Malcolm CasSelle’s WAX is primed to take over the eSports virtual asset market

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The current global leader of in-game virtual assets is OPSkins, a centralized marketplace that has Malcolm CasSelle as CIO, but there is much demand for a decentralized protocol. In comes WAX, from the creators of OPSkins, a P2P marketplace that solves the two biggest problems of the industry: fraud and fragmentation. WAX is using blockchain to solve the fragmentation problem, where WAX Tokens will become the common currency in eSports. Blockchain smart contracts will help to solve the fraud problem. WAX will solve inefficiencies and support the specific needs of the virtual video game asset trading market.

Malcolm CasSelle, in addition to being the CIO of OPSkins, is also the President of WAX. He formerly worked as the CTO and President of New Ventures at tronc, where he oversaw rapid growth properties leveraging digital assets. CasSelle also was previously SVP & GM of Digital Media at SeaChange Int’l after they acquired his company, Timeline Labs. Timeline Labs specialized inhaling companies discover, display and measure engaging content based on social signaling. He was an active early investor in Facebook, Zynga, and currently, Bitcoin affiliated companies. CasSelle has degrees in Computer Science from the prestigious universities MIT and Stanford. CasSelle speaks Japanese as well as Mandarin.

CasSelle, moreover, co-founded PCCW, a Hong Kong-based, publicly traded telecom company whose current value is in excess of $35 billion USD. Mr. CasSelle helped raise billions for the public offering of PCCW’s public offering, in addition to hundreds of millions for other private transactions. CasSelle’s current work includes mentoring Plug and Play Bitcoin and being an advisor at Sensay, where the CEO is quoted as saying, “Malcolm has exceptionally high IQ, E, and plain street smarts. He’s incredibly helpful and we are grateful for his experience and perspective.” CasSelle considers himself to be a team, company, and product builder and likes technology related plays.

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