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Beneful Helps Dogs with Healthy Weight

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Has your veterinarian recommended your dog lose a little weight? Beneful’s animal nutritionists have created the perfect solution. Beneful, which means full of goodness, strives to provide solution dog foods from puppies growth formulas to diet dog food.

Beneful Healthy Weight dry dog food begins with the freshest of ingredients. Farm-fresh chicken is nutritiously combines with whole grains, along with fruits and vegetable, such as apples, carrots, and green beans. This creative combo made a 10% reduction in calories when compared with Beneful Originals with Real Beef.

Some Vets suggest feeding a lower fat diet to dogs that need to drop some pounds. Reducing fat may help with weight loss, but do not cut out too much protein. Protein is required to maintain strong muscles and bones. Beneful considered all of the pets health needs when formulating Healthy Weight.

Beneful, Nestle Purina and their dedicated staff work look forward to provide more healthy and “full of goodness” foods for all stages of your dog’s life.

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