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Stepping Up The Hair Care Regimen With WEN’s Classic No Lather Shampoos

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Tired of your hair care routine, ladies?

Many of us obey the beauty rules with monthly visits to the salon, and then we’re left on our own at home to follow with maintenance. However, things don’t always favor our tresses.

In other words, we buy expensive brands and shampoo and condition daily, and still, our locks get limp, damaged, weak and dull-looking. So, what are we doing wrong?

Chaz Dean, founder of WEN says it’s in the bottles we buy, and most major hair care products are hiding a dirty little secret. The famous stylist to the stars has discovered that harsh detergents and chemicals are blended into our cleansing and conditioning staples. Most of us are unaware of sulfates and parabens sneaking their way into pricey formulas.

We hunt down shampoos with the biggest lather, because that’s what the hype advises we do. WEN By Chaz is the first no lather shampoo that ever hit the market, and today, some 40 million bottles have been sold. Why? Because his unique cleansing conditioners really deliver great hair benefits.

Chaz Dean emphasizes that we don’t need a big sudsy formula to properly wash and nourish our hair. In fact, it’s the chemical-based lather that’s ruining our mane. His luxurious formulas rely on the purity of nature to bathe hair from root to end in moisturizing goodness, with botanical extracts that add body and strength to strands.

The beauty in WEN comes from its incredible versatility. Each cleansing conditioner has been designed for any type of hair found in the universe. It doesn’t matter if your hair is simply fine and limp or bleached and damaged, WEN repairs and rejuvenates hair in any condition.

WEN By Chaz features lovely extracts like white amber, pomegranate, lavender and others to give structure and movement back to hair.