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When starting a new account with Securus, there’s some things you must remember: First, the account holder must maintain ownership of their card if the Advance Connect account holder used a Visa or MasterCard to finance the accounts. When the accounts financed through the Advance Connect account holder, a refund check will be mailed.

Account holders have up to 180 days from the date of the last call to receive or request a refund of any balance. The remainder of such refund may vary, based on when forecasts were received.



Department of Corrections unclaimed property will be remitted after three decades to the country. Alabama unclaimed property will be remitted after one year to the country.





– Name of the facility

For their AdvanceConnect accounts by:



Taxes and fees are in addition to charges and the rates for calling service.

If they’re standing is good, change their billing method. Customers will receive a reduction off calling rates that are collect. You’ll have to set up access to manage your accounts with Securus.


Friends and Loved Ones – Telephone number

Advance Connect Online


Calling account that enables family members and friends to get collect calls and have the call fees deducted from the balance over the Advance Connect calling account.


Before receiving inmate calls an Advance Connect, calling accounts must be funded.

A Federal Universal Calling account lets you receive collect calls and have the fees deducted from your account. It ensures you can get calls and puts you through directly.


This account is a fantastic alternative if you’re a lawyer, bail bondsmen, consulate worker or small business or government service or even if the inmate is incarcerated for longer than two decades. With approved credit, you can get an itemized invoice statement. Calls will connect to mobile phones.

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