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Talk Fusion Receives Another Award

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The Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC) recently handed the 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award to Talk Fusion’s new Video Chat app. When such a prestigious company hands you two awards in one year, you know you are doing something right. Talk Fusion is excited to be taking the industry forward this year and beyond.

Talk Fusion launched their video chat service in March of 2016 to provide users with additional features not available in other applications. They can now chat live, send messages, and conference call, something that was definitely not available in other apps at the time. The innovative company, which now uses WebRTC technology, has over 140 countries with reps residing there. They have a large following in Indonesia, Asia, and Europe. Their app is downloadable at the iTunes interface and Google Play Store. You can use it on your smartphone, tablet, or computer at home. The choice is yours.

The company isn’t just all about business though. They care about their team members and their customers. Their reps all get paid instantly when make a sale, and the profits of the company are used in ethical ways. They give back to animal shelters, community organizations, charities, orphanages, and more. They strive to do more than just make amazing video technology, says their Chief Technology Officer.

Talk Fusion has a unique history. It was founded by the visionary leader and CEO Bob Reina. Reina has years of experience in direct marketing and sales. He started his company in 2007, and it has grown incredibly since then. He was actually on the police force back then.

The story goes that Reina was working a shift and wanted to communicate with his friend via video in an email. The current provider of his web services, America Online (AOL), said that this could not be done. However, Reina has never been one to give up on his dreams. He was determined to change the world through better video chat services, and set out to hire his friend to build a prototype. Soon, people were demanding more of the technology, and they maintain that innovation today.

Ricardo Guimarães Honored.

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Ricardo Guimaraes‘ contribution to the success of Banco BMG deserves recognition. He recently received an honorary diploma from the city council of Belo Horizonte.


He has had a fulfilling career as an entrepreneur and head of the Pentagna family business. He was born to the Pentagna Guimaraes family as the son of Flavio Guimaraes. Early in his career, he served as an office assistant for the family business. He also sharpened his skills with business administration course.


Guimaraes has also been recognized for his social enterprise. He has been an outspoken member of society and an ambassador of the youth. He identified sport as an excellent way to develop talent and reach the youth. Since sports have a huge following in Brazil, Guimaraes used the platform to develop the talent as well as promote the BMG brand.


Guimaraes is a confessed lover of sports, especially tennis, volleyball, and soccer. His intervention saved Atletico Mineiro and gave the club a new lease of life. He acted as the club’s president for five years. During his tenure, the club did well and rose through the ranks of the division.


Five years ago, he led BMG to invest in the welfare of professional athletes through a tailored fund. To many, Guimaraes is a true statesman who teaches many lessons about service to the community. Guimaraes on his part felt proud of the recognition stating that his happiness lies in continuing the legacy of his ancestors. He also expressed his love for the town of Belo Horizonte and its people.


Guimaraes changed the fortunes of the BMG bank since taking over in 1998. He restructured the bank and engaged the services of agents. The bank offers low-interest loans to an increasing middle-income population in Brazil. Their brand has become popular in Brazil especially among the youth. Clients and investors shoe confidence in BMG. Regarding technology, BMG acquires the latest technologies for delivering its services.


BMG has made alliances with other firms in the capital markets around the world. They can access capital for expansion drives and other ventures. Guimaraes feels the banks now needs to diversify its operations to stay profitable.


Their new partnership with Itau Unibanco sees the formation of a new payroll loan firm in the Brazilian market. BMG will control less than 50% of the venture and expects to earn huge profits. However, it will not lose the consigned credit markets share.


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The Amazing Special FreedomPop Deal Being Offered

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Freedom Pop is a unique mobile communications service. The company just loves to give service away for free. When it does charge customers, the fees are more than reasonably fair. Android Authority is reporting a grand new deal being presented and those who want to acquire a great phone and access to FreedomPop’s amazing service are going to find it very intriguing.

Right now, FreedomPop is offering a previously owned Moto E (2nd gen) with mobile, talk, and data service. The phone may be previously owned, but it has been certified to be in reliable condition. A 30-day money back offer comes with the phone in case any customer is disappointed. The phone itself is packed with excellent features include a great display, decent storage, a camera, and the power of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 with 1GB RAM.

