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Bob Reina: He Knows Talent

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When looking for things to like about Bob Reina, you really don’t have to look all that hard. There are plenty of things to like about him. One of the greatest things about him is the fact he can spot talent where others can’t. As a matter of fact, sometimes people can’t even see the talent in themselves. That is why Bob Reina comes in so handy for so many people across the world. He can see what someone can bring to the table by talking to them, getting to know them, and finding out their story. He prides himself on that fact. He believes it is what separates him from other CEO’s and founders.


It is why over at Talk Fusion, they are doing wonderful things. He has surrounded himself with some of the most talented men and women on the planet. They all bring something unique to the table over at Talk Fusion. They have something to say and they have something to offer. That is one of his finest joys in life: discovering a gem. A lot of people suffer from low self-esteem and they don’t really have a high opinion of themselves. Once they meet Bob Reina and they get to know him, he uncovers things inside of them they didn’t even know they had as a human being.


It is the same with the customers that use Talk Fusion. In many cases, they didn’t know they had this type of talent. They were totally and completely caught off guard by it. However, once they used all of the tremendous video applications that Talk Fusion offers, they started to see a whole new version of themselves. It is a version they like quite a bit. They are still true to themselves, and they have not changed in that regard. Bob Reina does not want anyone to have to change him or herself. He just wants them to feel comfortable with who they really are and for them to live their truth. Learn more:


It’s safe to say it’s one of the greatest feelings in the entire world for so many people out there.








The Story of OSI Food Solutions: An American Dream

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This is the story of Otto & Sons, better known as OSI Food Solutions, a company that started with an immigrants dream and is now on Forbes Top 100 Private Companies list with $6.1 billion sales. So how did it get there? Well, this is the story of a little meat shop in Western Chicago.

Otto Kolschowsky was a German immigrant, one among many others. He came in the great German migration of the very early 1900s. In 1909, a short two years after arriving in America, Otto opened a butcher shop. It was a local hit and was eventually rebranded to Otto & Sons once his sons grew to age in 1928. For years, the small butcher shop serviced the Chicago area with little more than local dreams. However, in 1955 Otto’s sons, Henry and Arthur, made a particularly important handshake agreement. This agreement was with Ray Kroc, who was about to open his first McDonalds. Otto & Sons would be the primary beef supplier to the establishment, as Ray liked the quality and speed of the beef they delivered.

Of course, what happened next was an explosion. Within the next two years, McDonald’s spread, and it spread fast. The relationship between McDonald’s and Otto & Sons was steady. During these years Otto & Sons rebranded to OSI Food Solutions in order to shed their small family hometown status and emerge as players in a multi-national meat market industry. OSI started to swallow the competition and make important acquisitions in order to bolster their product inventory and global presence.

To meat the thousands of McDonald’s that had emerged, as well as new clientele with names such as Burger King, Starbucks, Yum, Papa John’s, and Subway, OSI Food Solutions started to make some factories. In 2011, they opened a dry sausage plant in West Jordan, Utah as well as a frozen entree planet in Illinois.

Then they started to open plants abroad. In 2010 a plant was opened in Japan. In 2012 two more were opened in India. In 2013, Poland got a new plant, as well as China. The following year India received another plant. In the United States plants were springing to life as well. Some opened in California to make beans and salsa, others opened in Chicago to meet chicken demand. OSI was booming.

The larger than life company now services every aspect of the food industry. It creates business and compels brands to use interesting and creative foods. OSI Food Solutions may have started in a neighborhood in Chicago, but today it’s in almost every neighborhood in the world. So next time you stop by your favorite fast food chain, there is a good chance that OSI is supplying them with a product.

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A Review of NewsWatch TV and Why It Stays A Relevant Media Company Today

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There are many companies today that stand out because they have some great products to the public. By building a wonderful list of products and solving business problems, they have stamped their name into the list of great entrepreneurs today. One of these companies are in the media category, and that’s News Watch TV. It’s a firm that has already built partnerships with both small-scale businesses as well as Fortune 500 companies. Whether it’s a large business or an independent app developer or a non-profit organization, you name it, News Watch TV is glad to be of help and offer their expertise to make their partnership with these companies genuinely profitable and productive.

Partnered Companies

It’s also the pride of News Watch TV to be a partner in the growth of some of the brands you probably are already familiar with. These brands include Casio, Siemens, D-Link, Sony, Ruzzle, Intel, and Audi. The growth of these companies are commendable and downright impressive, and that’s why it’s so fulfilling to know that News Watch TV has built itself to be an essential element in the growth of these brands.


