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The Premium Market for Dog Food

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The market for premium dog foods has increased by approximately 45% during the past 6 years and now represents an industry that has $11 billion in annual sales. The demand for these gourmet dog foods are now leading man dog food makers to innovate and come up with unique products for dog owners that appeal to these changing tastes.
The vast increase in the market for these premium gourmet dog foods is raising concerns by dog owners about the health of dog foods in the past. When you read the ingredients on a package of dog food that is non-gourmet you will begin to understand what this concern is. Dog foods are filled with significant amounts of preservatives to extend their shelf life and are filled with grain filler to cut down o their cost. The ingredients of these dog foods were set based on Wal-Mart customers’ preferences at the time for cheaper dog foods that have a long shelf life and are therefore more convenient to their dog owners. The dogs never seemed to mind as they were traditionally scavengers who would opportunistically eat whatever foods they came across. However, these ingredients may have contributed to several health problems that have impacted dogs for years and dog owners are searching for healthier products for their dogs.

Brands are now trying to release organic and preservative free foods to attract customers who are increasingly concerned with the ingredients in their dog food. The marketplace is experiencing a significant amount of consolidation to provide these foods. As an example, Beneful, which is owned by Nestle PurinaStore, has acquired one of the leading organic dog food makers and is now producing high quality organic dog food that customers love. Many other competitors are following suit as well.

Other brands are increasingly removing the preservatives and additives from the food and substituting these additives with fresh, and even raw meats. While this is of course more expensive and has a shorter shelf life, it is fitting into what customers are demand and selling well in the process.

Finally, a truly unique product by is showing the level of control that customers want over their dog’s health. The new Beneful product offering lets dog owners choose the individual ingredients in their dog food blend and customize their dog food as a result. This provides greater control over the health of the food and a truly personalized product offering for your dog. Learn more about Beneful :