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A New Style from The Chainsmokers

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Whether you’ve been paying attention to the Chainsmokers from the beginning of their existence or if you just got aboard, you’ll know that they have a specific style to their music and a great tone in all of their songs. Recently there has been news that the Chainsmokers will possibly be going with a new style of music. Some are calling it the dark side and that the music that will be released in the near future may not be quite as popular as many of their other songs. This is also countered by people saying this will gain them more popularity. Nobody is really sure and nobody will truly know until a song or two of this style are released.

The new era for the Chainsmokers is due to their new single “Sick Boy,” which is where everybody has been overreacting, whether good or bad. When asked in interviews what all of the hype is about, Drew and Alex explained this is just a possibility for a new movement and may not be as serious as everybody is making it out to sound.

If you aren’t sure exactly who the Chainsmokers are, they are an American DJ and production duo that consists of two main people. The names are Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, both of which were interested in music from a younger age. The pop duo made their breakthrough into the pop culture world when one of their songs made it big and began their traction. This song was “#Selfie”, which soon made the charts after being released. The song was in the top 20 charts in many countries, making the Chainsmokers known around the world for their music. They also made a track that featured Halsey, “Closer”, which had also gained more traction. The Chainsmokers were loved across the world and known for their great style that isn’t common in the music world.

This is where their new track may change people’s views on the duo. If the duo goes into darker style songs, their fan base may be greatly reduced like never before.

The Five Steps To Chris Burch’s Creative Capital Firm Investment Method

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Chris Burch is a venture capitalist who has spent over 40 years starting up businesses and also building his own holdings in hotel and housing properties, but his firm Burch Creative Capital runs things a little differently than other private equity firms. Where most other investment advisors would value a company based on the math of financial returns and how investment banks would appraise it, Burch Creative Capital values a company based on the creativity and how large it can scale. The company uses five steps in bringing entrepreneur ideas to execution of business which start with the initial imagination process and knowing what consumers are looking for, getting to the creative phase of making those ideas work, incubate which turns the ideas into messaging and branding, and then support for business execution and scaling that business.

Burch started his business career in a self-employed sweater sales business that began on college campuses but was expanded to a large department retailer named Eagle Eye Apparel. The company made over $100 million in sales over the years, but Burch had his sights set on even bigger revenue-generating opportunities and began buying stakes in other companies. He owned about one third of the shares in Tory Burch which he and his then wife turned into an international retail store and fashion show phenomena, though he sold his shares in that company in 2012. Burch later guided TV personality Ellen DeGeneres in the ideas behind her home product and lifestyle brand ED which went online in 2014.


Since the start of Burch Creative Capital in 2008, he’s helped hundreds of companies go from imagination to branding including former portfolio companies Voss Water, Poppin, Next Jump and C. Wonder and current companies Jack Rogers, Powermat, Pypestream and Actua. Around 2004, Burch started adding real estate to his his portfolio and had owned a small stake in the Pierre Hotel, but he then went down to Argentina where he became impressed with architect and investor Alan Faena’s new hotel plans and made a partner investment into the new Faena Hotel + Universe. Over the next several years he began to buy million-dollar homes and large properties on Long Island and in Nantucket, and he also own a large condo in Miami that he bought in 2011. His portfolio value and equity made him a billionaire in 2012 (, and that same year he purchased the most expensive vacation property Nihiwatu Resort in the Asian Pacific region.

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Boraie Development Company: Assisting the City of New Brunswick

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Boraie Development Company is one of the leading real estate developers in the country. They have been involved in a lot of projects in the past, but one of the best things that they have done for the people of the United States is the transformation of the city of New Brunswick, which has been planned by Omar Boraie for decades. According to him, he has always wanted to become one of the biggest investors in the city. His current project would once again change the skyline of the city, as the luxury high rise residential tower is nearing its completion. The structure is located on the heart of New Brunswick, and it was named as “The Aspire”. The tower will dominate the skyline of New Brunswick once it is finished, and Omar Boraie expressed his excitement over the development of the project. He stated that it has been his dream to see the city transform, and for the people of New Brunswick to experience development that they have never experienced before. For more details visit

The vision that Omar Boraie has for the city began more than 40 years ago, when the city was still in developing stage and establishments and high rises are rare. When he relocated to the city, he can still remember that it is perceived as a settlement plagued by blight, and that the feeling of hopelessness inside the city would drive its citizens away. However, Omar Boraie has a different plan in his mind, and he stated that he promised the residents of the city that one day, it will become an economic powerhouse. The people who heard him thought he was crazy, but after years of waiting for the result of his hard work, they could not believe their eyes that his dream would become possible. Check out pressofatlanticcity to know more.