There are also small-business owners who are happy with the way that NewsWatch TV is engaging themselves with the SME sector. One reviewer of the services of News Watch even said that it’s a highly recommended firm because it is able to deliver the right message of the client in the right medium and at the right time.

About NewsWatch TV

News Watch TV is a trusted source of most of the trending consumer technology, health, entertainment and breaking consumer news that you hear often. It airs weekly on the ION Network, but you can catch them also in their bi-monthly episodes for the AMC Network. The show is proudly hosted by Mr. Andrew Tropeano, with its special reports being broadcast by Eric Forrest and Amanda Forstrom.



Richard Dwayne Blair, Capitalism Reborn

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The man who built an entire corporation and organization is a man whose name is Richard Dwayne Blair. He went to school in Houston to study finance and his studying efforts did not prove to be slow because in a short matter of time he built himself an organization that helped and aided the companies and individuals who needed it. He is driven and motivated to help and to succeed in life to therefore transform the world into a more dynamic and generally more pleasant place for people to abide in.

As amazing as it was for Richard Dwayne Blair to build an entire corporation by himself it did not just happen at random one day. Since he was a little kid his mom and grandma would stress the importance of education on him because they were school teachers and they knew very well that education made the mind sharper and the person who was educated more confident as well. He heeded at their advice and went to a school located in the city of Houston which is where he started and finished his education as a degree holder in finance.

The achievement though was just the beginning because now he is the founder and owner of Wealth Solutions which is a much better place to set money aside than a regular saving account or underneath a mattress. The company is aimed to do one simple task and that is to compound people’s interest so that return rates can outweigh the premium requested for the services Wealth Solutions provide, and in the end the customer walks away with fatter pockets.

The system that Richard Dwayne Blair pushes is a three point system that does the work in a simple and uncomplicated way. The first step is to register with the customer and make sure they get the deal that they want because it is their finances and their time would be wasted if they did not even establish a direction that they wish to proceed in. The second step is the step of the worker or agent setting up the strategy and implementing the strategy as well. The third step is just monitoring the screens for the certainty that the customers can sleep well at night knowing that their money is growing.


Academy of Art University Brings Augmented Reality to Tenderloin

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The Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California recently brought a smartphone application called “Tenderfeels” to the Tenderloin district in the city. The application was designed to help residents feel safer in the district and to provide feedback from people living in the neighborhood.

Using augmented reality, people who download the app can report in real time how they are feeling in the Tenderloin district and how that translates to each block in the area. They can choose from a range of emotions that go from disgusted and angry to happy and joyful. Four students from AAU took part in an event hosted by Tech in the Tenderloin to use the technology to come up with civic and social solutions the district has been experiencing.

AAU is the perfect place for these students to be practicing how this app works and how it may change the world of gathering information to help improve urban living. The school was originally founded in 1929 and opened up for advertising art, not for video game development like it has today. Today, the school has many areas of study students can focus on including visual effects, 3D modeling/texturing, game design, rigging, programming, and other skills to pursue careers in technologies like virtual and augmented reality.

The founder of the school is Richard S. Stephens who worked as a magazine editor and painter at the time and was the head of the school until he handed the reins to his son Richard in 1951. In 1992, Richard let his daughter Elisa takeover who had continued to lead the school on to greater success and watched it grow.

The students attending AAU have increased from a humble 2000 to 18,000 since 2012 and it’s to be expected those numbers may continue to increase. AAU has also been participating in the NY Fashion Week since 2005 and has continued to provide students with the opportunities they need to continue to learn new skills to pursue their careers. The school offers associates, bachelors, and masters degrees amongst the twenty-five subjects taught at the school with some courses also being offered online now.

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Malcolm CasSelle’s WAX is primed to take over the eSports virtual asset market

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The current global leader of in-game virtual assets is OPSkins, a centralized marketplace that has Malcolm CasSelle as CIO, but there is much demand for a decentralized protocol. In comes WAX, from the creators of OPSkins, a P2P marketplace that solves the two biggest problems of the industry: fraud and fragmentation. WAX is using blockchain to solve the fragmentation problem, where WAX Tokens will become the common currency in eSports. Blockchain smart contracts will help to solve the fraud problem. WAX will solve inefficiencies and support the specific needs of the virtual video game asset trading market.

Malcolm CasSelle, in addition to being the CIO of OPSkins, is also the President of WAX. He formerly worked as the CTO and President of New Ventures at tronc, where he oversaw rapid growth properties leveraging digital assets. CasSelle also was previously SVP & GM of Digital Media at SeaChange Int’l after they acquired his company, Timeline Labs. Timeline Labs specialized inhaling companies discover, display and measure engaging content based on social signaling. He was an active early investor in Facebook, Zynga, and currently, Bitcoin affiliated companies. CasSelle has degrees in Computer Science from the prestigious universities MIT and Stanford. CasSelle speaks Japanese as well as Mandarin.

