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Our Modern Economy Thirsts For Capitalists Like William Saito

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If you don’t know your value you will definitely fall for anything and if you don’t know the direction you are moving into you will end up in going anywhere. The lamentations of this Japanese-American businessman and venture capitalist, Mr. William Saito, for Japan which is fighting a bigger enemy sprouting from the shrinking population is deep in his heart. His concerns on where really Japan is heading to have constantly kept him on toes in improving the strategies having in mind that the state of Japan is becoming worse compared to the days of the 1980s when they were commanding generals on the top of the world.

Inspiration William Saito was born in March 1971 in Los Angeles, California after his Japanese parents immigrated hence his nationality is Japanese American. In his early life, he was with his grandmother in Japan and consequently attended elementary classes in Julia Childs of Japan which was owned by his grandmother. So when William returned to America and in 1987 he finished his high school course at Damien High School and later he joined Biomedical Science Program at the University of California in Los Angeles.

The creativity of William Saito is amazing and highly needed in my modern day. In his high school studies, he had already developed a computer security venture which he later improved to I/O Software in his University days. The firm developed various systems like fingerprint recognition systems and Japanese language translator system. In 2000, Microsoft developed an interest in his firm and formed a partnership. Later in 2004, he sold the firm to Microsoft and moved back to his roots in Japan where he invested in various startups and became a venture capitalist.

As a result of his various investment ventures, he became Young Global Leader in 2011 in the World Economic Forum. This made him gain some popularity in Japan and even globally. Later William Saito served in National Diet Committee as an IT and Technical Staff who had the title of Chief Technology Officer to investigate the core of the disaster that had hit the company. He has been a cybersecurity advisor to Shinzo Abe (2011), Cabinet Office (2013-2017), Ministry of Economy (2016-2017), and a member of the Technical Support Team of 2020 Summer Olympics.

In 2015, William Saito was an IT Strategic Advisor at Japan Airlines and later served as General Manager in the same company. He served at “The Japan Times” in the advisory board as a member. The financial turmoil in Japan which sometimes has caused deflation, in some way, it usually benefits the older generation but to the upcoming startups who are mostly young it is a disaster to them and mostly they end up giving up. This leads to under utilization of the creativity of the youths.


NGP VAN And Software Based Canvassing

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Canvassing is a standard way democratic campaigns and their supports spread their message. Often carried out by going door-to-door, the goal ultimately is to persuade individuals to vote for a particular candidate counter to their previous beliefs. Before NGP VAN, this task wasn’t always straightforward and required hours and hours of knocking on doors with no idea beforehand what a person held dear. When persuading someone, it’s an excellent strategy to have some idea so to better target voters.

With NGP VAN’s digital platform they have changed the game for a broad swath of candidates like President Obama in both of his campaigns. They do this by collecting available social media-based data when a voter visits their campaign site. When they sign up, they often leave their email and social media links which allows for campaigns utilizing NGP VAN’s platform to personalize their message to that individual. Furthermore, it makes for a well-informed canvasser when they are out in the fields.

A free to download app allows for the creation of intuitive maps that would enable canvassers to go directly to voters who are more likely to vote for their candidate. It also provides some necessary information to allow for a smoother and more informative conversation. This type of innovation is huge because it will enable canvassers to efficiently use their time in the field to make contact with voters who at the end of the day may need a friendly reminder to get out and vote.

When pouring millions if not billions of dollars into a campaign, every penny counts. NGP VAN’s digital solutions give way to data not available before. Utilizing the power of the internet to ensure Canvassing remains an effective means of getting needed votes that more often could make or break a candidates success.

NGP VAN provides tools to create personalized emails, a centralized database that automatically tracks and produces required financial documentation to streamline a campaign across the board. They also offer training and support where needed, beckoning an a la carte solutions for the modern age of the internet.

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“Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”: Sean Penn’s Unique Take on a Changing America

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Sean Penn has released a book called “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”, an absurd and satirical story about middle class boomer, Bob. The book doesn’t follow a formal plot structure, but tells the story of the antihero Bob. He is an angry man, who loathes his ex-wife, but sometimes goes on mallet wielding sprees, bashing older people. His mysterious employer who issues him to kill with the mallet, is seen as an individual who loathes globalization and stands in the way of it. “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” can be seen as a trippy read, which Penn has compared to the likes of cult authors such as Thomas Pynchon.

Through the madness in Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, Penn seems to highlight some interesting truths on the state of affairs in the United States. Bob experiences the 2016 election, in which there are jabs at President Trump, in which Penn calls him the landlord. Bob also discusses the five police killed in Dallas, mentioning how he feels that police culture in American needs to change. Penn also adds some praise of a leader very similar to Hugo Chavez, and includes a character that is strikingly similar to El Chapo. The dystopian world that Bob lives in, can’t help but get the reader thinking, and Penn’s ambitious prose creates a whirlwind of sentiments.

