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A Closer Look At Robert Ivy CEO Of AIA

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Robert Ivy is currently the Executive Vice President as well as Chief Executive Officer of The American Institute of Architects (AIA). Robert Ivy has held the position of CEO since 2011. Robert Ivy has always stressed the needs for skilled architects as well as the need for communicating the value of design.

Mr. Robert Ivy is devoted to meeting the public demand for architecture. AIA is based out of Washington DC and another office located in Paris France. Robert Ivy works with both public as well as private clients. He is truly a leader and well respected businessman.

Shortly after President Donald Trump’s presidency was announced, Robert Ivy agreed to work along with Mr. Trump with any up and coming infrastructure projects. Mr. Trump gladly accepted Robert Ivy’s offer.

Previously, Robert Ivy was the Editor & Chief of the Architectural Record. Under Robert Ivy’s direction, the Architectural Record became the worlds most popular and most read architectural journal. Ivy had a unique way of making the journal interesting and easy to understand. Robert Ivy also designed a remarkable web site in which he received a much deserved award called the “Digital Web Site Award”.

Robert Ivy also served on an architectural panel that chose the architect that designed the Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial. Frank Gentry was the skilled architect that was fortunate enough to be chosen for this very special project.

Awards & Educational Background

In 2009, Ivy received the “Crain Award”. The “Crain Award” is one of the highest honor and most important awards given by the media for individual recognition of journalistic skill. Mc Graw & Hill also honored Robert Ivy with an Management Excellence Award in the late 1990’s.

In 2001, Robert Ivy published a book titled “Fay Jones Architect”. This book was on the best sellers list for 11 weeks back in 2001. Ivy is also a skilled writer/author.

Robert Ivy received his Masters Degree in Architecture from Tulane University.