Perfect Your Valentine’s Pucker With Lime Crime’s Plushies

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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and Plushies, the newest lip product from Lime Crime will bring you into love season with the perfect pout. Lime Crime’s website describes Plushies as a soft veil for your lips and, as it’s name suggests, gives your lips a soft and plushy look while enhancing your natural lip color. All twelve shades (plus a secret thirteenth shade found only on Ulta’s website according to Lime Crime’s instagram!) provide your lips with a supple and seductive flush.

From “Grape Jelly” to “Gum Drop,” there is a shade for every mood and occasion. Unlike Lime Crime’s heavily pigmented Unicorn Lipstick or their bold and shimmery Metallic Velvetines lipstick, Plushies offers a softer yet long-lasting option and can take you from day at the office to candlelit dinner to night on the town effortlessly. Try pairing your favorite shade of Plushies with Lime Crime’s Diamond Dew eye topper which, according to their website, “brings the effects of sparkling diamonds to your eyes” for a Valentine’s night on the town with your ladies and dance the night away while lighting up the room.

Or, use a Lime Crime “Hi-Lite” highlighter palette in conjunction with Plushies to achieve the perfect contour for your next romantic dinner. All of Lime Crime’s products are, according to their website, certified vegan and cruelty free so you can rock your glam look with good vibes. Once you’ve picked your Plushies shade get ready to “Paint. Pat. Pout!” as demonstrated in a video on Lime Crime’s Pinteres. Along with information on the product found at, it is suggested to exfoliate your lips first and apply lip balm before Plushies to maximize wear. Add some lip gloss on top to take it up a notch or line your lips to create the look you want and enjoy an all day, smudge free, Cupid approved pout!

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