Through the book, it is at times hard to distinguish between Bob, and Penn’s voice. This seems to be intentional, as Penn is also a baby boomer, and has always expressed his discontent on the political state of the U.S. Bob seems in many ways to be a strong, yet absurd, symbol of the anger and confusion of the average American. It seems that the book takes a satirical approach to Penn’s worldview. The New York Times says that Penn’s “real interest here is capturing what America has become – and taking a mallet to it.” This may be a very accurate depiction, and may explain why some people may relate to this read, while others will not. The book can be found on Amazon and Simon and Schuster.

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Enhanced Athlete

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Enhanced Athlete is a bodybuilding and fitness company that deals with strength improving products and exercises. The company is centered at Cheyanne. The company secures various strong partnerships with prominent firms located in Mexico, South Korea, Brazil, India, Columbia, Europe and the United States. Enhanced Athlete announced its move to eliminate some of the ingredients in their products. The company is keen on bringing new components to improve the productivity of their products. Products made with the fresh ingredients will be quality, compliance, and efficiency enhanced.

The firm has made various development moves. One of its significant moves is the inclusion of two sister companies, the Enhanced Coaching, and the Enhanced Clothing. The company now offers coaching plans that are provided in three packages. This method of service delivery diversifies the firm’s nutrition and coaching techniques that equip the company’s commitment to reaching the client’s goals and desires.

Enhanced Athlete defeated its accuser, the Nutrition Distribution in a case that was filed by the latter. The complainer tabled claims that Enhanced Athlete used some false advertisement that affected their sales. In its defense, Enhanced Athlete termed the accusation as a shakedown plot. Enhanced Athlete maintained that the cases filed by the Nutrition Distribution were meant to cow companies with expectations to gain money in solving matters outside the court. According to Enhanced Athlete, some companies succumbed to the threat and gave out money as a way of avoiding court fines and expensive lawsuit fees.

The case was ruled by the California Eastern District Court where the ruling favored the Enhanced Athlete. The decision stated that the court could not find any clear connection between the Enhanced Athlete advertisement techniques with the loss of sales for the Nutrition Distribution. The Court required an establishment of the relationship between the two phenomena. The complainer could not table the needed link making it difficult for the court to relate them. This difficulty to connect the two occurrences led to the tossing out of the lawsuit.

This case was among the more than seventy lawsuits that were filed by the Nutrition Distribution against other body-fitness companies. In all these cases, Nutrition Distribution accused its competitors of causing losses in its sales through false marketing techniques. After the ruling of the lawsuit, it was clear that the Nutrition Distribution was on a business of crippling other bodybuilding and fitness companies with interests of getting some sums of money from them. The defeat put the complainer on a mark of using false accusations to dark-paint other firms.

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Sussex Healthcare, Simply The Best

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‘To provide the highest standards of physical, emotional, spiritual and social care that recognizes the needs of individuals.” This has been Sussex Healthcare’s working philosophy for 23 years having been founded in 1985.

Starting with only one facility in Sussex, the company has over the years branched out into 20 facilities in the United Kingdom. These facilities are located in East Grinstead, Horsham, Henfield, Billingshurst, Crawley, Purley, Nutley and Uckfield.

Sussex healthcare has advertised job vacancies for caregivers, qualified nurses, physical therapist and administrative staff. The caregivers’ posts have no strict requirements on experience as the company offers training to applicants with the right attitude and ambition.

Quality not being a matter of compromise, they are required to be warm, friendly, compassionate and creative. The ability to work as a team and uphold workman dignity are invaluable virtues. Sussex’s caregivers have the benefit of enjoying bonuses for referrals, pension options, free bus rides for staff and bonus pay for weekends.

Sussex healthcare’s services are mainly inclined to the identification of symptoms, treatment and management of dementia, motor neuron diseases such as (progressive muscular atrophy), multiple sclerosis, spinal lesions and traumatic injuries.

Residents in the facilities are scheduled for sessions of hydrotherapy which significantly improve flexibility, reflex-therapy to reduce soreness as well as aromatherapy which enhances physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Leadership is the ability to bring to reality, vision transformation. Bestowed with the leadership of the Sussex Company, is its new Chief executive Officer Amanda Morgan-Taylor. Her 30-years’ experience in the healthcare sector gives her invaluable expertise and better places her in the position.

She practiced as a mental health nurse before pursuing a managerial course. She has a brilliant track record in the transformation and improvement of numerous healthcare facilities for the mentally challenged and elderly.

