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End Citizens United: an Unfortunate Name but a Worthwhile Cause

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What do New Jersey, Michigan, Illinois, Texas, Nevada and Wisconsin all have in common? They are home to candidates for the 2018 midterms that have refused to take PAC money and find themselves at an unfair disadvantage. It is difficult to take a firm stand in an election when you have one financial arm tied behind your back but these candidates have put themselves and their ideals on the line. Andy Kim (NJ), Elissa Slotkin (MI), Brendan Kelly (IL), Beto O’Rourke (TX), Jacky Rosen (NV), Randy Bryce (WI) are just a handful of those running for political office who don’t want to be in “someone’s pocket” once they win the election. End Citizens United supports these candidates and scores of others who stand for campaign finance reform.

A grass roots effort with an average donation between $14 and $25, End Citizens United knows all about managing and stretching smaller donations. Nationally there are over 400,000 donors who assist these candidates with networking and working with other like-minded campaign finance reform leaders. The group is an alternative to the “dark money” that holds the puppet strings for many main stream candidates.In 2010 the Supreme Court decided a case called Citizens United v FEC (Federal Election Commission) citing that we the people, otherwise known as “the government” may not keep corporations from spending huge amounts of money to support malleable candidates, under the rational that political spending equates to freedom of speech.

The midterms this year will be populated by many candidates who have been endorsed by End Citizens United as not only viable, but preferred alternatives to those main stream candidates backed by the seemingly bottomless deep pockets of Corporate America.End Citizens United is an unfortunate name, primarily due to Citizens United being a misnomer which sounds more like a group of concerned neighborhood watch participants rather than the backers of big business’ influence in politics. Trying to end, or at least lessen the impact, of dark, corporate money’s influence in our elections is a worthwhile goal however; one that strives to put the power back into the hands of we, the people.

Why SoftBank Acquired Fortress Investment Group

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Many were left perplexed when Japanese SoftBank decided to acquire Fortress Investment Group for about $3.3 billion. The Japanese group of investment has previously been known to be attracted in telecommunications-related firms and the entire industry before changing focus and acquiring an entity in alternative finance and asset management that left many surprised. However, there are several reasons which could have convinced the company that investing in such a tremendous amount of money was worth the effort.One of the reasons which would have persuaded the Asian investors to purchase the company would be its worldwide appeal. Fortress Investment Group is a reputable organization that has been setting the standards for other wealth management organizations around the world. The marketing strategies of the wealth management organization have placed it as one of the most recognized organization not only in the United States but even across the border.

Purchasing an already established organization and a known company would have saved the investors large amounts of money if they would have decided to buy unknown organization and market it across the world.Secondly, Fortress Investment Group is an organization that has a large asset base and a considerable number of clients that it supports. Currently, the entity owns assets in the United States, European countries, and the Caribbean among others. Holding assets in such countries are such a massive milestone that many bodies would struggle to have. The broad asset base is a clear indication of the wealth managed by the organization. Furthermore, the number of clients served by the company means that the organization has already created a brand for itself.

It is worth highlighting that the New York City-based wealth manager has the highest number of clients in wealth management and alternative asset investment.Lastly, Fortress Investment Group is an organization that has significantly diversified its assets in various fields, which makes the entity to remain profitable despite other sectors in finance field experiencing huge losses. Operating in the healthcare industry, real estate investment, transportation, and media would have justified the considerable amount of money that SoftBank paid for the company. Purchasing the shares of the organization means that the new owner sets foot in each of the industry the company has been operating. Besides, the fact that a Japanese company owns Fortress is likely to open up a new market in Asia where the entity can attract a massive number of clients due to the low industrial occupation.

Richard Dwayne Blair, Capitalism Reborn

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The man who built an entire corporation and organization is a man whose name is Richard Dwayne Blair. He went to school in Houston to study finance and his studying efforts did not prove to be slow because in a short matter of time he built himself an organization that helped and aided the companies and individuals who needed it. He is driven and motivated to help and to succeed in life to therefore transform the world into a more dynamic and generally more pleasant place for people to abide in.

As amazing as it was for Richard Dwayne Blair to build an entire corporation by himself it did not just happen at random one day. Since he was a little kid his mom and grandma would stress the importance of education on him because they were school teachers and they knew very well that education made the mind sharper and the person who was educated more confident as well. He heeded at their advice and went to a school located in the city of Houston which is where he started and finished his education as a degree holder in finance.

The achievement though was just the beginning because now he is the founder and owner of Wealth Solutions which is a much better place to set money aside than a regular saving account or underneath a mattress. The company is aimed to do one simple task and that is to compound people’s interest so that return rates can outweigh the premium requested for the services Wealth Solutions provide, and in the end the customer walks away with fatter pockets.

The system that Richard Dwayne Blair pushes is a three point system that does the work in a simple and uncomplicated way. The first step is to register with the customer and make sure they get the deal that they want because it is their finances and their time would be wasted if they did not even establish a direction that they wish to proceed in. The second step is the step of the worker or agent setting up the strategy and implementing the strategy as well. The third step is just monitoring the screens for the certainty that the customers can sleep well at night knowing that their money is growing.


Equities First Holdings News: Building Lasting Relationships

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Equities First Holdings might not be the oldest company to still be standing, but they are one of the best around. Now, you are probably here for some news on the company, right? If so, continue reading this article and not only will you learn about the latest, but you will also learn about the company in general. The EFH company has found many ways to please their clients, and they have now found a way to please even more clients. Right now the ETC company and the EFH company are putting their companies together to see what they can do to make some big projects in India happen quickly and efficiently.

About EFH

If you have ever heard of the Equities First Holdings company you are probably aware that they have been around since 2002. However, did you know that since then they have gotten nothing but praise for the way they run their business?

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A Quick Look at Industry Leader Vincent Parascandola

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Vincent Parascandola is currently the Senior Executive Vice President of AXA Advisors, LLC, and his talent for leading large branches of the corporation has led to the company’s expansion and recruitment of the most seasoned professionals in the industry. Parascandola has over two decades of experience working in finance, primarily heading up various departments of prominent insurance providers and developing numerous management positions for other qualified individuals.

Parascandola’s career in the finance industry began in 1987. He joined as an agent with the insurance provider Prudential, and earned accolades for his first year of service with the company. Parascandola furthered his career in 1990 and began working for the MONY Life Insurance Company. At MONY, Vincent Parascandola gained leadership experience through multiple roles with the company such as managerial positions on both a local and regional level. Parascandola remained at MONEY for seven years until accepting an offer from AXA Advisors, LLC. Visit pocomuseum for more.

Joining the team in 2005, Vincent Parascandola has over a decade of experience working with AXA in various branches of the corporation. His titles include being President of The Advantage Group, which was created specifically to seek out and recruit financial professionals with considerable experience. He has also managed more local branches of AXA for years at a time, such as overseeing about 400 advisors in the New York offices from 2005 to 2007.

The exceptional leadership skills possessed by Vincent Parascandola have earned him acclaim throughout his career. He has received numerous awards that recognize his success in managing financial corporation. Parascandola is an acting member of different industry manager groups and has delivered lectures on finance at many conferences over the years.

Vincent Parascandola holds his bachelor’s degree in computer science from Pace University, which he received after studying at the Lubin School of Business and graduating in 1983. His offices with AXA are located in New York, NY and serve a base of clients that spans the United States. The company particularly focuses on life insurances policies. AXA has thousands of financial professionals dispersed across the country and is part of the international AXA Group. Check out his vimeo account for more.