End Citizens United is a group which aims to bring financial reform in the American government. The group’s aim is to ensure that political campaigns are not financed by wealthy individuals who aim to control politicians.


Since it was launched, it has managed to raise approximately two million dollars and it aims to raise up to 30 million dollars. In the long run, the reform group aims to reverse an amendment to the constitution passed by the Supreme Court that declared the Citizens United decision. This amendment was passed in 2010 and it managed to penetrate political campaigns with blood money from wealthy individuals who have vested interests in politics. More than 300,000 Americans have signed the group’s petition and the figure is predicted to grow as the PAC has joined forces with the Ready for Hillary group.


To ensure that their mandate is enforced, the group has endorsed more than 10 Democratic candidates who will ensure that their amendment on finance reform is passed. The reform group also plans on setting up an autonomous expenditure branch which will be able to back their chosen candidates financially through various campaign related enterprises.


End Citizens United clearly has followers; so far it has managed to get over 130,000 donations and it has a donation rate of slightly over 14 dollars. However, the PAC got an average of 12 dollars as contribution this year. Tiffany Muller who is the group’s Executive Director and President confessed that people who are contributing to the group are tired of being sidelined in a system where the people with the biggest accounts control the lion’s share.




End Citizens United is a reform group which aims to overturn a Supreme Court verdict which was made in 2010. For an amendment to the constitution to be passed, it must get the approval of two-thirds of the House and Senate. It must also be approved by three-quarters of all the states. This vote mostly leans towards the Democratic members.


However, the group has a really tough task considering that the America has never passed any amendment in its constitution since 1992. Their evident leanings towards Democratic candidates may also spell doom for them. Nevertheless, the group came out clearly by stating on their website that, it can only support candidates who are supporting campaign finance reform. In fact, the group’s executive director has already revealed that it will actively defend Democratic candidates Senator Jon Tester of Montana and Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio in 2018.


Although there are independent and Republican candidates who are also against the undisclosed political spending, the End Citizens United group is standing firm on its decision of not backing Republicans. End Citizens United; based in D.C the group has five staff members. The PAC doesn’t allow donations of more than five thousand dollars.

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