow.

Jim Tananbaum is the founder and the CEO of Foresite Capital. The equity firm was founded in 2011 and focuses on identifying some of the most innovative and cutting-edge emerging medical ideas and fostering them to grow profitably. The firm fosters the growth by providing these concepts with the necessary;

  • Capital
  • Networks
  • Information and expertise

Jim Tananbaum is arguably the most influential healthcare-dedicated entrepreneurs and patrons of the 21st century. Before his inception of Foresite Capital, he played critical roles in the founding of the two most dominant bio-pharmaceutical companies in the region, GelTex Pharmaceuticals NASDAQ and Theravance, Inc. His presence was certainly felt in the then Renagel when he changed the synergy of production, after acquiring its mother company, and revamped its operations. It reformed to Renzela and grew into a stunning annual revenue generation of 1 billion dollars from the then 200 million dollars. He is also the CEO of the company, Theravance, which combines with NASDAQ to yield a capital investment of over 3.2 billion dollars. You can visit his page to know more.

The wealthy, powerful and influential scholar with a passion for inspiring innovation, hard work and genuine investments from other people graced IdeaMensh with an interview. He exposed some of his secrets to success and offered pretty solid advice on entrepreneurship, innovation, and growth. He answered some of the most pressing questions about his accent to the top of the bio-pharmaceutical world. He also clarified the position of Foresite on particular issues.

Jim Tananbaum claimed that Foresite has invested in 77 different health care companies all involved in genome sequencing, bio-pharmaceuticals, and medical services either exclusively or collaboratively. He explains that though he did not study medical sciences as a campus major, his education is what he owes for his in-depth ability to stay ahead of the healthcare industry. He received his M.D in Yale for majoring in Math and computer science. He furthered his education at Harvard and earned his M.B.A. He then pursued his M.S from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Check out Medium to know more.

The well-read scientist attributes his success to his constant reading and research. He spends most of his time either reading or picking the minds of the leading medical minds of the world. He does so by having interactive dinners and other sociable activities with them. He encourages people to take risks repeatedly. The family revealed that his favorite pastime is the one spent having dinner with his family.

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