Securus Technologies Acquired GovPayNet, Will This Go Well?

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Securus Technologies has acquired the leading government credit and debit card processing company, GovPayNet.


GovPayNet is a provider of payment solution services to over 2,300 government agencies throughout 35 states of the U.S. Servicing government agencies with payment processing solutions related to: taxes, fines, violations, penalties and cash bail payments. A major force in the credit card payment industry, started by a sheriff in 1997, GovPayNet Started its business pursuit offering the law enforcement servicemen cash bail payment processing. This start would be a success and later the operation would expand to a broader range of specialties within governmental control: electronic monitoring cost, probation oversight, property taxes and more. Since being acquired by Securus, GovPayNet has impressively added 40 million payment processes a year to Securus’ resume.


Securus Technologies’ CEO and President, Robert E. Pickens, excitingly appreciates the acquisition move. After his research into the company, and revealing GovPayNet’s successful history, confidence was Robert’s motivational antidote of his approval of the acquisition. With the addition of extending Securus product portfolio, it was only right to choose a company with a team that has an extended experience catalog. With a 20+ year experience history between CEO of GovPayNet, Mark MacKenzie and his staff and an accomplished background, it was only right to acquire such a company in which to battle the excessively competitive market.


As it is renownedly documented, Securus is a leading technology solutions provider to public safety, law enforcement and correctional agencies throughout North America. Started in 1986, Securus has steadily climbed the stairway, now offering a plethora of solutions related to biometric analysis, communication, inmate self services, emergency response, government payment services and more. Visit their website for other solution offerings.


With the extensive governmental industry business experience and the products and services offered by both GovPayNet and Securus, the acquisition should definitely serve them both well in the long run. This opportunity to acquire new customers and increase their company values is a mighty fine one. As GovPayNet has already increased Securus’ payment processing to at least 40 million a year, it is only right to suggest that there is more to come. Stay tuned!


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