Brian Bonar of Dalrada Financial Corporation Initiates Employee Management Systems

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Brian Bonar is a successful investor committed to building various businesses. Bonar has founded and co-founded several companies including Dalrada Financial Corporation. At Dalrada, Bonar is the chief executive officer as well as the chairman. Bonar has a keen attention to details. He is passionate about design process, and he works tirelessly towards the fuelling of different approaches. Bonar is well experienced in site building as well as design, development, procurement, contract administration service as well as design development. Bonar has a good reputation in the business. He is a leader who is focused on assisting clients, project managers, partners, team players, and investors to reach their goals. His portfolio borders retail commercial, multi-family housing, and aviation. With extensive experience in assisting clients with different projects, Bonar has established teams and clients relationships that play a critical role in developing business.


Following his impeccable business relationships, Bonar won the Who’s Who Executive of the Year. The award was in the finance department. This is a vital honor that seeks to award two male as well as female candidates in each category. The Who’s Who committee of selection selects candidates based on their accomplishments, ability to lead as well as academic credentials. Bonar has more than three years experience in professional and financial management.


At Dalrada Financial Corporation, Bonar is the head of the company. He is responsible for employee selection as well as the negotiation of employee benefits in addition to aftermarket products. Dalrada Financial Corporation offers clients a vast range of employee programs. These programs have a positive influence in increasing business efficiency. Some of the programs provided by Dalrada Financial Corporation include risk management, business administration services, employee benefits and insurance management. Aside from working at Dalrada Financial Corporation, Brian Bonar is a chief executive officer and chairman at Smart-Tek Automated. He is also the president of a business service company called Allegiant.


Bonar’s expertise extends to Imaging Technologies Corporation where he is the chief executive officer. This is a top notch developer of management software as well as digital imaging hardware. His duty at Imaging Technologies Corporation includes listing the target market. The company handles small and medium sized businesses. Bonar’s successful career continues to thrive upon his excellent leadership. Recently, he made news headlines after the acquisition of an employer organization called Source One Group. This organization also plays a vital role in the development of employee platforms for operations including payroll in addition to human resource assistance.


Bonar was a director at Solvis Group Inc. His role in the company ended in 2000. As an experienced advisor, he has been honored for his services several times. He holds various tags that have proven to be a positive influence for his career. He is fondly addressed as Lord Bonar of Wilcrick, Wales United Kingdom. The alumnus of Strathclyde University, as well as Glasgow University in Scotland, is a proud holder of an MBA.

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