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Our Modern Economy Thirsts For Capitalists Like William Saito

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If you don’t know your value you will definitely fall for anything and if you don’t know the direction you are moving into you will end up in going anywhere. The lamentations of this Japanese-American businessman and venture capitalist, Mr. William Saito, for Japan which is fighting a bigger enemy sprouting from the shrinking population is deep in his heart. His concerns on where really Japan is heading to have constantly kept him on toes in improving the strategies having in mind that the state of Japan is becoming worse compared to the days of the 1980s when they were commanding generals on the top of the world.

Inspiration William Saito was born in March 1971 in Los Angeles, California after his Japanese parents immigrated hence his nationality is Japanese American. In his early life, he was with his grandmother in Japan and consequently attended elementary classes in Julia Childs of Japan which was owned by his grandmother. So when William returned to America and in 1987 he finished his high school course at Damien High School and later he joined Biomedical Science Program at the University of California in Los Angeles.

The creativity of William Saito is amazing and highly needed in my modern day. In his high school studies, he had already developed a computer security venture which he later improved to I/O Software in his University days. The firm developed various systems like fingerprint recognition systems and Japanese language translator system. In 2000, Microsoft developed an interest in his firm and formed a partnership. Later in 2004, he sold the firm to Microsoft and moved back to his roots in Japan where he invested in various startups and became a venture capitalist.

As a result of his various investment ventures, he became Young Global Leader in 2011 in the World Economic Forum. This made him gain some popularity in Japan and even globally. Later William Saito served in National Diet Committee as an IT and Technical Staff who had the title of Chief Technology Officer to investigate the core of the disaster that had hit the company. He has been a cybersecurity advisor to Shinzo Abe (2011), Cabinet Office (2013-2017), Ministry of Economy (2016-2017), and a member of the Technical Support Team of 2020 Summer Olympics.

In 2015, William Saito was an IT Strategic Advisor at Japan Airlines and later served as General Manager in the same company. He served at “The Japan Times” in the advisory board as a member. The financial turmoil in Japan which sometimes has caused deflation, in some way, it usually benefits the older generation but to the upcoming startups who are mostly young it is a disaster to them and mostly they end up giving up. This leads to under utilization of the creativity of the youths.


Brian Bonar of Dalrada Financial Corporation Initiates Employee Management Systems

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Brian Bonar is a successful investor committed to building various businesses. Bonar has founded and co-founded several companies including Dalrada Financial Corporation. At Dalrada, Bonar is the chief executive officer as well as the chairman. Bonar has a keen attention to details. He is passionate about design process, and he works tirelessly towards the fuelling of different approaches. Bonar is well experienced in site building as well as design, development, procurement, contract administration service as well as design development. Bonar has a good reputation in the business. He is a leader who is focused on assisting clients, project managers, partners, team players, and investors to reach their goals. His portfolio borders retail commercial, multi-family housing, and aviation. With extensive experience in assisting clients with different projects, Bonar has established teams and clients relationships that play a critical role in developing business.


Following his impeccable business relationships, Bonar won the Who’s Who Executive of the Year. The award was in the finance department. This is a vital honor that seeks to award two male as well as female candidates in each category. The Who’s Who committee of selection selects candidates based on their accomplishments, ability to lead as well as academic credentials. Bonar has more than three years experience in professional and financial management.


At Dalrada Financial Corporation, Bonar is the head of the company. He is responsible for employee selection as well as the negotiation of employee benefits in addition to aftermarket products. Dalrada Financial Corporation offers clients a vast range of employee programs. These programs have a positive influence in increasing business efficiency. Some of the programs provided by Dalrada Financial Corporation include risk management, business administration services, employee benefits and insurance management. Aside from working at Dalrada Financial Corporation, Brian Bonar is a chief executive officer and chairman at Smart-Tek Automated. He is also the president of a business service company called Allegiant.


Bonar’s expertise extends to Imaging Technologies Corporation where he is the chief executive officer. This is a top notch developer of management software as well as digital imaging hardware. His duty at Imaging Technologies Corporation includes listing the target market. The company handles small and medium sized businesses. Bonar’s successful career continues to thrive upon his excellent leadership. Recently, he made news headlines after the acquisition of an employer organization called Source One Group. This organization also plays a vital role in the development of employee platforms for operations including payroll in addition to human resource assistance.


Bonar was a director at Solvis Group Inc. His role in the company ended in 2000. As an experienced advisor, he has been honored for his services several times. He holds various tags that have proven to be a positive influence for his career. He is fondly addressed as Lord Bonar of Wilcrick, Wales United Kingdom. The alumnus of Strathclyde University, as well as Glasgow University in Scotland, is a proud holder of an MBA.

How John Goullet of Diversant LLC has contributed in the IT Industry.

