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The internet of things is no longer a science fiction or just a viable concept; it is an idea that has come to life. The wireless connection of objects that people use every day is changing the way many appliances like the medical equipment, cars, and even simple things like the toothbrushes operate. According to the leader of technology and research, Gartner Inc., by the year 2020, there will be over 25 billion things connected. The fundamental concept of the internet of things which is the Bluetooth beacon technology has made it possible for objects to be able to communicate with each other as well as people. A bacon is a conveying gadget, and these days they are tiny and can be placed in almost anything. The technology is used to improve the airline industry, and Jason Hope who is a proclaimed futurist has shared some of the areas that the Internet of things is making changes.

One of the areas that the flight is benefiting from is safety. Since all the parts are linked to a wireless network, the ground staff can detect if there is a part that is malfunctioning and this will ensure that they have mechanics ready before the plane lands. The other area that is improved is the customer service check in are easy as boarding passes are sent to emails and seats are assigned 24 hours before the plane takes off. The other area that is improving is the baggage handling. The passengers’ luggage will receive tags which will enable the passengers to keep an eye on their belongings from the time it checks into when it reaches the destination. Thus, this shows how the internet of things will change the airlines.

Jason Hope

General Jason Hope is a native of Arizona and grew up in Tempe. He went to the Arizona State University where he got a degree in finance. He further pursued his studies and was awarded an MBA from ASU’s W.P., Carey Business School. He is known as an entrepreneur, philanthropist, investor, and futurist. He has a passion is technology and giving back to the community. Other than technology, he has an interest in politics and the way it connects to business not only in Arizona but also nationwide.

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