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The Doe Deere Blogazine is Letting Readers Know How To Empower Themselves

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Who is this mythical creature that calls herself Doe Deere? If you’re like me, the first sound of her name reminds you of the famous song from “The Sound of Music.” You may be surprised to learn that she is not actually given that name by birth, but it a business name that she took on to give herself an image. Her Russian born name is Xenia Vorotova. It’s quite a mouthful to try to say. In 2007, when Deere was in a rock band, she needed a name that could be used for his stage presence. She loved make-up back then too. She was into the ‘doe-y eye’ makeup and that is where she got inspiration for her name. She hasn’t changed it legally yet, but she has often thought about taking the plunge. To her fans and friends she is Doe.

Deere was born in Russia, but shortly afterward she moved to New York City and there she grew up. Living in such a fashion minded city, she learned from an early age that it is okay to live on the edge and be different. She learned to push the limits of both the professional and design worlds. One day you may see her and her hair will be purple with wild purple makeup to match. The next day she could be strolling through her current city of LA with yellow hair and vivid colored makeup to coordinate the look. She loves living on the edge and expressing herself through her makeup, which is why she created the stellar makeup line Lime Crime.

She doesn’t believe that beauty has to be natural or what looks best in the current situation. She thinks it should be based on the moment and your emotions. Her makeup is colorful and a bit whimsical and all products are cruelty free. She calls her products the “makeup of unicorns.” It’s something that was started for the vivid pallet that she uses to offer to her clients. Hues of pinks, purples, yellows, greens and anything else that would fit in a rainbow in the sky.

Starting her own company se told on storyexchange wasn’t easy, even though she had plenty of help. Her husband diligently works beside her and helps test products and to promote the business. She wanted to be in the business world on her own terms. She loves other female entrepreneurs that have made it. She draws inspiration from them and has used their success to fuel her fire.

Fans who want to follow the “Unicorn Princess” can read the Doe Deere Blogazine. It’s full of makeup tips and other useful information. It’s written by women for other women and has a dedicated following. She uses her voice to speak to the world about being free in your own skin to discover anything and everything you’ve ever wanted. She started small, but from that small start she has achieved great things. She will never fit into any mold, as a matter of fact; she broke the mold and stereotypes of women in business.