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Wirth is one of the most successful top managers in the United States. This is evident by the fact that he has transformed Squaw Valley Ski Holdings to a major tourist destination not only in America but also globally. Andy Wirth is one of the unique people and managers that love to care and improve the environment. He is also widely known for the tireless work for the community. This has transformed the area to become a better place for all the people. Andy Wirth is motivated by the accident that nearly became a fatal he co-founded an iron man team that is known as wounded warrior support. The accident involved sky driving, thus in honoring the perfect men of the navy seals, the team lobby and solicit funds that help in running the Navy Seals Foundation. In its core, the organization facilitates the operations of the team members while at the same assist in giving them encouragement, comfort and company even after they have returned home. It is a vital organization that recognizes the importance of navy seals in security, prosperity and above all honors hard work and sacrifice.

Reno-Tahoe Regional Air Service Corporation has recognized the personality of Andy Wirth; he has been elected the chairman of the regional air service corporation. The organization is meant to facilitate the air service in the region all year round. Being the chairman of RASC, Andy Wirth is also the president and the chief operating officer of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings that also founded Alpine Meadow Resorts. As the director of the corporation, his principal functions is to oversee the operation of RASC whose primary purpose is to design strategies that would increase the flights to Reno-Tahoe International Airport. The board is supposed to supervise the implementation of the strategies that would increase tourism visits to the area. Andy Wirth feels honored serving as the chairman of the organization. The area is endowed with unending opportunities and benevolent prospects of prosperity and economic growth. Andy Wirth’s primary focus is the development of airports and air service that would increase the quality of service for major resorts and communities that live in Colorado and Quebec.

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