CasSelle, moreover, co-founded PCCW, a Hong Kong-based, publicly traded telecom company whose current value is in excess of $35 billion USD. Mr. CasSelle helped raise billions for the public offering of PCCW’s public offering, in addition to hundreds of millions for other private transactions. CasSelle’s current work includes mentoring Plug and Play Bitcoin and being an advisor at Sensay, where the CEO is quoted as saying, “Malcolm has exceptionally high IQ, E, and plain street smarts. He’s incredibly helpful and we are grateful for his experience and perspective.” CasSelle considers himself to be a team, company, and product builder and likes technology related plays.

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OSI Group: The Leading Supplier of Meat Products

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OSI Group Overview

OSI Group is a company that supplies food products especially meat to retails and other foodservice outlets. The company’s headquarters are in Aurora, Illinois. OSI Group history can be traced back to 1909 when Otto Kolschowsky, who was a German, opened a meat market in Oak Park, Illinois. The market brought a great deal of success which led to the expansion of the once small family-owned business. After the expansion, the business became a wholesale and shifted its headquarters from Oak Park to Maywood. It was also renamed and was formally known as Otto & Sons. The big break for the wholesale came in 1955 when McDonald’s, which by then was also a startup, chose Otto & Sons as its beef supplier.

Another drastic change came in 1973 when the wholesaler opened a branch in West Chicago. This branch was more advanced and marked a new era in the business. In 1975, it changed its name from Otto & Sons to OSI industries. As the McDonald grew in size and popularity, so did the OSI, which was still supplying meat to McDonald’s.

OSI Group Present Performance

Since its foundation, OSI Group has been on an upward scale and is expected to continue growing. In 2016, the company acquired the Baho Food which was a Dutch-owned company famous for manufacturing convenience foods such as snacks. According to the President and CEO of OSI Group, the purchase of Baho was important for the company since it is seeking to cement its presence in the European market.

However, the integration of Baho into OSI did not mean that the Baho managerial team would be out of a job. According to OSI, the Baho managerial team would remain as part of the team and work closely with the OSI team to develop strategic measures that will enable them to expand the two new integrated companies.

OSI Group also made another big move by expanding its services to Spain. The Spain branch has the capacity of producing 45,000 tons of chicken, pork, and beef. According to the managing director of OSI Group Spain branch, there has been an increasing demand for chicken in both Spain and Portugal. This has prompted the company to produce more to meet the growing demand. OSI Group has also been a recipient of several awards such as the Globe of Honor Award that was bestowed on them by the British Safety Council.

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Rodrigo Terpins Gives to Brazil

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Rodrigo Terpins and his driving partner snagged third place overall in 2014’s 22nd edition of the Sertoes Rally. That year the cross-country race course was shorter than usual, only passing through two Brazilian states: Minas Gerais an Goias. In his quest for victory during the 22nd edition, Rodrigo was joined by Fabricio Bianchini. While the course was shorter than usual, it was still a very challenging track. It was characterized by many different types of terrain. The included the extraordinarily beautiful scenery of Minas Gerais.


Rodrigo is a veteran racer, but this was the first year he drove a T-Rex. Terpins and Bianchini are members of the Bull Sertoes race. The race went so well for the pair that during the final stage they drove at a conservative pace to save a compromised suspension. The following year the 23rd edition of the race was its usual length, passing through four Brazilian states: Goias, Mato Grosso do Sul, Sao Paulo, and Parana. Playing a big part in the events that year was the social concerns arm of the rally, SAS Brasil.


SAS’ concern is the health, entertainment and sustainability in Brazil’s society and natural environment. Prior to the rally, SAS hosted a charity dinner. The Bull Sertoes Rally Team, founded by Rodrigo and Michel Terpins, attended and gave financially that year. This was their first time giving to SAS. They stated that it was the first of an intended annual donation. The goal of the funds raised was to purchase and install water filters in the impoverished cities through which the race would pass that year. The recipient cities would also receive much-needed medicines. To see more you can visit



The ensuing four-day project served over 2,000 people. In addition to the water filter installations and the donated medicines, the project also concerned itself with dental care, educational lectures, cinema, sports competitions, and the construction of cisterns for water collection. That year Terpins and Bianchini paired as a driving team yet again. For further information about the Bull Sertoes Rally Team, follow it on its Facebook profile. The Bull Sertões Rally Team is sponsored by 100% Events, Xarla, Bull Sertões, Motul, and Ohlins.