The true value of the phone is going to be found with the great service FreedomPop connects with it. 1GB of wireless data is provided along with 200 talk minutes and 500 text messages. For the first 30 days, all of this is free. Those who wish to keep the service for the next month can do so for just $19.99. The service can be downgraded to unlimited talk and text and 500MB of data for just $10.99. And then there is the free service.

The free option is possible if so requested. The free plan delivers 200 minutes of talk, 500 text messages, and 500MB of wireless data. No matter what plan is procured, there are no contracts. No one has to be locked into any terms.

To learn all the details about the deal, please visit Android Authority to read the full article. Anyone looking for a new phone and new service definitely should check it out.

Skout turns heads by new Nixter partnership

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If you’re new to the online dating scene and don’t feel too comfortable signing up for subscriptions like E-Harmony or then fear not! There are sites that would be the perfect match for you and others who have trepidation about online dating, in general or just certain sites.

Skout is social networking app that allows you to connect with people from all over the world. You don’t even have to be considering something of the romantic nature. You could simply be interested in finding that next b.f.f. Skout used to be adults only but it recently opened it’s doors to teens as well so it really is for everyone.

This new marriage of, Nixter and Skout, as discussed in the article is practically the best of both worlds. While Skout is meant to connect you with total strangers, Nixter is meant simply to find the best entertainment scene wherever you are. So if you’re visiting family in Denver and you all want to go out to a concert or maybe even try a new club you would flip open Nixter and you’d be directed to the nearest hopping place and possibly even buy tickets if it’s a concert and it’s almost sold out.

Nixter has way more competition than Skout and the co-founder Francisco Saez, of Skout Nixter, mentioned this and how troublesome it might be but he and Skout’s CEO Christian Wiklund are determined and positive it will be a wonderful and gainful match. They’re going to keep the two apps separate but they will be highly integrated with each other. While majority of Skout’s users are found in the United States the founders believe that this match will even increase their sign up rate.

Both apps are free to use although Skout has a point type of currency which can be used to “unlock” features like who checked your profile. It is Wiklund’s hope that this combination of Skout Nixter will bring a new loyal customer following. He believes it’s something the people really want. Which definitely makes sense because if you were using Skout for romantic reasons and found someone you were interested in the next, obvious, step would be to ask them out on a date and with Nixter now being integrated not into Skout’s design but with their platform you could find tickets to a local concert and then see if your love interest was up for going out to see this local band. Nixter also has a feature that lets you acquire VIP benefits if you’re at a club or venue that has that type of service for those that pay extra. This could be a way to impress your friends or love interest if you met either on Skout. Saez, of Nixter, says that they had a difficult decision regarding merging with Skout but they eventually agreed to the mutual benefits they would reap and are hopeful this will be one powerful combo.

A New Handy way of doing things

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Before the digital revolution, there was really not a way to bring oneself up in the world quickly, and sometimes this journey to prosperity could take generations. There was the higher education route and the job experience that is gained by starting at the very bottom and enduring the system in order to finally have someone else designate you to a higher standing in the job. Because of this, people hold on to jobs and other opportunities sometimes until they die at which time the opportunity passes to someone of their choosing. This is often family or close friends that were also gained from closed groups.

This has made whole industries dependent on certain segments of society with exclusions to all others. Upward mobility was not part of the journey unless these long term endeavors were undertaken with much expense and with no guarantees. The education route is also somewhat flawed because any education learned before the digital revolution is meaningless without the acumen to manage the new digital way of doing things. Anyone or any business that is not utilizing the Web and other digital technologies efficiently at this point are behind even the least qualified digitally inclusive business or job, and both are in danger of losing to this digitally competent competition greatly.

The internet repaired that situation. It suddenly offered opportunities to anyone with the guile and acumen to pioneer new technologies or expand on existing ones. In this forum, the power structure has changed. In business, the person or people that a business hires to manage their multi-million dollar website may have less knowledge than a group of three very smart, current high school students that can manage the same type of website that they constructed in their parent’s basement with as much or more success than the business’ professional team and at a fraction of the costs. There are now apps for everything like Handy. These apps or platforms offer monetary opportunities that were previously not available for many reasons.

