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The man who built an entire corporation and organization is a man whose name is Richard Dwayne Blair. He went to school in Houston to study finance and his studying efforts did not prove to be slow because in a short matter of time he built himself an organization that helped and aided the companies and individuals who needed it. He is driven and motivated to help and to succeed in life to therefore transform the world into a more dynamic and generally more pleasant place for people to abide in.

As amazing as it was for Richard Dwayne Blair to build an entire corporation by himself it did not just happen at random one day. Since he was a little kid his mom and grandma would stress the importance of education on him because they were school teachers and they knew very well that education made the mind sharper and the person who was educated more confident as well. He heeded at their advice and went to a school located in the city of Houston which is where he started and finished his education as a degree holder in finance.

The achievement though was just the beginning because now he is the founder and owner of Wealth Solutions which is a much better place to set money aside than a regular saving account or underneath a mattress. The company is aimed to do one simple task and that is to compound people’s interest so that return rates can outweigh the premium requested for the services Wealth Solutions provide, and in the end the customer walks away with fatter pockets.

The system that Richard Dwayne Blair pushes is a three point system that does the work in a simple and uncomplicated way. The first step is to register with the customer and make sure they get the deal that they want because it is their finances and their time would be wasted if they did not even establish a direction that they wish to proceed in. The second step is the step of the worker or agent setting up the strategy and implementing the strategy as well. The third step is just monitoring the screens for the certainty that the customers can sleep well at night knowing that their money is growing.


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