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Chris Burch is a venture capitalist who has spent over 40 years starting up businesses and also building his own holdings in hotel and housing properties, but his firm Burch Creative Capital runs things a little differently than other private equity firms. Where most other investment advisors would value a company based on the math of financial returns and how investment banks would appraise it, Burch Creative Capital values a company based on the creativity and how large it can scale. The company uses five steps in bringing entrepreneur ideas to execution of business which start with the initial imagination process and knowing what consumers are looking for, getting to the creative phase of making those ideas work, incubate which turns the ideas into messaging and branding, and then support for business execution and scaling that business.

Burch started his business career in a self-employed sweater sales business that began on college campuses but was expanded to a large department retailer named Eagle Eye Apparel. The company made over $100 million in sales over the years, but Burch had his sights set on even bigger revenue-generating opportunities and began buying stakes in other companies. He owned about one third of the shares in Tory Burch which he and his then wife turned into an international retail store and fashion show phenomena, though he sold his shares in that company in 2012. Burch later guided TV personality Ellen DeGeneres in the ideas behind her home product and lifestyle brand ED which went online in 2014.


Since the start of Burch Creative Capital in 2008, he’s helped hundreds of companies go from imagination to branding including former portfolio companies Voss Water, Poppin, Next Jump and C. Wonder and current companies Jack Rogers, Powermat, Pypestream and Actua. Around 2004, Burch started adding real estate to his his portfolio and had owned a small stake in the Pierre Hotel, but he then went down to Argentina where he became impressed with architect and investor Alan Faena’s new hotel plans and made a partner investment into the new Faena Hotel + Universe. Over the next several years he began to buy million-dollar homes and large properties on Long Island and in Nantucket, and he also own a large condo in Miami that he bought in 2011. His portfolio value and equity made him a billionaire in 2012 (, and that same year he purchased the most expensive vacation property Nihiwatu Resort in the Asian Pacific region.

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