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John Goullet is an IT professional who has ample experience in IT staffing and consultancy. He started the business in 1994 after founding Info Technologies Inc. The company mainly offered its services to the Fortune 500 companies and Goullet was its chief executive officer. He helped the company to grow from a startup to a worth of $30 million. It was also recognized by the Inc Magazine as one of the fastest growing businesses in the United States. The company was a frontrunner in the IT staffing sector since it understood the gaps in the corporate world and worked hard to offer appropriate solutions to companies. John Goullet currently serves Diversant LLC as a principal. He joined the company in 2010 after integrating his firm with Diversant Inc.

Diversant LLC is an IT staffing firm that is privately held, and most of its shares are owned by African-Americans. The company is recognized as by the United States government as a Minority-Owned Business Enterprise. Diversant offers a broad array of services for the IT staffing sector, and they include direct contracting, IT staffing reinforcement, and various creative solutions. The company has created its staffing services based on unique policies that are committed to making sure that it solves the problems of the customers, associates, and other stakeholders in the sector. It has also been able to maintain healthy relationships with its clients by using consultative approaches when associating with them and this makes them feel like they are business partners.

Divesrant LLC has been instrumental in the corporate world since it has been helping companies in acquiring IT experts who match their specific needs. The IT sector is growing at a rapid rate, and this has caused scarcity of competent professionals to meet the human resource demand. The company ensures that it offers the best professionals by applying accurate methods when recruiting IT experts. Diversant LLC does not only take into account academic qualifications but also the experience and talent of an individual. The specialists that are hired by the company have a set of skills that is needed in making personalized software that can solve various problems for the clients.

CCMP Capital’s Stephen Murray: A Life Well-Lived

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Born in August 1962, in New York City, Stephen Murray was a graduate of Boston College, receiving an economics degree from them in 1984, and Columbia Business School, attaining a master’s degree in 1989. Utilizing his credit analysis training, begun in 1984 at Manufacturers Hanover Corporation, Mr. Murray began working his way up the corporate ladder of private equity management on receipt of his M.BA., and remained with the company as it changed ownership over the years.

In 2005, he was appointed as head of the buyout business section of JP Morgan, the culmination of repeated buyouts of Manufacturers Hanover Corporation two decades prior in 1989. Read more: 5 Questions with Stephen Murray, CEO of CCMP Capital and Stephen Murray, The Great Investor and Deal Maker for CCMP Capital

One year later, in 2006, Murray became one of the co-founders of CCMP Capital, a company born under the umbrella of JP Morgan, but now its own corporate entity. Over the last few years, the company he helped found has been very successful, nurturing a 3.6-billion-dollar fund by the end of 2014.

Aside from his considerable talent in managing private equity and buyouts of profitable business ventures, Stephen Murray was a philanthropist, believing strongly in giving back to the community and supported both profit and not-for-profit endeavors that heled to enhance the lives of countless people, ordinary or less fortunate than himself.

He involved himself in many charities, including the prestigious Make-A-Wish foundation for terminally ill children, Stamford Museum, the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County, and supported both of his alma maters’ – Columbia Business School and Boston College. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital: and

Additionally, Mr. Murray served as a board member for a variety of companies, including The Vitamin Shoppe, Pinnacle Foods, Legacy Hospital Partners and AMC Entertainment.

In early 2015, Stephen Murray stepped down from his position as CEO of CCMP Capital, ostensibly for health-related reasons. He passed away in March of that same year, at the age of 52, leaving behind his wife, Tami, and four children.

New Video Visitation App For Inmates Launched

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Driving to see loved ones who are locked up in jails and prisons can be very exhausting. Times have changed a lot nowadays, and people are always busy making a living. Getting time to visit is also a challenge. There are long lines in these places, and people have not time to wait.

There is good news to inmates and their families and friends. It is now possible to conveniently schedule the next visitation based on your availability. Families do not have to be subjected to the normal visitation times. There is a new method of visitation that will make the inmates feel that they are there with you.
Securus Technologies has the solution for all inmate communication between them and their loved ones what so bad. The firm is among the best in offering criminal and justice technology solutions to the correctional facilities. Recently, the company announced that they will be launching a new video app that will be operating on smartphones, iPod’s and tablets.
The video application to be launched will be able to meet all the expectations of the inmates. They will now be able to interact and share the most important events with their family members without any problems. Birthday parties or bedtime stories will now be enjoyable for inmates and their loved ones. The inmates will now have access to these special events in their loved ones life. With the help of the application, the inmates will conduct video visitation, something that has never happened before.
People can get the patented Securus Video Visit application by going to Google play or App Store. The user is supposed to go to these sites and download the app in to their mobile devices, and they are good to go. The users can also plan for the next visitation and sync the details in their calendars, get important notifications for the next visits all because of the app. People can also test for Wi-Fi or other important cellular connections thanks to the app.
The new app will bring an end to the use of tethered computers, complicated additional hardware inmate phone calls with no opportunities to see a loved one as you communicate and web cameras. People can communicate and interact using mobile devises only. According to the vice president of the company, the app will manage to bring families and their loved ones closer.
Secures Technology has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. The company has the ability to serve 3400 centers and over 1200000 prisoners in northern America. The firm is always concerned about connecting inmates and their loved one. If you need any help doing so, just call their customer service team.