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In the recent past, the number of businesses has skyrocketed so has the competition. Therefore, almost every company has had to rely on advertising to set a bar in the market or woe potential customers or partners into business. Not long ago, Lori Senecal came out to provide entrepreneurs with methods they would use, to reach customers hence boost sales. Lori Senecal began by hinting that Mobile advertising is one of the ways to go. Recently, people are doing away with desktops and acquiring smartphones. Therefore, investing in mobile adverts promises a broader audience.


Facebook and Google have also been a platform holding great potential. Because almost every adult now owns a smartphone, it becomes easy to access the two social platforms. According to Lori, the two platforms have recorded two-thirds of the advertisement growth. Lori also went to touch on ads and how useful they can be when applied by a pro. On commercials, Lori suggests that individuals should go for short but informative ads to allow potential customers to go through them and grasp the message. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Over the recent past, communication via phones has been snowballing,with the launch of hundreds of apps that allow individuals to get in touch with one another. According to Lori, businesses should see an opportunity to utilize all the available chat forums to reach their customers. Lori insists that this method can be useful as it allows a one-on-one interaction with the customers which is healthy for business. Lastly, Lori ended by talking about advertising using real people. In the recent past, companies have used celebrities on their adverts which have been quite promising. However, according to Lori, the most successful adverts are the ones that businesses use an average person since it creates a connection between a potential buyer and the guy in the advert hence falling for the product. Check out Interview.net to see more.


About Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal is a celebrated marketer and is often termed by many platforms as one of the most creative people. From 2015 to late 2017, Lori had been working as the CEO for Crispin Porter & Bogusky, LLC. When it comes to advertising, Lori takes pride of being in the industry for a considerable time. Before, Lori Senecal worked as CEO of MDC Partner Network.


Under her tenure, CP+B rose its revenue by 21 percent, a clarification that Lori is always the woman with a plan. Over and over again, Senecal has supplied multiple businesses and corporations with promising advertising methods that have given them good money at the end. Follow their Twitter page.

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