Today, the city of New Brunswick is dotted with skyscrapers and other structures that were built by the Boraie Development Company. Omar Boraie, the patriarch of the real estate development group, stated that whenever he looks at the city of New Brunswick, his dream would always flash inside his head. He would always remember the times when the city was experiencing problems, but everything is different now. The dark history of New Brunswick would never surface again, because the city is now one of the economic powerhouses in the United States. The children of Omar Boraie are now holding important positions within the company, and they stated that they will continue the dream of their father to empower the people of the city.

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Making a Mark in the Food Industry with OSI Group

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OSI Group is an American company that specializes in the supply and manufacturing of quality foods. The company was recently ranked number 59 by Forbes on the list of 100 top largest private companies. OSI Group is headed by Sheldon Lavin who serves in the capacity of the chief executive officer. OSI Group has undergone tremendous growth and success since its inception in 1909. The food company has an employee base of more than 20,000 individuals who serve in different locations across the world. The chief financial officer of OSI is Sherry Demeulanaure. The current estimated value of OSI Group is $6.1 billion.

OSI Group majors in food, drinks and tobacco. The company was established in the year 1909 and has been serving its clients for over ten decades. The main headquarters of OSI is in Illinois. The recent acquisition of OSI Group was Baho Food which is a Dutch company specializing in Delhi meat, convenience foods and snacks. Baho food brought alongside with it an incredible package which is five subsidiaries situated in two countries. Before the acquisition of Baho Food by OSI Group it had its full operations in Netherlands and Germany. The five subsidiaries of Baho Foods include Q Smart Life, Vital Convenience, Gelderland Foods, Henri Van de Bilt and Bakx Foods.

The recent Baho Foods’ acquisition will allow OSI Group to maintain the relationship that it has with its existing clients. All the employees who used to serve at Baho Food were also brought along after the acquisition to continue serving in their respective positions. OSI Group has many plants that are in various locations of the world such as the United States of America, Riverside California and Fort Atkinson. OSI Group has been producing an array of food products such as dough products, bacon, pork, fish, beef patties, vegetable products, hot dogs and many others. The leading food firm also supplies their products to the majority of western companies especially those based in China and Asia.

Some of the top companies that are supplied meat products by OSI Group include Subway, Papa John’s Pizza, Pizza Hut and Starbucks among others. OSI Group has the honor to be awarded as one of the firms that usually observe sustainability policies and environmental standards. Over the years it has been in operation, OSI Group has earned reputation as one of the most reliable and efficient food-supplying companies in the food industry.

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Chris Burch is a well-known businessman and an entrepreneur, with investments across major retail companies. He has been able to invest in various businesses ranging from the fashion industry to interior design and home furnishings; from technology companies to those that deal with organic food production and his most recent investment that was made in the hospitality industry.

Burch joined forces with another entrepreneur, James McBride in purchasing a building that once served ad a beach hostel. The duo then invested 30 million dollars in the subsequent and complete makeover of the place into a five-star hotel. The hotel was named Nihiwatu that opened its doors in 2015. The hotel is located on a beach in Sumba Island in Indonesia. The hotel makes profits some of which are given back to the Sumba foundation that helps fund some local community projects.

Burch initially did not think that Nihiwatu would make for such an excellent performance up to the point of being ranked as the best hotel in the world. The hotel houses a total of 27 villas inclusive of Burch’s own private residence ( The residence goes by the name Raja Mendaka. Each of the 27 villas has its own plunge pools for maximum privacy. The hotel as the largest in the area naturally it will be a source of employment for a majority of the population in the area.

Burch says that he built the hotel as an investment and security for his children. Burch has extensive experience in entrepreneurship and business management which spans over forty years. In the forty years, over 50 companies can attribute their success to him and his investments. He says that the major reason for his success as an entrepreneur includes clearly understanding a consumers’ needs and behavior’.


His type of branding, his vision, and values as an entrepreneur also propelled him to success. When he combined his own creativity and the opportunities available, Burch was able to build a brand and businesses that are having direct impacts that are long-lasting and positive for a consumer. Check  He also is diverse in his investments, he brainstorms, writes down important notes and works alongside his staff.

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