Class Dojo is Spreading Communication To Schooling Systems All Over The World

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Building a more positive community for students to learn in is majorly beneficial to their overall learning experience and Class Dojo is proving this with the educational tool built around communication. Thanks to their innovative app, Class Dojo has been improving communication for students around the country and even in classrooms around the globe for more than seven years. Today, students from around the world are able to share videos with each other and share classroom experiences to learn about different cultures and different ways of life. This is not only fun for young students, but it helps them build their skills in communication and learn to collaborate with all different people regardless of their backgrounds or cultures.

Class Dojo first released as a free tool for education and they remain still to this day. This is because Liam and Sam, founders of Class Dojo, believe that all students deserve access to better learning opportunities, not just those that can pay for it. There are many other programs on the market aimed at helping students in their education, but not many of them are free and even less are concerned with communication. With Class Dojo’s app, students are able to communicate with their teachers more effectively in and out of the classroom and the same goes for parents. Parents are able to use Class Dojo to amazing effect, allowing them to keep a close eye on their children learning all day long regardless of their schedule.

Teachers are able to directly update parents through the Class Dojo app and giving them a heads up about upcoming events or activities they may even be able to participate in. Since first launching their app, Sam and Liam have said they will always keep the program free and highly accessible to everyone. WIth an active internet connection, nearly anyone can participate in Class Dojo, especially considering this learning tool has enabled support for many different languages and devices in use by people around the world today.

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