Your work’s quality, in the long run, is the deciding factor of how much the world values your services. Sussex Company received the Health Quality Services accreditation in 2002 and ISO 9000:2000 ISO certification in 2005. The company was also awarded the investors in people award in 2003. Sussex’s successes and re-assuring staff, therefore, make it simply the best and comfortable place for older adults.


Eric Lefkofsky’s company Tempus Partners with the Mayo Clinic

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Genonomics Tempus has already made some great strides in the way researchers gather and collect data which makes its new partnership with the Mayo Clinic, especially promising. The new partnership is sure to help the Mayo Clinic with its mission of making life easier for cancer patients and their medical teams. By collecting data from the Mayo Clinic and looki for new paterns, Tempus hopes to change the way oncologists treat thier patients.

Tempus is a Chicago based startup company that was co-founded by Eric Lefkosky, and it is his second successful tech based Chicago startup company. Eric Lefkosky was drawn to geonomics and cancer research because of a desire to help cancer patients.

Specifically Tempus will complete molecular sequencing and analysis of over 1,000 patients with a variety of diffent types of cancers. Thes cancers include endrocrine breast cancer, lung cancer, melenoma and bladder cancer, among others. This is in addition to the data and genonomial computations that Tempus has already done with five other cancer treatment centers.

Tempus is not trying to cure cancer, but Erik Lekofsky hope that with enough data and enough geonomial sequencing they can change the way onocologists treat cancer. They hope to help provide a database of which treatment options work for which cancers and give oncologists a blue print for treating cancer.

In addition to being Co-founder and CEO of Tempus Erik Lefkofsky has founded a number of successful startups, including the popular coupon website Groupon. He is also a founding partner of Lightbank, a venture fund that invests in disruptive technologies. In his personal life he is also on the board of several Chicago organizeations, including the The Art Institute of Chicago and serves as the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theatre Company. He is also married to Liz Lefkofsky, who joins him in his work at the Lefkofsky Charitable trust, a philothranpic organization he founded.

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A Business Leader to Follow: Susan McGalla

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Susan McGalla has been an excellent business leader for years. During her career, she has been the President of American Eagle Outfitter’s, Inc. as well as CEO of Wet Seal. Currently, she works for the Pittsburgh Steelers as their Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development. In between these incredible achievements, she also started her own company, P3 Executive Consulting. Mrs. McGalla attended Mountain Union College and got her degree in business and marketing.

Susan McGalla is no stranger to navigating the business world as a woman. When she began her career at American Eagle, there were no women in executive positions. She changed that with her hard work and dedication to the company. Mrs. McGalla has taken her experiences and spoken about them on numerous occasions. Some of her speaking engagements include Carnegie Mellon University Speaker Series for CEO’s and the Women and Girl’s Foundation in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. One of the secrets of her success has been to not concentrate on breaking the glass ceiling but to just focus on what she could achieve at any given time.

Susan McGalla grew up in a family with two brothers and a dad who coached football. This upbringing had an undeniable effect on her success. Her parents instilled in her a high level of work ethic, and also never gave her any breaks just because she was a girl. She also learned to work well with men or women, something that served her well as she worked herself up the ranks in the many companies she has excelled in. She has already shown her mettle at the Pittsburgh Steelers, pioneering their “wear what we wear” campaign which encouraged Steelers fans to purchase Steelers gear. While Susan McGalla’s success is undeniable, women still struggle to compete in a business world that is still dominated by men. Still, women everywhere can look at Mrs. McGalla’s career as an example and seek to achieve her level of success.

The Wonders of Jeunesse and the Youth Enhancement System

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There’s no getting around the stigma that burdens the alternative health community as a whole, and it’s thanks to companies that either don’t know what they’re doing or those that are just trying to rip clients off. Fortunately, not every company in the health and wellness field is out to jack your wallet in exchange for spurious scientific claims, and the center of the spotlight today is Jeunesse Global.

Formed in 2009, the company took off with research, development and the whole nine before the ink was dry on its official documents. Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis were set to deliver the best products to the world with the intent of restoring the youthful potential in every wise soul among us while the hopeful youth could keep what they still had. The duo, who’d found immense success in their recent and respective investments, decided that the time was right to put their funds together and deliver the Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S.): a nine-step process that their clients would never forget.

Fast forward almost a decade later. Jeunesse has attained the title of top 500 fastest accelerating direct-sales names in the alternative health industry, and they’re also packing quite the following in their wake: the Jeunesse Family. The company was structured around an interesting obsession with the number 9, which is said to represent long-lasting healthfulness in certain prominent cultures around the world. To this day, Jeunesse continues to improve their proprietary formulas and exceed expectations.

