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Enhanced Athlete is a bodybuilding and fitness company that deals with strength improving products and exercises. The company is centered at Cheyanne. The company secures various strong partnerships with prominent firms located in Mexico, South Korea, Brazil, India, Columbia, Europe and the United States. Enhanced Athlete announced its move to eliminate some of the ingredients in their products. The company is keen on bringing new components to improve the productivity of their products. Products made with the fresh ingredients will be quality, compliance, and efficiency enhanced.

The firm has made various development moves. One of its significant moves is the inclusion of two sister companies, the Enhanced Coaching, and the Enhanced Clothing. The company now offers coaching plans that are provided in three packages. This method of service delivery diversifies the firm’s nutrition and coaching techniques that equip the company’s commitment to reaching the client’s goals and desires.

Enhanced Athlete defeated its accuser, the Nutrition Distribution in a case that was filed by the latter. The complainer tabled claims that Enhanced Athlete used some false advertisement that affected their sales. In its defense, Enhanced Athlete termed the accusation as a shakedown plot. Enhanced Athlete maintained that the cases filed by the Nutrition Distribution were meant to cow companies with expectations to gain money in solving matters outside the court. According to Enhanced Athlete, some companies succumbed to the threat and gave out money as a way of avoiding court fines and expensive lawsuit fees.

The case was ruled by the California Eastern District Court where the ruling favored the Enhanced Athlete. The decision stated that the court could not find any clear connection between the Enhanced Athlete advertisement techniques with the loss of sales for the Nutrition Distribution. The Court required an establishment of the relationship between the two phenomena. The complainer could not table the needed link making it difficult for the court to relate them. This difficulty to connect the two occurrences led to the tossing out of the lawsuit.

This case was among the more than seventy lawsuits that were filed by the Nutrition Distribution against other body-fitness companies. In all these cases, Nutrition Distribution accused its competitors of causing losses in its sales through false marketing techniques. After the ruling of the lawsuit, it was clear that the Nutrition Distribution was on a business of crippling other bodybuilding and fitness companies with interests of getting some sums of money from them. The defeat put the complainer on a mark of using false accusations to dark-paint other firms.

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