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The popular freelancing platform, Upwork recently published the blog “10 Powerful Tips for Sailing Through Your To-Do List” which was originally published on the ClickUp blog. Upwork is a company designed to bring freelancers and companies together. Writers, graphic designers, and web developers all come to the market place to find clients and build their portfolios while still maintaining their freedom. The experience is valuable because it allows the freelancers to gain experience without having to send out cold pitches to clients.

However, because the freelancers need to hustle to get their clients, the to-do list can often become overwhelming. Upwork put together a list of the top ways to improve the to-do list and reduce stress.

The first suggestion the company makes is to get everything down in one place. By writing everything down, the mind is free to focus on the work at hand instead of becoming distracted by all of the tasks that remain incomplete. Putting it all in one place will also save the freelancers time. Having a variety of notes in half a dozen places can often leave the freelancer constantly looking for what they need to do next.

Upwork also reveals the importance of creating the to-do list the night before. Many people are the most productive first thing in the morning, yet they will often waste that time with low-energy tasks like checking email and creating their to-do list. However, if the to-do list is already created, the freelancer can simply get started on their most important tasks for the day.

A key to making that work is setting priorities. To get the most important task done for the day, one needs to know what the most important task is. Defining each task according to how urgent and important it is will allow each person to get the most important thing done first. Then if something occurs later that might throw the schedule off, like an unexpected meeting, the freelancer will still have accomplished the most important thing.

Another key to accomplishing more is creating time and energy attributes to each task. This allows you to understand how much time and energy each task will take.


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