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Rocketship Education Extends The Cause For Charter Schools

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Rocketship Education has been extending the fight for freedom of choice in the education sector with the development of its own K-5 schools across San Jose, California and now extending its reach across the nation. Co-founder and CEO, Preston Smith has developed a program bringing together a range of different options and admits Rocketship Education has attempted many different ideas and theories about the educational endeavors he hopes will improve both the charter schools of the U.S. and the public school systems he hopes to impact through his own work.

Learning is not solely a pursuit to be explored in the classroom in the view of the experts at Rocketship Education who believe the entire life should be filled with learning opportunities. The model developed at Rocketship Education has evolved since the not for profit opened its doors in 2006 includes a series of options educators believe will provide the best possible future for the students and their families; Rocketship Education does not seek to explore the long-term goals explored by the majority of schools in the public system but instead looks to weekly goals students achieve to gain a consistent sense of pride in their own work.

Finding the correct teachers for Rocketship Education has become one of the most important options for each student and their family to ease them into the mindset of living and learning in the Rocketship Education model. Educators are involved in consistent learning objectives from specialized coaches who can be seen as a threat by some teachers but those with the correct mindset thrive in the long term.

Established in 2006, Rocketship Education has become one of the most successful providers of charter school academics in the U.S. based on a system evolving over the years. The success of Rocketship Education has seen a series of new locations opened after the initial successes seen in California; the group has extended its educational reach to areas of Wisconsin, Nashville, and Washington D.C.