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If you don’t know your value you will definitely fall for anything and if you don’t know the direction you are moving into you will end up in going anywhere. The lamentations of this Japanese-American businessman and venture capitalist, Mr. William Saito, for Japan which is fighting a bigger enemy sprouting from the shrinking population is deep in his heart. His concerns on where really Japan is heading to have constantly kept him on toes in improving the strategies having in mind that the state of Japan is becoming worse compared to the days of the 1980s when they were commanding generals on the top of the world.

Inspiration William Saito was born in March 1971 in Los Angeles, California after his Japanese parents immigrated hence his nationality is Japanese American. In his early life, he was with his grandmother in Japan and consequently attended elementary classes in Julia Childs of Japan which was owned by his grandmother. So when William returned to America and in 1987 he finished his high school course at Damien High School and later he joined Biomedical Science Program at the University of California in Los Angeles.

The creativity of William Saito is amazing and highly needed in my modern day. In his high school studies, he had already developed a computer security venture which he later improved to I/O Software in his University days. The firm developed various systems like fingerprint recognition systems and Japanese language translator system. In 2000, Microsoft developed an interest in his firm and formed a partnership. Later in 2004, he sold the firm to Microsoft and moved back to his roots in Japan where he invested in various startups and became a venture capitalist.

As a result of his various investment ventures, he became Young Global Leader in 2011 in the World Economic Forum. This made him gain some popularity in Japan and even globally. Later William Saito served in National Diet Committee as an IT and Technical Staff who had the title of Chief Technology Officer to investigate the core of the disaster that had hit the company. He has been a cybersecurity advisor to Shinzo Abe (2011), Cabinet Office (2013-2017), Ministry of Economy (2016-2017), and a member of the Technical Support Team of 2020 Summer Olympics.

In 2015, William Saito was an IT Strategic Advisor at Japan Airlines and later served as General Manager in the same company. He served at “The Japan Times” in the advisory board as a member. The financial turmoil in Japan which sometimes has caused deflation, in some way, it usually benefits the older generation but to the upcoming startups who are mostly young it is a disaster to them and mostly they end up giving up. This leads to under utilization of the creativity of the youths.


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