Take the Handy on apple app for example. The app can be utilized by the very busy people of the world to get a cleaner for their home or business on demand. However, it can also be utilized by a person that needs extra income for cleaning without the constraints of being on a full time job cleaning. Cleaning may have been an undesirable task as an everyday occupation, but as a means to an end, cleaning for part of your income may not seem so bad. It is often in these situations, that we see other opportunities and cleaning via an app may be part of the equation. In any case, the Handy app is serving a great purpose into today’s world to level the playing field and open some of those opportunities that have been closed to so many worthy people.

Focus on Shaygan Kheradpir, the Expert in Telecommuting Technology

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Telecommuting technology is a system that allows employees to work virtually from wherever they are without necessarily commuting to their work places. The technology offers a flexible mode for working since it is real time and at the same time, practical. Statistics indicate that 3 out of 5 employees, in the United States, alone have used telecommuting technology at one point in their work. This statistics represents over 40 million people and currently, the figure stands at 37%.
Technology has made telecommuting possible especially with the advancement of the internet. Before, in the 1980s and 90s, people relied on landline phone networks to communicate with their supervisors. This situation changed tremendously owing to the introduction of the internet. In order to telecommute, one requires a personal computer and he or she is ready to communicate or file reports. Advancements in software technology and progress in the high-speed internet has helped in enhancing the success of telecommuting technology.
Telecommuting technology functions through having an internet connection and a computer. Such service is used to send messages to the home office. Other companies may choose to connect the computer of the employee directly to its network, which only requires a password to access information. This situation makes the whole telecommuting process mobile enabling employees to work from any remote area.
One individual who understands this area of technology better is arnnet’s Shaygan Kheradpir. He is a business and technology executive with a rich resume that highlights his top positions in big companies. He has been on the management of different institutions. These companies include Verizon where he held the position of the chief information officer and CTO at the same time. He has worked at Barclays as the Chief Operating Officer and his latest stint was with Juniper Networks where he served as the CEO.
While at Verizon, Shaygan led a team that changed Verizon’s operation systems by integrating the customer service systems, website, and call center. This system facilitated easy communication in addition to establishing the FiOS fiber optic video program and matching DVR. Through the new platforms, web conferencing was made possible. Much of his work has focused on the use of technology to achieve better results. His achievements have involved outsourcing jobs to markets like India with the view to lowering production costs.
Many companies do not allow their employees to telecommute completely. A slight exception is only given to those who largely work on computer related fields. Even this category of employees is only allowed a given number of days in a week. With more companies accepting telecommuting, it is a matter of time before it becomes a norm for different corporations. More people are finding it cheaper and effective to utilize telecommuting technology. The preference to telecommute is expected to grow with more companies becoming comfortable with the system. Most corporations have made it a requirement for their employees to have basic computer software skills. This comes after a realization that at some point, the employees may have to work away from their workstations.

Digital Recognition of Real World Images

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Image recognition is a new and growing field in the digital world. It is a computer’s ability to recognize and understand an image taken of the real world. The technology is applied by security and surveillance systems, traffic cameras taking pictures of license plates, search engines, and software providing product identification.

Traditionally, image recognition was used to identify characters or individual items in a photo, such as text or a type of car. More recently, the field has grown and advanced even further, allowing image recognition software to be able to describe an entire image, such as a group of children playing soccer on a grass field. The software involves two processes, the first being the actual recognition of an image and the second being communicating that image through text. The newest image recognition software is able to learn as it operates, meaning it relies somewhat on the feedback of users and designers and only gets more effective as it goes.

For Google, this means increasingly accurate image search options. For example, if someone searches “9 kittens wearing bowties in a crib” today, the search result is likely to portray a variety of cat-related images, but likely nothing so specific. As image recognition technology improves, the search engine becomes more likely to give exactly what a person is looking for, assuming such an image actually exists. It also means the same process can be utilized in reverse. Someone can now upload an image to Google, and have the search engine come up with results describing where that image came from, why it was taken, or what its significance is.

Perhaps a more practical approach to the use of the technology is Slyce’s visual search., a company which uses image recognition to help customers identify products they like. This way, if a customer sees a stranger wearing a pair of boots that might look better on themselves, they can snap a picture, and Slyce will identify the boots and wear to find a similar pair.

Image recognition certainly has many other far reaching implications as well, many of which we may not yet realize. Many of us are familiar with how Facebook learns to recognize specific faces, but what if that technology could one day be applied to help find missing persons in the real world? This is likely just the beginning for an exciting and growing field.