How It Works, Why It Works

The founders understood something that many alternative health brands fail to grasp: the cause of age acceleration. Increased exposure to artificial EMR sources such as computers and general electronics has not only kept people indoors much too often but also increased toxin buildup while limiting the intake of vital nutrients. Our diets also consist of far more processed and stripped-down foods that increase free radical exposure and deprive us of what our bodies need to repair themselves. Y.E.S. answers this with a variety of regimens that solve sleep troubles, lethargy during the day, chronic brain fog, fitness complications and weight gain, and skin blemishes that result from aging.

Dr. Saad Saad – recap article

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In 2002, the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund(PCRF), approached Dr. Saad, a pediatric surgeon doctor based in New Jersey. PCRF is a non-profit, non-political organization established in 1991to assist in addressing the medical issues of Arab children living in the Middle East. This organization needed a pediatric surgeon to operate on a child aged 15 years after suffering gunshot wounds in West Bank. The local doctors had saved the life of the child, but the injuries were too complex to treat locally. As a result, the PCRF found Dr.Saad Saad and flew the kid to have surgery in the US.

Dr. Saad performed an extremely complicated surgery on the child for seven hours repairing the internal wounds and patching up the holes. The surgery was hugely successful for the child. After this surgery and several others that followed, PCRF requested Dr. Saad to go to Palestine and carry out surgery locally. PCRF was impressed with the skills of Dr.Saad, and they knew they could use his help further.

In May 2008, Dr. Saad traveled to Palestine. His mission inWest Bank and its environs were to assist the poor and the less privileged who couldn’t afford medical assistance locally. Since then Dr. Saad has been traveling to Palestine more times for medical missions.

The United States and part of the European community usually perform surgery for free, however; the costs of moving the patients there for treatment can be quite expensive for the families. By training future surgeons in Palestine and performing surgery there, Dr. Saad helps the government and the patients avoid paying for most of the treatment expenses.

Based in Eatontown, NJ, Dr. Saad is a qualified pediatric surgeon. He has acquired a highly thriving career in bringing innovation and expertise in the medical arena. Saad’s skills have attracted the attention of many other doctors, Royal families, and humanitarian groups, including one of the Saudi Royal Family where he performed surgical operations for a significant number of the patient all through his career.

Dr. Saad Saad has won two recognition awards due to his relentless efforts to assist the residents of Palestine. The Palestine Children’s Relief Fund awarded him with the PCRF Humanitarian Award. Also, the Governor of Ramallah, the Ministry of Health, also honored him with a prize due to his efforts in humanitarian services.

Dr. Saad has performed many complex pediatric surgeries in the Middle East and the United States for over 40 years. He has also helped in training and educating future doctors in many communities, leading to significant improvements in children lives all over the globe. Although Dr. Saad Saad is currently retired, his hard work and influence continue to make a significant impact in the lives of thousands of patients. Learn more:

Tinder’s Parent Company Makes Things Hard For Whitney Wolfe

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Whitney Wolfe knew she was successful with Tinder. She knew there were things she could do that would make a difference and she had a lot of faith in the way she did business. It was her idea to always give people the things they needed and it was something she worked hard to make happen because of the opportunities people could take from the business. No matter what Whitney Wolfe did, she felt responsible for the things that were going on around her and the things that would change the future for her. No matter what problems Whitney Wolfe faced while working for Tinder, she always knew what to do.

There were times when the parent company tried to make things hard for Whitney while she worked there, but they treated her good most of the time. Since she was good at what she does, she knew there were things that could happen that she could do and Tinder would still appreciate the hard work she put in. She saw them as a bully for the first time when they were mean to the other people who worked for the company. She didn’t want to cross them.

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Although Whitney Wolfe had no desire to cross Tinder’s parent company, she still had to do it. When she started her own business, Bumble, it was part of the business. She was good at what she did and was successful. That drew attention to her company and people saw there were issues with the company. Additionally, people knew Whitney Wolfe was making all the right choices for the Tinder-like business she operated. There were times when she was more successful than Tinder. Tinder’s parent company didn’t like that and set out to try and bring her down for the things she was doing.

Despite some of the issues people had, Whitney Wolfe didn’t have all the same issues. In fact, she had to work hard to make sure Bumble was the best, but she was there. Tinder tried to bully her into shutting the company down for copying them, but it wouldn’t work on Whitney Wolfe. She knew she didn’t do anything wrong and there were times when she felt confident she was doing everything right. Whitney Wolfe always knew how to make things better for the business and she fought the bullies from Tinder. She didn’t even care and actually pushed even harder to make Bumble a success.

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