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Canvassing is a standard way democratic campaigns and their supports spread their message. Often carried out by going door-to-door, the goal ultimately is to persuade individuals to vote for a particular candidate counter to their previous beliefs. Before NGP VAN, this task wasn’t always straightforward and required hours and hours of knocking on doors with no idea beforehand what a person held dear. When persuading someone, it’s an excellent strategy to have some idea so to better target voters.

With NGP VAN’s digital platform they have changed the game for a broad swath of candidates like President Obama in both of his campaigns. They do this by collecting available social media-based data when a voter visits their campaign site. When they sign up, they often leave their email and social media links which allows for campaigns utilizing NGP VAN’s platform to personalize their message to that individual. Furthermore, it makes for a well-informed canvasser when they are out in the fields.

A free to download app allows for the creation of intuitive maps that would enable canvassers to go directly to voters who are more likely to vote for their candidate. It also provides some necessary information to allow for a smoother and more informative conversation. This type of innovation is huge because it will enable canvassers to efficiently use their time in the field to make contact with voters who at the end of the day may need a friendly reminder to get out and vote.

When pouring millions if not billions of dollars into a campaign, every penny counts. NGP VAN’s digital solutions give way to data not available before. Utilizing the power of the internet to ensure Canvassing remains an effective means of getting needed votes that more often could make or break a candidates success.

NGP VAN provides tools to create personalized emails, a centralized database that automatically tracks and produces required financial documentation to streamline a campaign across the board. They also offer training and support where needed, beckoning an a la carte solutions for the modern age of the internet.

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